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Fourth in my series of “Art of Past Art Gowns” is Flora Blanca. It is my intention to artistically express all of the Art Gowns, after the fact.

Flora Blanca was inspired by my niece, Sherrie, who is my muse/model for this rendering.

Flora Blanca is embellished with flowers, and is herself designed in the shape of an Orchid.

She is one of the most popular Art Gowns.


Artemis by Moonlight
Flora Blanca
Lady Anne






Above are the 4 Art Gowns I have rendered, to date. Click on thumbnails, for larger views. So far, each has a muse/model. For Artemis & Mnemosyne it is Aquileana. Lady Anne is Holly & Flora Blanca is Sherrie.

Holly from House of Heart wrote a poem for me based on an old polaroid. This bit of Art Gowns Art is my “thank you”.

Turns out we both adore the poetry of Leonard Cohen, especially his poem, “Suzanne”.  I was moved to depict Holly, as Suzanne. Above, Holly Suzanne, is expressed with stained glass hair.

Above is my first Holly Suzanne. Then a friend asks, why are your girls all so disproportionally tall and thin?

Well, I studied at a Fashion College. That’s where I learned to draw tall and thin. Nonetheless, I made a stab at a Holly Suzanne with more normal proportions. (above). It feels awkward, to me. Which do you like better?

You can click on the poem to enlarge it for reading, OR Click on the polaroid of “Resa and the Rock Star” to read the poem in its original glory on Holly’s blog!








Last Art Gown post, Contess Fiori, featured spotlights on 2 of my fave Romance Authors. These 2 writers are very prolific. Both have released new books since.

Shehanne Moore released His Judas Bride, and is re-releasing The Unravelling of Lady Fury with this new cover!

Look at those gowns!

Click on the covers & be transported to Amazon where you can buy a paperback, or ebook. Lady Fury link to be added once Shey formally re-releases it!

Carolee Croft has released the 3rd book in her trilogy about Ariella, a powerful warrior when women weren’t warriors.

I’ve read book one, and I loved it! Click on the covers to go to the .com Amazon to buy a paperback, or Ebook. The Trilogy is also available on Amazon in the U.K., Canada, and Australia.

The next “Art of Past Art Gowns” rendering will be “Ballroom Lux”. She won’t be blonde, promise!

All Art Gowns created by & © Resa McConaghy

All Art Gowns Art © Resa McConaghy

Reminder! To visit any Art Gown: scroll down the sidebar, find an Art Gown, click on the pic to visit her space!

124 thoughts on “Art Gowns Art & Updates

    1. Thanks Gi! It’s been a long time coming, to thank Holly!
      I used your water colour pencils technique for the Holly art!
      The new Art Gown is smashing. I can hardly wait to finish her!

    1. Thank you for you kind support,Timothy!
      It’s nerve wracking for me to post my art, but it’s my art and if I don’t post it, who will see it?
      I really like the stained glass Suzanne, as well. It’s a very exciting piece for me. Thank you, so much!

  1. Fabulous as always, madam. I’m always wowed by the quality of the gowns. It’s just a shame I can never be fabulous enough to wear one! Being a man. Although I do have a dressing gown.

  2. Carolee Croft

    Resa, you international playgirl you! I didn’t know there was a rockstar romance in your past. It makes for an amazing poem! Thanks for featuring old Ari as well. I think you and she are kindred spirits 😉 xoxo

    1. Lol! Well, let’s just say national playgirl. I wouldn’t want people getting the wrong idea! 😉
      Holly did a fab poem, inspired by my old polaroid. I’m honoured.
      I’m sure Ari and I are kindred spirits! As a matter of fact, one day I will make a warrior Art Gown. I need to ponder that. I need chain mail & chiffon! xoxoxo

      1. Carolee Croft

        A national playgirl it is then. Lol I think you just coined a new term. Can’t wait to see the warrior Art Gown! xoxoxo

    1. Ohh, you have designs on the Contessa! I will say hi, for sure! 😉
      Yeah, I know what you mean about inclusive, but I’m going to stick with what I know, for now, which is tall and skinny.
      Although, I want to try some variation. I will start with different ethnicities, and they will be tall and thin. Lol!One step at a time. Thank you so much for your visit! XxX

        1. Yay! Creativity can work for the betterment of mankind. I learned that from John Lennon.
          It is almost impossible to unlearn something. I am very thankful that I have learned good lessons, and that I am allowed to be creative. Thank you, too, Rebecca! ❦

  3. You’ve excelled yourself, dear Resa – Was that possible??? Apparently; YES!
    (I remember, with a faint feeling of nostalgia, Holly’s poem and your response to – Resa & The Rock Star! A little surprising; a lot of love; a little sweet…) ❤

    1. Thank you, dear Carolyn! ❤
      Your comments always mean a world to me, or should I say an Earth Fantasy? ❤
      Holly was very sweet to write that poem. It is about time that I finally thanked her.
      **** change of topic ****
      My Plastic Reflection is out of control!
      There is a waterfall of information coming in. I know I will get it all together. I just want you to know that perspective is awol. xoxoxoxo

  4. Resa, I am awed by your amazing gift of design and art. Each and every gown a masterpiece of loveliness. In my poem “Resa and the Rock Star” I wanted to pull up the nostalgia that I felt on seeing your treasured photograph of a past love, the passion so clearly obvious passing between lovers.
    Thank you for honoring me in return with your own rendition of Holly. You know how much I love it! ❤️💞

    1. Holly,
      It seems we feel a sincere and deep appreciation of each other’s artistic expressions.
      Nostalgia…. excuse me for a moment, while I go blow my nose.
      I love what you see in the old polaroid, and can never thank you enough!
      I am thrilled you like Holly Suzanne. It’s what I can do!
      I love it all! Sending hugs and affection! Resa xo❤️💞

      1. Well, it’s so true, I do admire your work and creativity, and your boundless energy. Please pass the kleenex…I love Holly suzanne, I want to travel with her and I want to travel blind…yada yada. A beautiful post dear Resa, when I think of you and the rock star, sigh! ❤

        1. Sigh!!!! ❤
          I'm thrilled you like Holly Suzanne!
          I had a blast making this post. The next one will be just as much fun. Promise!
          Omg! You always tell me to stay warm. Guess what? We had a mini blizzard last night and the furnace cacked while I was sleeping.
          I had to get it going myself, cause everyone was snowed in. Of course I had someone on the phone saying…okay now try this….. okay go over there…. are three lights on? Etc.
          It's up to 68F now.
          The cats are not amused. ❤

          1. I’ve been hearing about the blizzards and record cold passing through the Norrhern stares up into Canada. It sounds very serious, stay safe. Heaven forbid the electricity should go out. Get out the blankets. I’m sure no one is amused! ♥️🌧💞

            1. Thank goodness I have a stash of red wine!
              I’m having broccoli, avocado and yeast flakes with a nice round Chianti! 🍷🥦🥑
              Unfortunately, there is no emoji for yeast flakes. Hrumph!

              1. Well, I wish people around here would get into the conversation. When I mention yeast flakes, people turn green and gag!
                Sooo, delicious, and with red wine! Yummo! 💥🤪💥

              2. They are worth a try! They work well on buttered popcorn (makes them taste like cheese corn). Newbies like them in scrambled eggs. (I don’t eat eggs) I’m hard core. I like them on pasta with sunflower oil. WOW! Or, on oiled toast, or …. well I don’t want to freak you out, yet.
                They’re low cal, and highly nutritious.

  5. Keep your pencil sharpened, colours in the right order, paper dried after spilling wine, two bottles of wine at hand and go for it my friend !
    Oh, you did and did it well dear Resa ! Love from Graz xoxoxox ❤

    1. Dear Ralph, Natascha, and cats,
      If only the wine would spill onto the right places!
      Darn that it doesn’t. 😀
      SO… I think my next AG sketch is Ballroom Lux. Then I’ll do O Royal Treasure.
      Will keep you guys posted! Resa xoxoxo ❤

        1. …. and thank you for being part of it, Holly! Gi’s AG is next. Working on the swords application. It feels like… 2 weeks away to the final stitches, but it’s hard to estimate. ❤

    1. Thanks, Inese!
      The crazy thing is that I didn’t realize that I was doing an orchid shape, until I stepped back from my gown canvas.
      Subliminality can be a good thing! (but not in advertising!) ❤

  6. Resa, I sighed and I sighed some more at the gown and your drawings. THEN there was your poem,. You dark horse you. I can’t thank you enough for the mention, especially with Carolee whose work I adore xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Well, let’s not say dark horse…. more of a shadowy pony! 😀
      It’s always fun to mention you, and Carolee, and it’s amazing how prolific you are.
      Hey… Lady Fury’s gown is fabulous! WOW!
      I love both of the gowns. Your book covers are to die for! Sending love! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxxo

    1. That is a very lovely comment
      Flora Blanca is one of the most popular Art Gowns.
      If you are feeling it, then I have done a good piece of art. That is what Art Gowns is about.
      Thank you!

    1. Dale,
      I’m getting braver. Funny, but it’s easier to make a gown that takes 3-6 months, than it is to draw one that takes a few days.
      TY, for the encouragement!

  7. I love the stained glass hair drawing! Can you imagine going to a highlight colourist and saying I want a stained glass effect :).
    The dress is divine and I think its a good idea to draw some normal size models as well as long hipless fashion models, the long hipless ones obviously do sell more clothes or the designers wouldn’t persist with using them on the catwalk, some designers clothes I can’t wear because they don’t put hips in but Ted Baker of London is a good shape dress for me because the bust measurement is slightly smaller than the hip.

    1. IKR! I want stained glass hair!
      Well, actually, that would be very cool. 😀
      I’m taking an inspiration from you, from your posts I just read! Branch out, take other things in, learn, be inspired and incorporate.
      It’ not just size, but I need to branch into different ethnicities.
      Ted Baker is a fab designer. He has a few large boutiques in Toronto. I’m not sure what he’s up to at this moment, but he always seems to have his design finger on the pulse.
      I agree, his clothes fit very well, for women shaped like us. Yes, I’m smaller on top, bigger on the bottom.
      This is why a full skirted gown works so very well, and they are luscious and glamorous!
      Sending best wishes across the ocean! ❦💐❦

        1. I must say, there are some very creative minds at work on that show. I nominated the show for an Emmy this year, and then I voted for it. I believe they won! 💥❦

    1. I agree, the stained glass hair is fabulous. I can’t believe that it came out of me, but it did.
      We must soldier on with our creative endeavours! Thank you for coming here! ❦

    1. Thanks Ste j! I started doing the sketches in update posts, because the Art Gowns take 3 – 6 months to make. iIt’s nice to have some in between posts. I don’t want peple to forget about the Art Gowns blog!

    1. Thank you! I’m a few days away from finishing the new Art Gown. Then I still have to shoot it, and make a post. It should be up in about 10 days. xx

  8. Resa loved this post, and love your designs.. I have to say I prefer the slim Holly Suzzane, Working with designers in the sample room for years I know what it takes to convert a drawing to a pattern and then sew it together..
    Did you paint the flowers on the fabric Resa? love every inch of those gowns..
    Also loved reading the poem..
    Thank you for sharing your art designs and books.. I am getting my reading head in gear again. My knitting hands swapped for my paint brushes and now a rest to read a few books as the weather deteriorates..
    I hope you are keeping warm where you are.. Such terrible temperatures and storms in the arctic blast being called the Polar Vortex..
    Stay safe Resa.. I laughed at the stock of red wine.. Can’t fault you, in fact hubby and I are now going to open a bottle as we settle to watch the film Avatar again!.. But worth the watch again..
    Much love..
    Sue ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Yeah…red wine rules. It is the only alcohol I drink. Everything else makes me ill.
      Sue, the Arctic blast is a drag, but it gave me a chance to work on my new Art Gown. She’s gorgeous, and I hope you like her.
      Sue, knit, paint write and just keep on doing what you do because it’s awesome. You are lovely and amazing. I am so honoured that you took some time out to visit my blog.
      Sending love and hugs to you and yours!

    1. Flora Blanca is very popular. I don’t know how I find the time, either, but when it come to the Art Gowns, I do. Just started the new girl. Wow! She’ll be a peacock!

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