The Smexy Pen of Shehanne Moore

Please meet Shehanne Moore: writer, author, publisher, wife, mother and one of the official Art Gowns models.


I just finished reading “Loving Lady Lazuli”

Cassidy Armstrong has had an unfortunate life, that has scarred her in more ways than one. Cast off from family as a baby, and her brother dead from beatings, she is pressed into being a jewel thief. Nonetheless, she has managed to hoard her virginity like it was a massive collection of fine Waterford Crystal worth more florins than any working class person would see in a lifetime.

Now, she has returned to claim her birthright. As a fake widow, Lady Cassidy Armstrong can move around more freely, searching for her proof of heritage. Yet, even after 10 years of aging, donned in a widow’s “Crow Black” and with a new name; Devorlane Hawley (fifth Duke of Chessington) recognizes her.

I asked Shehanne: Devorlane Hawley – Fifth Duke of Chessington, was off at war for 10 years. Was it the Napoleonic Wars? If not, which war was he in, and can you give a bit of history of the war and/or London around the time of this story?

Answer: It was the Napoleonic Wars but he was in the military a little before they actually started in 1803, as an unwilling recruit shall we say?  And obviously since the book is set in 1810 and the wars didn’t end for another five years, he’s no longer a soldier, having been badly wounded and invalided out. The Wars came out of chaos that was the French Revolution and for some time, a long time, it looked as if Napoleon Bonaparte could become master of Europe, until he was finally defeated at the Battle of Waterloo and exiled to Saint Helena. I imagine that life for people in London and indeed elsewhere, would–as  ever, even as we’re seeing today– depend on your wealth.  Whatever your class, most people had a relative in the army or navy and  would be anxious about that but that’s roughly where any kind of things in common would end.  For the rich there was the chance to make more money, for the women to adopt new fashions, go to charitable balls and see some wonderful re-enactments of battles etc onstage. For the poor–the usual struggle for survival. All the English counties had a militia, there to protect the county  and of course there was espionage, the suggestion of which the heroine of this book uses to her advantage at one point.

“Never judge a book by its cover, unless there’s a gown on it.”

I came up with that exceptionally memorable saying, after reading “Splendor”. It was the first book by Shehanne that I read. I pair it here with “Loving Lady Lazuli”, as they are both part of a series about London Jewel Thieves.

You can read my review, and mini interview with Shehanne by clicking on the drawing of “Splendor”, above.

I read “The Viking and the Courtesan” quite recently. It is definitely a bit of a departure from the other stories.

Malice Mallender is quite the piece of work. For the right price “Strictly Business” will destroy any marriage, usually by dealing with the wife nuisance. The right price; enough to buy the latest pair of shoes she covets in Madame Faro’s window. So, what happens when “Strictly Business” is inadvertently hired to destroy Malice’s own marriage to Lord Cyril Hepworth?

I asked Shehanne: In “The Viking and the Courtesan” – How did you come up with the idea of “time displacement” ?

Answer: My dearest, lovely Resa, first let me thank for all your kindness and especially for the gowns and asking me here today. You may know I must be amongst your biggest fans, not just as a mega admirer of your work but the fact you make gowns to be used for charity.

Okay, so to answer your question, I had a flash moment.  I never ever set out to write a time displacement  story.  Just like I never ever set out to write any book.  But I had written the first few chapters of this book exactly as they stand now, to the bit where she goes to her husband, Cyril’s flat. The story was to be a second chance love story between them but one day as I was belting away at the keyboard, I thought that idea was a bit  too similar to the Lady Fury book. Then the little voice whispered… you know that Viking idea you have where you have the hero’s story but not the heroine’s? Hmm?? Well … why don’t you just bung that in here?  Quite understandably I thought, no way. Are you serious????  I mean, come on. Then I went and thought about it for a moment. And I thought, okaaaay. Maybe I should just give it a try for a chapter or so, no more? What have I got to lose really? And that was it. That’s the truth. It just popped into my head.

The moment I saw the new cover of Shehanne’s re-released tale of Lady Fury (Genoa 1820), I fell in love with the gown. I read chapter one on Shehanne’s blog.  Then I read the book.

“Rule One: There will be no kissing. Rule two: You will be fully clothed at all times… Widowed Lady Fury Shelton hasn’t lost everything—yet. As long as she produces the heir to the Beaumont dukedom, she just might be able to keep her position.” 

Perhaps ex-privateer Flint Blackmoore (a man she’d rather see rotting in hell than sleeping in her bed) has never been good at following the rules, still she decides to use him to produce an heir.

I asked Shehanne: In “Lady Fury” – What was your impetus for coming up with “the rules”? Did you have a reason for making Blackmoore a privateer… ie: a love of ships, a port you have been stimulated historically by?

Answer: Ooh, I have always loved pirate stories since I read Treasure Island as a kid. I was reared on all the old films and one of my fav board games was buccaneer.  I was gutted to learn it just wasn’t possible to pursue my chosen choice of career actually. But I did always want to write a book about a pirate or a privateer. As for  ‘the rules’, well, once again I had written first few chapters and I thought, now what? You can tell by now I never ever think anything out. And I thought, well, he’s got her cornered which she’s er…not going to take lying down. So what would she do here to pay him back and keep any feelings which she sees she sort of still might have, under wraps Then I thought I could maybe have a little fun dissecting a certain activity shall we say? I am a great believer in having fun especially with rules on anything. Let’s face it, I dunno about you but over here in Scotland right now, and England, well .. I never saw so many that were badly thought through.

This is my favourite book by Shehanne. It is her most recent, and proves that she gets better with time. As the ending demands a sequel, I am hoping there is one in progress!

You can read my review, some Q&A with Shehanne and see the gown drawings by clicking on my above rendition of Destiny.

Shehanne’s titles are available worldwide on Amazon, Ingram Books & Barnes and Noble. If you click on the above banner, you will go to Amazon’s universal “select a country” page. Once there, select “Books”. In “Books” search “Shehanne Moore. It will take you to all of her titles.


201 thoughts on “The Smexy Pen of Shehanne Moore

  1. Timothy Price

    Fabulous post, Resa. Nice summaries of the books and great answer to your intriguing questions. And of course, the drawings are super.

      1. Timothy Price

        Hi Shehanne. Your books look so tempting after Resa’s wonderful reviews and interviews. I’m so backlogged on my reading, but here I am trying to figure out how I can fit one in and which one.

        1. Oh Lord, that is kind of you Timothy. II is often quite difficult to come over and chat away on a blog, especially a blog like Resa’s where there’s such an active following…I count myself in this…who love her gowns, her posts, her talent, that I kind of just get my tentative oar in to thank people. A sort of …there we go now butt out Shey. So that is truly kind of you.
          Quite a few guys do read them which I love to hear. I try to write human behavior more than anything. I’m not awfully good at the traddy romance writing! And I do like writing about flawed, difficult people. So thank you for the lovely comment.

          1. Timothy Price

            The world is full of flawed, difficult people, who are never-ending sources of interesting stories. Resa is the best.

            1. She is indeed. She is amazing and her collaborations are epic. I was going to say she did this one with the cats that was epic, especially right now….now I see that was with you. Congrats. The music was brill. And yeah the world is full of flawed, difficult people and they are the most interesting.

              1. Timothy Price

                I’m the guy with the trees, also. Resa will probably want you to have a tree. I’m running low on unclaimed trees on the property. I still have a cherry, plum and apple trees available, but all the nice big cottonwoods on the property are claimed. There’s one beautiful old cottonwood in the bosque on the way to Holly’s Tangle Heart tree that could be claimed.

              2. Timothy Price

                I think the big cotton near the Tangle Heart Tree will be a good choice. The fruit trees are small and not very majestic.

          2. Shey! I’m so glad you are here, and chatting with Tim! I would love it if you had a tree from Tim’s collection of magic trees. I use them in the Art Gowns/Princess Blue Holly adventures.
            So there is a Cherry, a plum and an apple tree to select from.
            OR there is a cottonwood on the way to Holly’s Tangle-Heart Tree.
            I have a Cottonwood, called Resa’s Tree. Marina has a pear tree called The Incognito Pear Tree. Dale has a peach tree, I believe called Dale’s Pear Tree. That leaves 2 Art Gowns Models without magic trees.
            Tim will send pics for you to choose from. Ooo, yours could be Shey’s Romance Tree.

          3. I usually don´t read the comments but now that I´m a hospital quarantine do to personal family matters seems I´m reading them, you said you like to write about flawed and difficult people….Hey! I´m here you couldn´t make up a character more flawed and screwed up than me. I should be you next novel, and if you want give me a percentage of the money you make out of it.

    1. Thank you, Tim!
      It’s so much fun drawing gowns. Shehanne’s books are a great escape. Her time period knowledge is an elixir to me, as I adore the romantic parts of history. The rest is very interesting, but humans don’t seem to learn from it.

      1. Resa, YOU are a jewel you know. I just love history, especially the social history of how people lived, what they ate, wore, how they traveled, what their houses would be like, rich or poor, and of course how the ladies got by when so much was stacked against them.. And you are right, humans don’t learn. xx

        1. Maybe were are idiots?
          We don’t want to learn.
          Well, as long as there are writings steeped in history (herstory), we won’t totally forget.
          Keep doing what you do! I adore it! xx

      2. Timothy Price

        Humans learn from history? Hahahahaha! Life is like the movie Ground Hog when it comes to media hacks, politicians, their policies and how people react to it all.

  2. Resa… Where do I start to thank you for this amazing post. I have actually spent a good five mins staring at the Lazuli drawing…then another five at Splendor… especially love the stocking and just know she would approve. Then there was the five on Malice..Will I go on? I’m just humbled and awed and I don’t know where to start thanking you. This is a wonderful WONDERFUL post. I can tell you I am more than halfway through the next Cornish Rogues book. It is the story of Gil from O’Roarke’s Destiny, the man with no past. Of course there’s gowns xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Dearest Shehanne,
      Your heroines are wonderful. I cannot begin to tell you how inspired I am to draw them.
      Malice… yes, I thought my rendition of her was very good; not just the gown, the shoes (which in my mind are made from gold and antique green kid leather), but her face. She is beautiful, but filled with malice.
      I spent hours with Splendor. Those hours taught me a lot about what I can do outside of my box of crayons.
      I’m so happy you like the Lady Lazuli drawings. I was very worried that you might not like how I put romantic, imaginative colour into her nightgown.
      All in all, this is a very satisfying post for me.
      I look forward to your next Cornish Rogues book, and my pencils await the gowns, therein!
      Not to go unmentioned, Lady Fury is a beauty!
      I hope you will return here, and answer any future comments!
      You are a great guest!

      1. I will indeed. it is of course the witching hour here in Scotland so I will return tomorrow. BUT, I think Malice is a wonderful drawing. You have perfectly captured that cool, beautiful but yes indeed, malicious way with her, she needs to overcome.And the shoes. Of course the shoes. I thought that the moment I saw her. And Lazuli??? Well, Devorlane does imagine her in all sorts and indeed she does have lovely things especially chemises and nightgowns to make up for the widow disguise. You ALWAYS bring my ladies to life. There’s Lady Fury with the hair coming loose which happens more than once when she loses the rag and then tries to show she is perfectly cool. I LOVE LOVE everything you do and the time you take. The new heroine is called Eternity and she actually makes a fleeting appearance in Destiny as Molly’s ‘mother’. Yes note the inverted commas there. She is a great one for living in her coat–green velvet–actually but there’s a gown, as you would guess. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

        1. Your girls are lots of fun to draw, and I am thrilled you think that I have captured them in their proper glory. You are fun to draw, too, which is why I am so glad you are one of the Art Gowns models.
          The next post will be Boogapony Holly in Hendrix inspired Art Gowns. Then I will do a Art Gowns in Chicago adventure with PBH & RR. I believe the gowns will be floral inspired. You will look marvellous!

          I adore the name Eternity. Ah.. a green velvet coat. Full length, it counts as a gown. 1/2 or 3/4 length… well there has to be a long skirt underneath, land sakes! So, again… a sort of gown!
          So there! LOL! What a fun post! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

        1. Yes, and no. My gowns aren’t for sale. They can be used for charity events, personal portfolios and other promotions (as long as it is all for good…personal and/or socially)
          Be well!

        1. Oh, that is more than kind. Truly. She did indeed get the ladies, down to the smallest detail., stockings, when one has a thing for cherry patterned ones, the hair when one keeps losing her rag, the shoe poking out when one would sell her soul for a fancy shoe. She is wonderful. One of a kind in terms of the work she does. xx

  3. Oh Resa… What a beautiful interview, and such interesting books…. So loved this and those beautiful gowns… I do enjoy historic romance and will be looking deeper into these titles 🙂 And loved how Shehanne describes how the idea was whispered in her ear as it popped into her head as she typed… And agree with her… Still the divide of Rich and Poor….
    So much work has gone into your post… Each gown unique and distinctively beautiful…
    Sending Love and well wishes Resa… and thank you Shehanne, for the history behind them..
    Love and Hugs… Sue ❤

    1. Thank YOU Sue for reading and leaving this wonderful comment. I keep saying here, Resa has brought my girls to life but she has in every single way, from Splendor’s stockings to Fury’s hair getting that little bit fractious. I loved answering Resa’s questions. There IS still this Rich and Poor divide. It is really highlighted over in the UK just now Glad you liked the history in the answers. xxxx

      1. Resa certainly has… 🙂 and history I was interested in way back when in school.. Simply because I could draw those long flowing gowns in my assignments.. of Kings and Queens 🙂

      2. It was always a subject I loved, from the start actually, especially the social aspect of how people lived and then I think we are all standing here because they did. I see you liked a good gown too though x

    2. Dear Sue,

      Thank you so very much for this lovely comment!
      Yes… the social divides are still around. We can’t seem to overcome them.
      Just look what’s happening now with Black Lives Matter.
      I’m so happy you took time to read the post.
      In the end, Shey’s books are of love & herstory! What’s not to like?
      Love and hugs to you, Sue! xoxox ❤

  4. Wonderful, Sorceress! The questions, the answers, the dresses, oh my!
    And do mine eyes deceive me or are you actually using the new Gutenberg Block Editor?

    1. Dale, Resa is indeed a Sorceress of the gown world. AND MORE. I loved her questions too, all different and one for each of the three books she’d recently read. Very pertinent ones. Glad you enjoyed.

      1. That she is! That’s exactly what I called her at first: Sorceress of the Gown and then just dropped the gown part because we just know. She is quite the good interviewer. Makes me want to pick up your books too

      2. She is a wonderful interviewer too. You are right. I thought that reading the questions. They were all diff, one for each book and very carefully thought out but let me talk about history, about ideas and where they come from, about characters. xx

    2. Thank you, Thunder!
      This was a FUN post to do. Each drawing is of an individual character, which is why it’s so much fun.
      The Chicago Art Gowns adventure will be floral inspired… so I guess your gown will have something to do with Peach blossoms!!!

      Gutenberg Block Editor? No… same old classic editor! I’m so old fashioned, I’m almost using Gutenberg’s original printing press! LOL!

        1. Ahhh… I do those in the Pages program on my Mac. It has a basic arty capability. I’m stopping short of getting more art software, because I like drawing the old fashioned way. If I had art software, I’d never leave the computer!
          My butt is already stretching over the sides of my chair. LOL ⚡️💥

            1. Hahahahaha!
              The way you say “in me butt”sounds like your butt has enveloped you, altogether.
              I’m envisioning arms reaching out of a butt to type. LOL!!

  5. This is so awesome! Dear Resa I adore Shey and believe she is one of the most gifted and prolific writers I know. you and she have done such a splendid job of reviewing some of her work. She is a beautiful lady in every way. Her amazing books with their intriguing plots and gorgeous covers deserve a place in every library!
    Your sketches of Shehanne in your breathtaking designer gowns made esp for her are stunning! Wonderful job dear Resa and Shey. xoxoxo

    1. This is wonderful and kind of you my amazing talented fried, whose work I LOVE and admire with every fibre of my being when I read it AND I read it several times, its s; delicious, the imagery, the sadness, the depth, all the things that hurtle through my head when I read each line. Resa has done an amazing job here. The ladies in every way., all the differences between them on display. And I loved the questions. They were a joy to answer. In fact I had to tell myself off about not going on too much! Thank you again for your kind words. xxxxx

        1. Thank YOU my even sweeter one. You are one of the wonderful people I have met online whose talent,kindness and generosity has stunned me. . And here I am saying so on the blog of another who does that. Truly humbled by these words. xxxxx

              1. Ahh, I wondered where my jaw went? I’ll have to check the floor! ❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹❦🌹

    2. Dearest Holly,

      Thank you for your lovely words. It was lots of fun drawing Shey’s ladies. Like the Art Gowns models, they are individuals, and not just gowns on faceless mannequins.
      OR, you could say characters… Like PBH, RR & Boogapony. They are unique and distinct.

      I was so wiped out after posting last night. These long posts drain me for a minute, then I get revived the next day.
      So happy you are here!

      So excited to draw the Hendrix gowns. It’s going to be a wonderful post with the Boogapony hosting. I will def set up a coded page for us to work from!
      ❦🌺 xo ❦🌺 xo ❦🌺 xo ❦🌺 xo ❦🌺 xo ❦🌺 xo ❦🌺 xo

      1. Rest! Relax, renew, this is a fabulous! You two are beautiful and gifted beyond words, the perfect combination for an awesome post. We’ve got everything here…🌺xo🌸xoxoxo

    1. Chris, thank you so so much. Resa did a fabulous job here in every way, the gowns, the capturing of each of my ladies, the questions. But above all she did a fabulous job of being so very very generous with all the things she has.

        1. I have the other ones framed BUT individually. Thinking now of getting a big frame and doing them all fancy mounted. I will order these new ones up as pics next week and go from there. Got quite a few ideas here. xxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you, Gi! It was a lot of fun. This drawing thing is really fun for me.
      Boogapony in Hendrix inspired Art Gowns for a Hendrix tribute post are next.
      Then it will be the Art Gowns in Chicago/PBH Adventure. I’m thinking, as you always have such beautiful shots of flowers of yours and from the Botanical Garden that the gowns will be a floral theme.
      I’d like you to have a magic tree from Tim. I’ll send you a mail! ❤

      1. The last time I bathed in hot water was upon the visit from Great Auntie Maud, a gal who was fabled for her extraordinary girth. She knew not of a gentleman’s moral desire for the occasional yet necessary cold shower. ‘Tis a sad world we live in. Regards, TOF

        1. LOL!
          Sad, yes. Sounds like if Auntie Maude sat down in a hot tub, there would be no water left in the tub. Girth can have that displacement effect. xo

    1. OOH. I HAVE to make sure I put a gown in every book as a massive nod to Resa, Of course I think the way we dress is such part of us anyway that I do incorporate that in my characters. But I can’t NOT put a gown in because of the things she does with them. She is wonderful and I LOVE these latest drawings as I LOVE the ones he did earlier for Destiny and Splendor.

      1. You have a marvelous connect, Shehanne. Art, writing, history, fashion – a dynamic combination. I am heading over your way. I am very interested in how you conduct your research, because I know that you put a lot of time looking back into historical records.

        1. I am very interested in the social history of any given time, the how the people lived, what they ate, how they dressed, what were the common diseases, etc, etc. Devorlane Hawley in Lazuli, had, like many other young men of that time, especially given the military bit and the fact he had been badly wounded, become addicted to opiates, which were more often put in drink than injected, Malice in the Viking and the Courtesan, was left in this terrible void because her husband had deserted her and divorce wasn’t just pretty impossible in these days unless certain criteria were fulfilled, people were ostracized. I was interested in the O’Roarke book about how smuggling in Cornwall was a cottage industry and how the government made it worse by passing a law where it was legal to take goods washed ashore provided no-one from the ship survived, So obviously this led to deliberate wrecking and murder. But during the time the book is set, the government had begun to crack down hard. I have always loved history and ti is my preferred genre for reading too. Even in newspapers where there’s a history article, it’s my first read! The other week I came across an article on the plague of Marseilles, which, given what is happening right now, was absolutely fascinating, down to where plague is thought to have first originated. . Thank you so much for following me. Loved what I saw of your blog.

          1. Thank you for connecting, Shehanne! I just downloaded “The Unravelling of Lady Fury.” Looking forward to the read! I have a feeling that the adventure is just beginning.

            1. Firstly thank YOU so very very much. That is beyond kind. AND thank YOU for connecting with me. I am going to enjoy your blogs. I missed saying poor Fury here when I was talking re the past, how it might look grand for a woman bagging a rich man but alas often the misery was just beginning and how much at the mercy of their husbands AND their family they were. And I set it away from England itself because at that time a lot of the ‘hoi-poloi’ were living in Europe.

    2. Thank you, Rebecca! I’m having a lot of fun with Shey, and everyone!
      Lol! Now that we are in phase 1.5 of reopening, I will be stashing up big time on art supplies.

  6. This is such a great tribute to darling Shey! Well done with the artwork, Resa 🙂 I enjoyed The Viking and the Courtesan and glad to see you’ve read it too. Bowing to you two ladies who are so wonderful ❤

    1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Christy. My friend you know I bow to you, to your work, both creative but also your inspirational blogs you do to help others and your lack of fear about everything you say, especially on behalf of us ladies but on other things too my darling, things you help others with. It is wonderful to see you here. And the artwork is just wow, so so glad you have seen it.

    2. Thank you, dear Christy! It was a lot of fun doing this post. I’m tickled pink that my drawings are improving!
      Sending sunshine and hugs!!! ❤

  7. Oh, girls, WOW!!!!! Resa, Shehanne, what a beautiful colab. It’s wonderful to see such talents together! Chapeau to both! Resa… my goodness, your Art Gowns …ahhhhh…. sigh!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

    1. Marina!!!
      My chapeau to you thanks you for this wonderful and supportive comment!
      Right….my drawings are getting better. I’m so thrilled.
      I don’t know where I’d be without the Art Gowns Models, PBH, RR and Boogapony to inspire me!

  8. Resa??? Your gowns are the best xxxxx Marina chapeaux off on off on and then xxxxxxxxxxxxx to you.( Resa, do we get into dancing here?. What do you think ?? ) Seriously? Marina, the art gowns are just the beyond best. xxxx

    1. Yes… yes! DANCE!
      Let me just trim my corn first! 😀 💃🏽
      So, although it’s a bit away, I need a flower choice from you… for Shey, the Art Gowns Model.
      Roses and Wildflowers are taken! xoxoxo

    1. My photograph prints of the latest ‘ladies’ finally arrived … our post is so bad at the moment, I ordered them 2 weeks back.. and they are marvelous. Resa has such talent at capturing so much with one stroke.

      1. What are you talking about? I just gave you a compliment because of your work in the overall post, not in a specific photography, where is your mind going? I have always had a good relationship with you, but this comment of yours….. you do seem you want a fight, and not with me tell you that right now bi..c. Out you go.

        1. Not even you giving you a compliment, the blog is named Resa, who the fuck you think you are you piece of shit, always treated you well and you come with this dumb shit, are you nuts? I was just giving a compoliment to Resa, who the fuck are you to go though all comments and pick mine to antagonize me? Who do you think you are? Told you before, you don´t want to know who I am. Stay Frosty gent…bitch, yes, there goes the word for you being completely taking things out of context and try to making me look bad, why? You have some weird agenda but is cool, no worries, bitches end in ditches. Are you nuts really?

  9. Fabulous post, great to read more about Shehanne and her novels, my Nana loves reading historical none traditional romance novels I’ll forward her the blog. Resa “Loving Lady Lazuli” ❤️

    1. Thank you, Charlotte!

      Lots of fun reading! Hope you are well! I’ll be by soon, I’ve been away from Art Gowns, but have returned to begin plugging in a post.
      Perhaps we should pick up our joint project… only different.
      My sketches are better than they used to be. I have 3 or 4 of you that I quite like.
      We could use a balcony concert or 2.
      I would do the plug at the end for your music at Spotify, etc., just like I advert the books at the end of this post.
      Cheers ❤

        1. Cool! Yeah, the more I draw, the better I do.
          So, Holly and I are working on a tribute to Jimi Hendrix post. We made up this character…Boogapony Holly. I’m drawing that character in Art Gowns to Hendrix music. LOL!
          Anyway, just in the thick of doing that. Once that post is up, I’ll send a message, and we can take it from there!

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  11. Wow, Resa, another fabulous post. Loved the interview and Shehanne’s books sound wonderful. Thank you for introducing her to me. 🙂 Love your gowns, love everything about this!!! You ladies are so talented! 💗

    1. Resa just keeps bringing it on with her posts. They are always amazing, so I feel truly humbled to be here. The questions were such fun to answer. She put such thought into each one. As for the gowns? The devil is in the detail, not just of each gown but all the little things that particular heroine likes and even better, their actual expressions. I don’t know how she does it but she does. Lovely to meet you x

      1. Weldon,my dear shehannemoore!!💕💕Really they all are most lovely because they all are come after kissing the hands of my dear Resa!! I am most happy by reading your comment,❤sending you a lot of love and blessing with love for Resa!!🤗🤗🤗🤗

    1. rResa is so amazing she captures the girls with a stroke of her pen. So now I will put a gown or ball scene in regardless! I wasn’t going to have one in the follow up to Destiny which is finished, I am editing it and nearly done, but I changed my mind! This is very kind of you.

        1. I wanted to write the story of the hero’s sidekick who actually isn’t an undercover exciseman gone rogue. Well…not that we know of shall we say and a woman who just makes a very brief appearance at a distance. So it’s done but just life has been really hectic so I am on the final eidtting stage of the final bit now xx

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