Cecilia Lionheart

Was your heart ever broken enough to switch Art Gowns in mid creation?

Cecilia #123

Then outrage has compelled you to do a Tribute to Cecil The Lion, #CecilTheLion.

Cecilia #2

With  tail  thrown under her neck & crisscross armor to protect her, Marina Kanavaki,  must be who this Art Gown is dedicated to.

Cecilia #20

 Take a look at Marina’s blog Art Towards A Happy Day and be convinced. She is vegan, & a champion for all animals both wild and domestic.

Cecilia #18b

Cecilia #8Being a last minute creation, I was in an absolute uproar about what to make the gown out of.

Then I realized I owned about 500 men’s ties, mostly dated. I figured why not?

I deconstructed about 80 ties. A step ladder was used as an organizer.

I opted for regal colors red, gold & purple. Solids, paisley & medallions became the chosen patterns.

Old purple curtain lining was fashioned into a skirt on Judy. Ties became points, trims, bows & braids.Cecilia #9

Contrary to regular established procedure, I made the tail first.

Cecilia #6

 The bits on the back of the ties, that you pass the skinny part under, were fashioned into Cecilia’s dangling choker.

Cecilia #21


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Of course the Art Gown I had originally started will be back next post, but I just had to break rhythm and design this tribute.

Cecilia #17

Marina & I are sick about what happened to Cecil The Lion. So, we’ve signed petitions & are doing what we can. You’re welcome to join in, if you already haven’t!

Cecilia #13

Cecila Lionheart designed by Resa McConaghy 2015

Photos taken by & © Resa McConaghy – Aug 1 & 2 -2015

CeciliaSS #6

93 thoughts on “Cecilia Lionheart

      1. Timothy Price

        Welcome. I couldn’t comment on the Cecil because it makes me too mad and sad. But it made me happy to see your beautiful creation in honor of Cecil.

        1. Thank you, Timothy! I know how you feel by this outrageous act of cowardice. There’s nothing manly or courageous or honorable about it!
          Anyway, Cecil’s memory will always have a place of honor on Art Gowns & in my heart!
          … and there you are, posting pics of the cutest 12 toe kitten… ❤

  1. Oh how lovely and what an amazing creative process. Marina is an incredible person and this beautiful creation does her justice.
    I just read some American illegally shot another lion with a bow & arrow. No words.

    1. Cindy, It is all so heart breaking! I know how much you love our wild kingdom, and how sad this is!
      Keep on posting the beauty you see! Hopefully more & more will see it, too! Luv! _Resa

  2. I am absolutely amazed at how you created this dress from men’s ties my friend. I am also amazed at how the bust is covered. How do you keep the cross over ties from not going south on a real woman ? Great post Resa 😀 xoxox ❤

    1. I can make this work on any real man or woman…. person!
      I am a designer to be reckoned with!
      Ralph… I wonder what your gown would look like? 😀 xoxox ❤ & ❤ ❤

      1. As you are THE designer to be reckoned with Resa, I am sure you have something up your sleeve for me (an arm perhaps ?). Well, that’s a start ! 😀 xoxox ❤ & ❤ ❤

    1. Oh Bill, I knew you would see the sadness! Sigh.. I haven’t been normal since this story broke, but … well… I am heart broken!
      Hopefully, the world your favorite daughters will fruition in will be more merciful! _Resa xoxo .. Kisses & hugs to you & Jan.

    1. ⭐ Cecilia is fit for a Greek God! Of course you could wear it anywhere, as you are very close to the heavenly divinities! You are awesome, and I adore you! xoxo _Resa

        1. What would we do without our artists – you help us understand the emotional impact of grief and anger; at the same time you give us ways in which to respond in ways that promote positive outcomes. Thank you… 🙂

          1. Rebecca! What a wonderful comment. You are right that creativity helps us to deal with grief and anger.
            Thank you for sharing my creative outcome! It’s always great to see you on WP! 🙂

  3. Excellent idea – amazing result – from the inside of the dark wardrobe sounds excited utterances from my tuxedos, they are not happy because the door isn’t open… 😀

    1. Oh, Thank you! I always want to create Art Gowns, but work gets in the way!
      It is indeed an appalling situation! I can see no honor in trophy hunting.

  4. Wonderful concept and for a noble cause Resa! Cecil’s execution is sickening and -unfortunately- just one of many…
    PS: I love how you used those tiny bits from the back of the ties to make the choker 🙂

    1. I had to say something, somehow about Cecil’s demise. I just hope the outrage that has been sparked creates change!
      Funny, but those bits on the backs of the ties were like a magpie treasure! Thank you, Lia! 🙂

  5. Amazing creativity Resa – mens ties! Holds all the glamour and drama that shine your talents for all of us to admire. Disgusting and sad what happened to Cecil, can’t find any justifiable reason for trophy hunting ~

    1. Mary, I agree that there is no justifiable reason for trophy hunting. The planet is running low on certain animals…. sigh!
      I’m so glad you came by for a look at Cecilia! She is my new joy, and I sure needed to release some pent up creativity!

  6. Blown away by your incredible creativity, my sweet Resa! You are amazing! A creative brain always finds a solution and using those ties… and the way you used them!!!!! Congratulations, my dear friend, your Cecilia is BREATHTAKING and what a tribute to Cecil. I am honored and really really proud to have Cecilia Lionheart dedicated to me. Thank you from my heart. May this senseless ‘sport’ end soon and may we finally grow up as a human race and learn to respect ALL living beings.
    A huge hug to you! love 🙂 xxxxx

    1. Dear Marina,
      Cecilia is breathtaking! I’m so glad you like her. It means a lot to me, as I admire your dedication to all our animals.
      I just had to do something to help keep up the awareness because, as you, I want this stupid “sport” to end as well.
      There is nothing manly or honorable about it!
      Much love to you, too, & big, big hugs! 🙂 xxxx
      PS I am so excited for my leggings to arrive!

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  8. Bravo! Truly a magnificent creation… Makes one wish one was a lion, but naturally not Cecil, for his is a devastatingly sad story. Idiots like that shooter makes one consider the concept of an eye for an eye should not be ruled out, if only to save our defenceless animal fellow creatures.

    Your friend Resa’s creations are indeed a breath taking marvel. My congratulations to this extremely talented lady! Thank you for sharing , Marina.

    1. And thank you for taking the time to comment, Jean-Jacques!
      Idiot is a kind word for the coward who slew Cecil. That man may yet, get a date in a Zimbabwe court!

      1. Yet a court date and a weekend in jail is not enough for me, and though I am basically a pacifist, somehow the prey should have someone to shoot back for them, and have it known that this will happen when those cowards try it again… et voila!

  9. Although I’m sure you would rather have not created this under the circumstances, it’s beautiful and a cheerful homage to a senseless incident.

    PS: … I made my way here via Marina.

    1. I have no words for this senseless incident. Yet, I guess I found a way to say something. Marina has been promoting her love of animals on her blog since the day I found it. She is very beautiful!
      Thanks for coming by for the homage, Frank!

    1. Aww, I hope your tears have dried! It really is a sad reality that grown men (& probably some women) must kill our dwindling great animals for some phony glory! Amazing what some will do with their money!
      Why not dig a well in a needy village, or help support a school? Now that would be glorious!

  10. A stunning gown with a beautiful tribute to Cecil. I have cired and been overwhelmed by the cruelty of it. There aren’t enough words to help me make sense of it. The colors you decide to use are majestic as he was. Very well done … !!!
    Isadora 😎
    p.s. I’ve come to your blog by way of my favorite artist and animal rights supporter, Marina.

    1. Isadora! I think you must be a very beautiful person. Obviously you support animals the way Marina & I do!I am so glad you came here from Marina’s blog! Also, thank you for liking the tribute Art Gown I have created for Cecil.
      Dry your eyes, & keep the cause in your heart & actions! _Resa xo

  11. This gown is absolutely genius (ties!) and beautiful… it’s also super touching, as it evokes in me emotions of courage and bravery in the face of deep sadness over the loss of Cecil’s life…. A precious gift to create from your inspiration and a kind honoring. ❤

    1. Thank you! I am honored you appreciate this tribute.It is a very sad thing that happened, now Cecil has Cecilia to burn a candle of memory in my heart & mind. Thank you for sharing her beauty with me! ❤

  12. stunning, simply stunning gown, Resa. I love that back.. An exquisite tribute tot cecil. And yes Marina fully deserves the dedication. You both girls rock, Reasa ❤ xx

    1. How lovely of you to say so! Perhaps you could parlay the idea into an advert for Kabuto Noodles! Of course you would need a proper Kabuto Cup evening bag w/ extra bling. I could so design that!!!

    1. Cecilia was a long time coming, and in the end I am very happy about her. I put my heart into my Art Gowns. They are not clothes. They are art that means something beyond a garment. So, when you say inspiring…. I know you get it. Thank you, Inese!

    1. Well, the ties were all outdated, so it was The Goodwill, OR an Art Gown! This is what I love, using stuff up, recycling, up cycling and etc.!

  13. Reblogged this on Rethinking Life and commented:
    You may have seen this gown, made by Resa but for those of you who have not…take a look. All of her gowns have deep meanings. This one is dedicated to Cecil the Lion. Open the post to see all of the photographs. Resa is an artist and designer and makes her work count.

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