Breaking News: Art Gowns Bicker over Chicklets’ Picks

It all began with Hollywood gossip that a couple of Resa’s Art Gown’s would make it into the Hallow’een fashion show at the The Coop.

Resa had sent leftover Art Gowns fabrics to The Coop. So Iris began using Resa’s fabric’s for the upcoming Hallow’een celebrations

Mnemosyne  was put in charge of keeping the Art Gowns entertained.

After all, she is the mother of The Nine Muses, and they are at the zenith of new age entertainment.

You may already know, but Lady Anne , (Holly) who is assisting, will be providing Motorcycle rides to The Coop participants on the big day.

Of course every Art Gown wants to be selected for this honour, but things have gotten carried away.

Empress D’amore thinks this, Blue Venus thinks that.

Still, the Art Gowns continue to argue over who will be picked.

For crying out loud, they are so spoiled and vain that each believes she is the most gorgeous.

Chicklets art by: Georgiann Carlson

💖 Thank you Georgiann! I am honoured to be in with the Chicklets! 💖

Dream of Love

 Oh, BTW, Dream Of Love is giving odds.


Contact her at dol@dol.dol

Who do you think will be the chosen Art Gowns?

Do you have a fave?


51 thoughts on “Breaking News: Art Gowns Bicker over Chicklets’ Picks

  1. This is so exciting! Of all the gorgeous gowns who could single one out? No wonder they are fighting among themselves. I can’t wait to see what the Chicklets create. Sigh, hooray for Hollywood. 💜

    1. Cecilia Lionheart thinks she should go viral. After all, she represents wild animals’ refuges. However, there is no way I’m buying her the $750.00 gauntlets she wants to wear when she poses on the back of your motorcycle. 🧐😎🤩

    1. Each Art Gown chooses herself. ❤ Lol!
      I'm sure they won't take to boxing. They're too, vain to suffer any injuries, especially facial.
      However, catty bickering is high on the menu. Cecilia Lionheart can hiss, which is an advantage. 😀 xoxoxo

  2. .

    As usual I am out of my depth here dear Resa. Why are the girls fighting to go to a grocery store (UK) ? 😉

    Time to check-out. Hugs. Ralph xoxoxo ❤

    1. Dearest Ralph,
      Yes, you are out of your depth. You may also be out of a few other things. As a matter of fact, you might be so out, that you’re in! 🧐You are hip, baby! 😎 I think? 😳
      xoxoxo ❤️

      1. Yay, I don’t need a hip replacement ‘cos my dear friend Resa says so. I’m in ! In what, I haven’t a clue ‘cos my dear friend Resa says so. 😎 xoxoxo ❤

    1. Yes, I understand! I live here….Resa in Art Gowns Land!
      I wish everyone would get that these are not just beautiful gowns. They are entities. ❦❦

    1. It’s all in the works! So glad that you get that the Art Gowns are kind of like people. They have individual personalities and agenda! Thank you so much! ❦❦

    1. I’m with you, Clare! However, the Art Gowns think that there are better winners and lesser winners… and each Art Gown believes that she is the ultimate winner. LOL!!! 😀

    1. Thanks Christy! It’s lots of fun over here on Art Gowns. 🤩The last 2 weeks have been all about work, not much about fun, so I’m happy to have had the Chicklets helping out! 🐥🤗💖

  3. Resa my talented friend, all are wonderful but my favourites are Lady Anne and Flora Blanca, if I was forced to choose only one I would go for Flora because it would be just lovely to work out a recital about flowers wearing it. 🌸🌺

    1. Ah, Charlotte, thank you, and I’m tossing the talented friend comment back at you! You are amazing talented. Also, in the most recent post of yours I read, there was a tiny head and shoulders shot of you. You are wearing basic black with an asymmetrically jewelled neck and shoulder line. It is so elegant and perfect for your beauty.
      Flora Blanca is one of my earlier Art Gowns, and she is a very romantic creature. A recital about flowers would be so fabulous!
      I’m so glad we’ve met, and that we are having some creative moments together. I’ve been on a bit of a hell ride last 3 weeks (work) but … well I’ll see where it goes.
      Ah, I dream of the days my creative time is my own, again.
      In the meantime, I did get the Chicklets/Art Gown Fashion Show posted. When you have time, check it out. It’s absolutely adorable, and Flora Blanca made it in.

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