Jennifer in La Esencia deTitania – Classique

Climb into the crystals of one hundred chandeliers,

Spread a wing

Think of love

The light it brings

Then your heart’s

Strings sing.

Art Gown “La Esencia de Titania” © Resa McConaghy

Photos © Resa McConaghy – November 28, 2017

Even fairies can wear lipstick.

My heartfelt thanks to Jennifer Choy for modeling“La Esencia de Titania”

Jennifer is an upcoming Costume Designer in Canada, who I am mentoring. You can check out her work on Jennifer’s Website or  Jennifer on Instagram

YES, she can really play the cello!

76 thoughts on “Jennifer in La Esencia deTitania – Classique

  1. Timothy Price

    Super photos. Jennifer is perfect for “La Esencia de Titania” — both the dress and Jennifer are lovely. I really like how you used the ladder and the cello.

    1. Thank you, Timothy! It really did turn out well. I think the fact that Jennifer is not a real model worked for us. The gown made her feel pretty, and that was all she needed. The ladder was my idea, the cello was hers. We had a good time together, and it shows. 😀

  2. What a lovely young thing; and how great she looks in your creation, Resa.
    I popped along to her website and watched some of her videos; she is certainly a young woman going places!
    Kudos to you for your photography; and to your mentoring skills. I’m certain Jennifer can only benefit… ❤

    1. So glad you popped over to her website. Jen is definitely and up and comer.
      I adore her, and am reaping many benefits as well.
      It was a fun shoot with fab results. I am very pleased. xoxoxoxo

  3. Oh, Resa…what can I say? Stunning. Absolutely beautiful. I love the ones on the ladder, where you can see the train. Just gorgeous. Congratulations. Jeniffer is so lucky to have you as a mentor. You are lucky to have such a great person to mentor. 🙂

    1. Yes, the ladder is a good stage for a gown with a tail. The chandeliers are like a gorgeous crown. 😀
      I’m liking this whole mentor thing. Many people helped me, and I’ve had a fab career. It feels good to give back. 😀

        1. Yes, my friend. Remember that I told you I would use an alternative account I already had (it was for my cats´!)… well, I am using that one. ((I added a widget on my blog, showing the last five pics there). You should create an Instagram one day! .. Hugs ❤

  4. She used the music she played and note by note climbed to the stars. The sound of her music were enchanted dreams. The fairy wings whispered the words. The dress surrounded her in magic.

  5. A fairy with a ladder and cello ? Whatever next ? I hope you used the Dyson to clear up all that fairy dust after the shoot dear friend ? Seriously, another great post with another brave friend who modelled the gown.
    Big hug. Ralph xoxoxo ❤

        1. Well, how can that happen? Let’s discuss this in email! xoxo
          Da*&^ fairy dust!! & the cats just track it all over the apartment. Uch. And it’s all over their fur. SIGH!!!

  6. Ah, Resa, Jennifer is a true fairy. “La Esencia de Titania” looks stunning on her and she definitely looks like she’s enjoying wearing ‘her’. Beautiful photo shoot …classique indeed!
    ps love those chandeliers! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. I am very pleased about the shoot!
      Yes, a friend of mine makes the chandeliers as a hobby. They are gorgeous, and I even have a few in my apartment! (for free!) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. I love these. Your friend and mentee did a wonderful job. I love that she added the cello. It gives her a reason to manifest, to come out of hiding in the trees. She hears a symphony, puts the musicians to sleep, and plays fairy music on the cello. 🙂

    1. Ooo, I like your reasoning! 😀
      Anyway, if you do a fairy tale with the gown, you can use any of the original pics, or you can use one, or as many as you want of the ones with Jennifer. I already told her it was a possibility. 😀

  8. Resa! I am just blown away, friend, just blown away! OH are you talented! I hope for you every success for you truly deserve this! This particular fairy is stunning in your gown. The work involved I cannot even begin to image. Just wow! Allow me to humbly assist you with the photography end. Avoid direct sunlight or light and keep all that you are photographing in shade or under soft lighting. The vivid lighting washes the colors out and it makes it hard to see. Crossing fingers this helped you!!! Much Love and (((HUGS))) Amy

    1. Well, you are right about the work involved. It takes me at least 3 months to build one of these Art Gowns.
      ❤ Thank you for the photography tips!!!! ❤ {{{hugs}}}

        1. I have not sold any, yet! I cannot compete with China. Their factories take 30 hours to make a gown. I take 3- 5 months. Yet, I’m with you. i have a special product, but who can afford it? xoxoxo

  9. Resa, this is just beautiful, each and every design just outshines the last, yet each one is perfection in its own right..
    Jennifer is a beautiful model and she can be under no better mentoring wings than to be under your own guidance in design..
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend and a Joyous Season to come my friend..
    Love to you Resa..
    Blessings Sue ❤

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