Art Gowns’ Paris Adventure

When Rene Rosso was asked to sing in Paris, well, she said YES!

Of course, she had several requests. One, was that the Art Gowns would open for her with a fashion show. She had a special gown designed, just to announce the Art Gowns.

First out on the runway in “The Tulle Collection” was Gigi. In an asymmetric one sleeved stunner named “The Twirl”,  she swept the stage with ease.

Holly totally glammed it up for the catwalk. She had wanted to ride out onto the stage on a motorcycle. It had to be a Harley, but they couldn’t find an acceptable one, on such short notice.

Rene Rosso, being a class act, sent out a big Thank you to the Beauty Team.

Taking care of the Wardrobe is the very capable Bijou. She wields a hot iron like no one else.  Stay good and  you won’t  get your  face pressed!

Margot is the hair stylist. She was once up for a Golden Globe award.

Geneviève, one of the best make-up artists, ever, to graduate from The Coop will be attending the Maquillage.

Of course there are unsung heroes. Rene Rosso insisted they come out to the stage for a bow, to hearty applause.

Above, Bridgette is responsible for all of the staging. Below is Adrienne, the Tour Manager.

Then it was back to The Art Gowns fashion show, with the vivacious Dale leading the way  in an Avant Garde specialty.

For Shey, inspiration was taken from her romantic period novels. During the flight to Paris, the Art Gowns read The Viking and The Courtesan. The girls are all still chattering away about it!

Marina is for real, even as she models this Faux Ballerina number.

It was time for Rene Rosso to perform a song. She adores the Parisienne audiences. In an Art Gown designed by Resa, and stage production design by Bridgette to look like a painting,

… she torched with “La Vie en Rose”. Her favourite version is by Melody Gardot.

Suddenly, on the last note of the song, the lights went BLACK!…..

… and Princess Blue Holly found herself in the night’s streets of Paris.Changing to her Crimes in a City’s Dark Corners outfit, she climbed to the roofs of Paris.

Hiding by a Gargoyle on on the southeast tower of Notre Dame Cathedral, Princess Blue Holly awaited the dawn and for her Tangle – Heart to guide her.

 What was happening? How had Rene Rosso become Princess Blue Holly without conscious effort? Where were the Art Gowns? Where was her Tangle-Heart? Would the master of her inner dragons, Hyperion be able to help her?

All Paris shots, including the Gargoyle courtesy of & © Timothy Price

The Chicklets artwork courtesy of  & © Georgiann Carlson

Their names are hot in the descriptions of the gowns they model, so feel free to enjoy a visit to their blogs.

For the answer to all of Princess Blue Holly’s questions, Eye suggest you stop by for episode 2, of the Art Gowns Paris Adventure!

Princess Blue Holly & Rene Rosso characters © Resa McConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter

261 thoughts on “Art Gowns’ Paris Adventure

        1. You are not in my SPAM, dear Lonely.
          No worries. I have been busy, but I do believe I have answered all of your comments.
          I’m just about to leave a comment on your blog, after having caught up.
          Sending much love to you! xoxoxo

            1. Ahh, I think I did answer the Raphael comment! However, I will check there when I am finished on Art Gowns. You see I have 2 log ins. I’ve been on Art Gowns for days. LOL! I can’t be logged into both at once. I’m typing a comment on your blog, as I type this..
              OMG… I’m blog drowning! xoxoxo
              I cant get enough of you, either, dear Lonely. Please have a wonderful rest! I can’t do without you and your poetry! xoxoxoxoxo

      1. Wow, Resa. Stunning, simply stunning. And so Parisian, high class catwalk show. Love the story and the gowns. You such a talented lady, my dear friend. Chapeau.. Francina xoxoxoxo

  1. Timothy Price

    Aa always, your drawings are exquisite. PDH is gorgeous in all the Art Gowns creations. That is a fabulous one eye lady with her colorful hair. I’m happy you could make good use of the photos. Have you seen the 2007 movie “La Vie En Rose”? It’s a wonderful movie.

      1. Timothy Price

        Thanks, Holly. You and Resa are the best with gowns and poems. Gargolyes are very cool. There is also a lot of humor, sexuality and depravity in gargolyes. The sculptors got away with a lot of risky and risque subjects in the form of gargoyles.

    1. I know the movie you are talking about. I have only seen it in pieces.
      I’ll try to catch all of it!
      An Edith Piaf song is one that Holly has suggested. Holly picks the songs for RR.
      The photos are fab. Thank you! Tangle – Heart is coming in… and well.. lots more story to come.

  2. All so gorgeous, Resa; the fashion, the music, Gigi’s exquisite chics, your art; simply stunning!
    I know I shouldn’t have a fave, but, Dale’s outfit has me swooning, and Timothy’s gargoyle has me back in Paree! Ooh la la…

    1. Thank you, Carolyn!
      Yeah, these posts are a lot of fun.
      You can pick a fave! Anyone can. Dale’s outfit is super chic and glam.
      It’s so great that Timothy let’s us use his pics. Even more fun.

  3. I’ve been dying to go to Paris and here we are. Everyone is divine, let’s hear it for the Road Crew. How chic are they ? very!!! Not to forget Hyperion and Timothy, they are on fire, saving the models, etc. Wonderful trip dear Resa, thank you for all the love and the beauty! xoxo

    1. IKR! The models look awesome!
      I'm so thankful to Gi for sending the crew over!
      Paris has just begun!
      Where are the Art Gowns? Rene Rosso?
      What evil lurks? xoxo

            1. Hyperion

              Dragons inbound…we’ll get to the bottom of this and when we find that evil bottom, we’re gonna bring a little Dragon Fire 🔥

              1. Hyperion

                Normally, I am stealthy and quiet, watching carefully. But, I have a puppy heart and so attention is good. On the Sling Shot, it’s the place to let it all out until you laugh hysterically and tell them you want to go again even if you don’t.

              2. Hyperion

                You should drag the Captain up into the copilot seat and launch together. Be careful tho, it makes you want to buy your own space ship and do touch and goes on the moon. 🚀👩🏻‍🚀🧑🏼‍🚀🌝

              3. Hyperion

                Every Empress has a Captain of the Guard. I’ll bet he is out checking to make sure your Praetorian Guards aren’t in the pool house gambling away their wages and drinking rum again. Rascals.

              4. Hyperion

                It is good for morale to let the guards have a little fun and they will love you for it. There is a sling shot ride at Daytona. They will make a video of you screaming with that wild adventure gleam in your eyes if you want. And if you fall out, you get a free T-Shirt. I would pass on that.

              5. Hyperion

                Ha ha ha! While you are out by the pool enjoying a good rum mojito, I’ll take the ride and send you a selfie of me upside down gettin my scream on 😱

              6. Hyperion

                Waaa haa haaa! I’ve got to do it once. Next time I’m in Florida, I’ll get my sister to go with me. She will likely not talk to me for a couple of days, but we both will have had the ride of our lives. I’ll buy the video and post it.

              7. Hyperion

                I know! I didn’t see anyone lift off without every emotion bursting out of their lungs. It’s kinda addictive to watch. 😲😲

              8. Hyperion

                My sweet little 8 year old grand daughter told me she will go with me so I don’t get scared. Her mother used to be fearless too, but now that she is an adult momma, she is in her, “Hell No!” Phase of life. 😂

              9. Hyperion

                LOL! That’s how I got my nickname, Dammit Dan. My rascally little boy daredevil self used to give my mother heart failure during my adventurous Calvin and Hobbesque lifestyle. She would cringe and then say, Dammit Dan, you almost gave me a heart attack. I was super lightweight back then so gravity didn’t beat me up as much as it does now.

              10. Hyperion

                That is precisely the sign of intellectual calm during stimulus overload. You are a champ Rene as PBH, Hyperion, and Rene Russo would say.

              11. Hyperion

                Isn’t it amazing what we can accomplish when we have no other option but to go for it? But, the real question is, are you ready for the big twist coming Monday for our Dragons, Gloria and Raul? I wonder what their options are now.

              12. I finally finished the electronic presentation for the director. Now to catch up on the blogging! (I still haven’t won, yet….as you put it!)

              13. Hyperion

                I wanted it to relate to our most human qualities but contrast with the darker side of both sides. There is a kind of balance there but not what we assume. I think you sense these things very well.

              14. Hyperion

                And we are just getting started. We might all be asking ourselves, “what just happened?” By the time we get to the end.

              15. Hyperion

                Take care Resa and have a great weekend. Me and the Dragons are available whenever you need us or just want to listen to us tell old dragon tales.

        1. The models have been absconded with. There is a spell, and RR is involved. (fixing her lipstick trapped inside a painting)
          That’s why the Tangle-Heart isn’t coming into focus.
          There is a spell. PBH is looking to Hyperion.

          RR needs a spell song for the finale. We already used .. “You Put a Spell on Me”.
          I’ll be in touch! xoxo ❤

              1. Still, there will be an incantation.. a chant … a spell to free the Art Gowns from their abstract prisons. (I’ll be drawing some of those tonight!)

  4. Hyperion

    Hype is here and my dragon blood is in a boil. After a stunning show of art gowns and knowing the Chiclets are providing support, I was assured of a perfect Paris evening. When news of PBH’s distress was delivered by a distraught Rene Rosso, I had to throw myself in on this caper right away. Go Go Dragons 💥🐲🐲🐲

      1. Hyperion

        This snake better have asbestos boxers cuz the Dragons don’t like it when the ladies get their art gowns absconded. What are the Chiclets to do? I was so enjoying the delightfully romantic and sultry La Vie En Rose and those gowns rock the world. The perfect team to showcase the gowns look simply marvelous and then poof, disaster. Plus, I just found out I was unfollowed to this most favored site without my permission. Obviously to delay my response to the evil doers. This just will not do.

  5. More excitement and glamor than the James Bond movie we’re watching. 🙂 If I had to pick, the off-the-shoulder and the one for Shey. So nice of Rene to give props to all those who deserve them! 🙂 Love from Chicago.

    janet & you know who

    1. LOL!!! You picked a good one!
      Just after I posted this, I got snared into making a presentation for a movie. I’ve had my nose to the grindstone since I posted this. Anyway, I’m finished, and glad to be back blogging!
      Love from Toronto!
      Hey, the story takes place in Chicago. It’s about the Farnsworth House.
      ❤ to both know who's!

      1. What’s next young Resa? I think The Moon beckons. Regards, TOF who just lost two huge, thankfully empty, shopping bags, a newspaper and map of northen France from the boot of his car. ‘Tis the sheer force of storm Jorge ‘what’ did it. I watched as they flew away at an impressive speed and disaapeared from view in a nanosecond!

        1. I know! I thumbed ahead a bit, and saw The Moon. It’s such a unique tale.
          So, we’re almost in 1926, but my N went away for a week, and I’m falling behind blogging due to work stuff.
          Seems like Jorge was a gorge!
          Just crazy!
          Take care, TOF!

          1. Many years ago I took a day away from work stuff. A tad worse, or better put, dependent upon one’s personal take on such matters, for mescaline I found myself in a Royal Park near the River Thames at London’s edge. It was there by freak of appallingly bad luck I accidentally kicked a hornets nest. Angry hornets in their millions thereafter gave chase while I ran for my life. The moral of this tale is ‘work stuff’ comes first. Enjoy you day, young Ms Resa. Regards, TOF.

  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhh….. pure joy! It was well worth the wait! What a wonderful trip to creativity and beauty …and how I love my carmine Faux Ballerina Ar Gown! But all is beautiful here and kudos to everyone but mainly to the sweetest ever… Resa! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
    …from H too! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. It’s so much fun drawing you, and all the gals!
      Apologies for the tardy reply, but just after I posted, work became all consuming. I have a few days to catch up now!
      Much love to you! xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
      Hera (you are so beautiful) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  7. You stopped!!!!! Oh I cannot wait for the next bit. The gargoyles are divine after all. Wonderful gowns and stories and THANK YOU.. THANK YOU for making me one of the girls again. Such brilliant company you know I feel like Cinderella.

    1. Hmm, you might be Cinderella!
      Thank you Shey, for taking the time to enjoy this. Apologies for the tardy reply, but work got in my way for a week. I have a bit of time to catch up, now.
      You guys are all so much fun to draw. I can hardly wait for the next episode, which I’ve started to draw. xoxoxo

  8. WHAT A SURPRISE! You didn’t tell me it was going up today. I LOVE IT. Your drawings are gorgeous and so is the story. The video was also perfect. What a truly scrumptious post. Delicious and THANK YOU SO MUCH for including me and, of course, the chicklets. We love you so very much. This is truly wonderful.

    1. Of course the moment I posted this, I got the presentation request. It’s amazing how behind in blogging I got in one week.
      THANK YOU so very much for drawing the Chicklets. They really add a lot to the post.
      I adore them, and I adore you!

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              1. Yeah, that’s English I was speaking. Northern English, anyway. Manc. You know? It’s like Marmite really. Pungent and difficult to comprehend, but thoroughly enjoyable (probably).

                Did you know where I work right now has a Toronto office? Say hello from me.

              2. McDonald’s. I flip burgers for a living, lady.

                Actually no, it’s Peninsula. HR consultant. You need HR? Go to them. Tell them I sent you. You get a 0.1% discount for that. I believe it’s near Toronto Islands.

              3. Yeah, I just looked it up. It has a very fab location! It’s very close to the waterfront and the islands.
                How come they can’t get you a job here? Now that the UK is free of Europe and has its own trade deal with Canada, you could be their token Manc…. or so. It seems they would want you here!

              4. Oh I applied for one but didn’t get a response from the recruitment woman. They’ll have to fork out for everything, but I’m staying put for the next year or so. If something becomes available I’m there, fo’ sho’!

              5. Non! I’ll try, I want them to offer me something. “Mr. Wapojif, we DEMAND your services in Toronto!!!” And I’ll be all, “Yeah, yeah, just give me the injections and let’s go.” That’s how it’ll happen.

    1. Thanks Christy! It’s a lot of fun making up these comic book-like stories.
      I’ve begun drawing episode 2.
      Hope all is well in Christy world! xo

  10. Paris will never, ever be the same with these amazing women. Always a celebration happening in your place – so much fun to drop by, especially when I can beam over to Paris. My choices for elegance and generosity are Bijou, Margot and Genevieve.

    1. We do have a lot of fun over here!
      Of course, the moment after I posted this, I got a request for a presentation, which I finished last night.
      LOL! I had no time to blog until today. Anyway, HELLO!
      So, I think you will be very amused with what happened to the Art Gowns models. I can hardly wait to finish drawing them!
      The Chicklets are the best!!!

    1. Thank you! It’s lots of fun drawing my Art Gowns on GF bloggers, working on a story with pals, people contributing sketches and photos.

    1. Just having some fun over here! The stories are taking on a comic book reality. It’s a great way to have some posts in between Art Gowns, which take 3 – 6 months to make.

  11. Exquisite as always, Resa. I so enjoy your work.
    Also, I was on here the other day and I couldn’t leave a comment or like it — I think my phone doesn’t sync somehow and I can’t figure out the problem. It happens to me with a few sites and I’m not sure how to fix it. :0(

    1. Thank you very much Pam! Work got in my way for a week, hence the tardy response.
      I know several people who can’t comment from their phones, and have to do it on their home computer. Take care! 😀

              1. I’m good! The weather sucks! It’s been a very dark winter. We were spared any long streaks of hideously cold weather, but it’s been clouded over forever! …. since October.

    1. Thank you!
      It’s a kind of comic book way of telling a story. The actual Art Gowns each take 3 – 6 months to make. This way I have something to post in between, and get to have a lot of fun.

  12. Oh!!! So much sparkling, enchanting, divine French-Canadian magic in one post!! Loved all the designs, and how wonderfully they go together with that dreamy song… listening to it right now, and somehow Audrey Hepburn´s fairylike charm comes to mind… ephemeral designs, song, and a great combination of perfect storyline and Paris-pictures…sigh… I can see and feel how much love and Resa-magic you have put into this. Just magnifique, mon amie:) Thank you beaucoup, loved it!!! xoxoxo💖💖💖

    1. Merci beaucoup, dear Gypsy.
      It’s amazing how many comments I miss. I’m cleaning up old emails, and found this notice.
      Thank you for this more than lovely comment!
      I do love what I do. You roam the earth, I roam my mind!
      We are both pretty great!
      Take care
      xoxoxoxoxoxoxo ❤ ❤

      1. No worries, querida Resa! Totally understand.
        I love that “We are both pretty great!”
        You know what, you are right 🥳🥳
        Sending much love y amor your way!!
        xoxoxoxoxoxoxo ❤ ❤

  13. Fashion week in Paris is now a memory. But the dresses. The attitude. The gorgeousness of it all. Life is an adventure and you bring it all to life. XXX Virginia

    1. Aww, Thank you, Virginia!
      Yes, life is an adventure, and if we can’t have a fashion week in Paris, well, we will have it here!
      I got your email, and promise I’ll get back very soon. Things have gotten a bit intense. Whowould ever think staying at home would be so much work!!!

      1. Our world has shrunk, dear Resa. Physically it is our home and the garden. I started self isolating myself about five weeks ago. Thank goodness for my books, the sewing room and Netflix. XXXXXOOOO Big hugs. Virginia

        1. Sigh, yeah. I’m in week 5 now. They are extending our isolating until mid May.
          Creativity is sparing my mind! Drawing, and working on the new Art Gown.

  14. This post is so fun and full of life! I enjoyed all the details from the movement of the gowns on the page, the backstage team, (who are always great fun!), and the music you have collated! Brilliant! I particularly enjoy the feather headress – so operatic!
    Best Wishes,

    1. Thank you very much, dear Charlotte!

      Things got a bit crazy, recently, as you know! Been away from the blog, due to sanitizing!
      Working on the next Princess Blue Holly post, now. I’ll be by to visit very soon!
      Resa ❦❦❦

  15. The Tulle Collection, the makeup artists, the road crew… and All,, just all perfect.. Loved each and every one of the designs… So enjoyed my time here working back in time.. 🙂
    Sending love Resa.. and thank you for the joyful smiles your posts just brought me.. ❤

  16. Beautiful creations, Resa, and I’m sorry to be so late in telling you so!! Thanks for a lovely fashion show and the exciting Paris adventure!– hope this finds you well and in good spirits!! 😊

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