Art Gowns Gallery Project

Where can I take the Art Gowns?

{Painted canvases are atop, the original pics are below.}

It would take someone savvy to wear an Art Gown. Fact is, some of the back tails are 7′ long. There can be side tails and front tails. Of course, I can tame tails for a fashion show.

 Well, I had 10 of the photos I took for their blog printed on canvas. Then, using iridescent acrylic paint, I high-lit,  filled and/or embellished the canvas.

Of course, with the iridescent paint, one needs to view the paintings from certain angles in various lightings.

I have done 10 paintings in this “Art Gowns Iridescent” collection.

I entered them in an art show, but have never heard anything back. Friends say I am too, niche, more unique than they can sell.

 I’ll be doing a second 10 piece collection. The chosen Art Gowns will be printed in black and white. Strong colours will be abstractly influenced.

Anyway, good chance of getting in a show in about a year, and I will have 2-10 piece collections.

For now, here are 5 of the 10 canvases I have done. The iridescent quality is insanely difficult to capture. Did my best. I’ll post the other 5 later.

Below, “Art Gowns Iridescent” pieces are side by side. The original is on the left. The canvas print with iridescent paint is on the right.

Can you see the difference?





































(The only Art Gown piece unreasonable to display side by side)

Art Gowns & all Art Gowns Art © Resa McConaghy

2014 -2019

A new Art Gown has been started. I’m thinking 3 months, unless ……

83 thoughts on “Art Gowns Gallery Project

  1. Excellence. Keep on entering the paintings to the art shows – surely they’ll see sense and accept them soon, non? Now I love these gowns, it’s just an eternal shame I don’t to wear them. Boo hoo.

    1. Thank you dear Mr Wapojif. Yes, I will keep trying. The next 10 paintings will be very different from these. It seems very exciting.
      Hey, if you end up moving here, I could lend you Art Gowns from time to time. You could wear them around the office! ❦

  2. Timothy Price

    I love your art gowns and the canvases are excellent. It’s so hard to figure out what will go over in an art show. The gowns are so beautiful I always want to see a person wearing them. They really come alive on models. One of the suggestion in “More in Art Gowns” is the “Graffiti Girl Glam” post from 2012. Canvases of art gowns interacting in different places would get some attention I would think.

    1. Timothy,
      I’m thrilled and honoured that you love the Art Gowns, as I adore your art.
      I agree, live models put the Art Gowns into an “alive” world. I have 4 women photographed in my Art Gowns. I love those photos!
      The gals who modelled in my Art Gowns did not get paid. Neither did the one photographer who shot Mystic Lake. I took the shots of 2 & my N took the ones of me. We did it for fun, and personal portfolio examples.
      As I can’t afford to pay off all models & photographers for commercial rights, it’s Judy and me!
      NOW, I believe you are correct to say canvases of Art Gowns interacting in different places could be a selling point.
      I need an assistant to help lug to locations.
      Hmmm, there are a couple beside home. Next Art Gown, for sure.

      1. Timothy Price

        I know you don’t always think of yourself as photo worthy, but some selfies in art gowns would be definite winners in my mind.

  3. Resa these are all beautiful and show worthy. I’m with Mr. Wapojif re keep on entering them and suggesting them. (Butting in . . . I forget what neighborhood you’re in but what about a NOW story or even a less prominent one? Your professional background gives you huge credibility.)

    1. Thank you!!
      That means a lot to me, coming from a knowledgable & more art blogger & artist.
      I suppose some press could help. Let me finish my next 10 (which will be b&w Art Gowns printed on canvas, with an abstract approach to the painting part), then I feel I’ll have shown more than one way of saying whatever it is I’m saying. Lol! I need to find a publicist, or a manager.

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    1. Ralph, darling!
      Best of my love to you, Natascha and the fur babies!
      This is only 5 of the 10 canvases I have done. Sent a pic of “O Royal Treasure” to you and Natascha. It will be in a future post.
      Resa xxooxxoo ❤

      1. Hi darlin’, (that’s actor’s talk) 😉
        We are so looking forward to the future post darlin’ Resa. Can’t wait ! Muah, muah !
        Love & hugs. Ralph and Natascha xoxoxo ❤
        *exit stage right* 🙂

  5. They are so beautiful, hope for you that they will get into a show, that would be fantastic, so good luck, as for talent, we just have to look and appreciate.

    1. I intend to make more of my Art Gown paintings. I will begin ordering B&W canvases next week. I also have to buy more paint and brushes. How long do your brushes last? Do you have any advice/tricks?
      Also, the new Art Gown is started and I went to an interview. So, it’s bust beaver town over here!

      1. It depends…I tend to keep them too long and they are well used….should not….if you use acrylic, it may be interesting to try some of the products offered who do modify paint properties, from the little I know they did improve the handling and aspect of colors. I don’t suppose you will use oils, for me it is my favorite but the way I work with them, it is a long process…:) although my main problem right now is taking the time to do it…lucky I have my life model drawing sessions to help me…I wish I could help more, will look forward to see what’s coming!

  6. Fabulous gowns. Great canvasses! You’ve truly captured them in all their beauty!
    I love Ralph’s response. They would make great jigsaw puzzles. However, it depends upon what you want for them…?

    1. Lol, jigsaw puzzles… but hey, why not!
      So glad you like this, and I intend to keep making art out of Art Gowns. A new Art Gown is begun, and I will be ordering my first black and white canvases next week. This means I need to buy more paint and brushes. How lucky can one guy be? xoxoxo 😀

    1. Thank you so much, Alex! The new Art Gown is started, and there are more canvases coming, as well as an interesting side project with a fellow blogger! Lots of fun!

  7. Awwwwww, Resa, what a collection! I love what you’ve done with the canvases! I know you’ll get a show soon. Your work is original – unique – wonderful and well a Gift!!!!!!! Bravo, my sweet friend!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo Hera sends wild tail wags!!!!

    1. Oh Hera! I should design a doggie Art Gown.. with wagging tails!
      My imaginary tail is going wild. xoxo
      I’ll keep trying. I think my idea for the next 10 canvases will be more appealing to those who don’t get the concept of Art Gowns. This iridescent collection is a bit precious. I love the word “unique”. Some have said obscure. WELL!
      xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo XXOO

    1. Thank you! Yes, Flora Blanca is a very special girl. She was inspired by my niece. Her flowers are from an Irving Penn book. I did a painting of Flora Blanca, and then suddenly Sherrie came to visit me, and I gave her the painting. It looks wonderful in her home.

  8. These are just beautiful, and yes while your gowns are wonderfully unique, you would have thought after submitting your work, they would have had the curtesy to reply.
    Love your enhancements you have made.
    I cannot pick a favourite as they are all equally as good as each other

    Much love to you Resa ❤

    1. Thank you, Sue! My next series will be a lot more adventurous. However, I do have 5 more in this series. It seems you need a lot of pieces for a solo show.
      The show I tried for, puts unknown artists together in one show, so one doesn’t need so many pieces.
      Anyway, YES, the least they could have had the courtesy to reply.
      Love to you, Sue! ❦✨❦

  9. You are such an artist, Resa! These gowns and the prints are absolutely stunning! I am surprised that you haven’t had any luck exhibiting them. Keep going – I’m sure someone will see sense eventually xo

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    1. ❦❦ TY for the shout out!! ❦❦

      I’ll just keep trying. There are 23 Art Gowns. There must be more/other places… /venues to show them. The paintings could be in a gallery show. The Art Gowns would need a stage, and a couple of days to train professional models how to walk and pose in them.
      Either would be thrilling!

    1. Titania is a fairy beauty.
      I wish I could wear her, too! Lol! Although, I’m thinking of doing a selfie of me/her in my triple mirror, which was originally built for Kathleen Turner. A good mirror for one, is a good mirror for all! So happy you visited!

  11. I just gotta close my mouth or I’ll start drooling. Resa, no matter how many times I view your gorgeous gowns, I just cannot get over at the work you put into them. OH to have time to do something like this. I heard myself sighing out loud ….. LOL You are SO talented and SO unique and I will pray, intend, send good thoughts, whatever it takes, that the public sits up and takes notice of these gowns. JUST WOW! Incredible WOW! LA ESENCIA DE TITANIA is done in just my colors and OH OH OH if I were 30 years younger I would wear it. But then the problem arises as to where. Oh my goodness! You need to be SO proud of you for accomplishing these great feats of art! BRAVA!!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    1. Blush! Thank you, Amy! I do put a lot of time and effort into my girls. Now, I’m taking the Art Gowns to a new medium.
      The hard part is that it’s difficult for some people to separate the Art Gowns from clothing.
      I’m working on it!
      I’m so thankful to have pals like you out here on WP who get it, and are very supportive.
      You are wonderful! xoxoxoxo ❤

  12. I always find your art gowns breathtaking. I can’t imagine a woman wearing one of your gowns and not just feeling the magic of the gown but actually becoming the magic.

  13. Hello! I love that you took this passion into unchartered territories… if I recollect you just began with one- not knowing where it would lead. This path/process has unfolded over I don’t even know how many years. I have dropped in here and there and beauty, expression, creation continues. Truly a gift to have watched and a reminder of being happy on a journey with an unknown destination. jesus- and I’m honestly never that deep but you bring it out in me! cheers and thank you x

  14. I have to remember to breathe deep. Your gowns take my breath away . I long to slip into your photographs and delicately touch each gown. How can anything this beautiful be real. This is what one requires to take us out of our ordinary life and teach us how to dream in exciting new ways. XXXXOOO Virginia

    1. Dear Virginia,
      I am the happiest that you come to my world to visit!
      You adore the Art Gowns, and you know the Art Gowns adore you!
      However, I love you!
      Thank you for all of your fabulous support!

  15. I dream of wearing one some day to a literary festival and having everyone say “who’s that designer?” And I would happily say your name and that I’ve known you for years. Your work is genius. I have no doubt that these will be in an art show soon. Love you.

    1. Love you, too!
      So excited about the article B t B. Once that article is said and done for… well I pitch that idea at a different time. (it involves gowns!)

    2. Thank you for your special comment, Christy! I’m a bit all over the place, and should have thanked you, before I got into all of my “spirit” stuff. ❦❦❦❦❦
      I’m like a tree whose branches go all over the place. xo

  16. Oh boy, sooooooo inspiring Resa, that’s such a great idea and so well done, surely there’s an audience for it. Keep going (which I know you will) and good luck! 🙂

  17. These are brilliant, Resa. Difficult I know to appreciate the effects properly without seeing them with the naked eye, but when the pics are expanded fully they come alive – plus the textures on the background items like the leaves and the patterns on the rug + additional graphics. I actually love how Mnemosyne was being so unreasonable to display side by side with herself, making her very own little ‘revolution’ and act of rebellion there! Keep up the stellar work you and the art gowns :)xx

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