A Tangle of Stars

Dahlings, it’s me, Rene Rosso! Welcome to A Tangle Of Stars!

Tonight’s Stars are Resa (aka One- Eye), and Rebecca Budd. Rebecca did a podcast where she interviewed Resa about her Art Gowns.

I’m sure you’ll want to hear the Podcast, so click on the banner below.

Of course now that One -Eye has had her moment of glory, I am thrilled to tell you that I will be reciting Holly – House of Heart poetry, through Rebecca Budd’s voice. One-Eye is working on the contract.


by Holly Rene Hunter

I’d like to take a special moment to thank Chicklet Poppy © Georgian Carlson for doing my most fabulous “Tangle of Stars” hair-do.

Remember Poppy from a gala fundraiser & show of support  for all victims of rape, sexual abuse and crimes of violence (click above pic for post) where she performed a jazzy ballet with Marina Kanavaki. They wore identical costumes.

Of course Chicklet Poppy had a trial run at The Tangle of Stars hairdo. Look how fabulous I look. Such talent!

That concludes this first ever, most wonderful “A Tangle of Stars”. Tata! See you at the second one!

Rene Rosso character © Resa McConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter

My most heartfelt thank you’s to Rebecca, for having me as a guest on Tea Toast & Trivia

89 thoughts on “A Tangle of Stars

    1. Thank you, Marina! I just had to do something to thank Rebecca!
      I’ve got to say, The pic of you and Chicklet Poppy in identical costumes makes me very happy indeed!! 🤗🤩😂🤣 xoxoxoxo

      1. I loved it too and Chicklet Poppy wears it beautifully!!!!! I’m too proud to speak about mine! 😉
        As you already know I LOVED your interview with Rebecca. Loved listening to your conversation. I had this funny feeling as if I was present!

      2. Dearest Resa – your creativity strengthens our entire community. I am now doing dishes in Velvet Tango in preparation for reciting Holly’s poetry. I was speaking with my mother, Frances, who said she knew exactly what you were talking about when you said “needle in/needle out.” Yesterday was World Kindness Day! I want to thank you especially for your kindness in sharing your insights on TTT. You have a remarkable voice that encourages compassion and hope.

        1. Velvet Tango for doing dishes…. perfect!
          Oh hang on, let me slip into Mademoiselle Emily and go stir the sauce!
          Done, and not one spill on M.E.! (I really did stir the sauce, and added a few ingredients)
          I’m very excited to see/hear which of Holly’s poems you will choose. You do fab videos of the beauty, grandeur and eccentricities of B. C.
          Will you be reciting Holly’s poems to your images?
          Ms. Frances is fab! She as a lot to teach us all.
          Don… he is an unsung hero behind the podcasts. I get It! I never wanted to be in front of the camera, but I loved working behind it. Thank you, Don! He made me sound…. lol…. good.

          1. Don and Frances send their thanks, Resa. You made their day. I have a couple of Holly’s poems that I want to recite. I was also thinking of reciting the poem included in your post. I am thinking of a series of videos/posts that will bridge 2020 and 2021. What better way to end one year and enter another year than with poetry. Hugs and many many thanks.

    2. Marina – your star shines brightly in your amazing art. Your 2020 Calendar was especially meaningful to me during these uncertain days. Chicklet Poppy and you make an awesome team.

  1. Dahlngs, I was over at Tea Toast and Trivia. Thank you Rebecca for sharing this fabulous interview with Resa (aka One Eye). It was such fun but I must admit I teared up a bit and this time not just for attention. Resa is the most gifted, creative, and inspiring ladies ( a killer sense of humor too) that she is a huge success in the field of design is not at all surprising. Still she is filled with compassion and empathy, she is a true joy and I am so fortunate to know her.

    1. I had goosebumps reading your comments, Holly. You have captured the essence of Resa’s compassion. She uses her artistic talents, her time, and gift of storyteller to generate compassionate and positive outcomes. Resa’s sense of humour is the magic and truth that is infused in all she does. It is like Victor Borge said many years ago, “Humor is something that thrives between man’s aspirations and his limitations. There is more logic in humor than in anything else. Because, you see, humor is truth.”

      1. Well said Rebecca, aside from being astoundingly talented Resa has an amazing ability to bring out the sunlight on the darkest of days, witty, clever and just plain fun, she is a treasured friend that I am so grateful for.

    2. My dear Holly,
      Here we go! You say you are fortunate to know me. I say I am fortunate to know you.
      Seems we come out equal on this one. We are each fortunate to know the other.
      I suppose I fell in love with you… in a certain sense, when I read your poetry. You had a book on line somewhere. After reading it, I was hooked.
      We have so much fun creating a world that many enjoy.
      Understand, it all started for us with the Boogapony. After that, It was PBH. Since then, there has been no stopping us!
      Hey…. there needs to be a Boogapony post soon. Remember, I found that graffiti painted car?

      1. That is so true, I love you like roses dear Resa, you are so awesome . We have opened the door to all the incredible worlds of One Eye, RR, PBH, the art models, now we must slip on our Boogapony boots , load up the graffiti car and the models and head out to Haight Ashbury , be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. it will be just like Woodstock. Love you mucho dear one! There’s no end to this adventure.

        1. That’s it!
          The next Boogapony will be a Haight Ashbury adventure.
          Once PBH solves the new AGM insanity, we’re loading up the Pink Painted Car & heading to Woodstock!
          After that, we will drive to Haight Ashbury.
          We’ve got a lot of ground to cover!
          It’s 2 post adventure, at least! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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    1. Thank you, Frank!
      I’m finding drawing to be very relaxing. It helps to enjoy solitary creativity during this strange time we are living through.
      Then it’s fun to share, lots of fun.
      Take care, and look forward to your next Beach Walk!

    1. Thanks Gi!
      Every time I look at Poppy and Marina in the same outfit, I burst out laughing! You’ve done some wonderful Chicklets for my posts. The Mermaids are Aces, and I will try to use them, again!

  3. You’ve got a very good brain, madam, excellent podcast. And well, you know I’d like to try wearing one of these gowns. But probably not best suited to 6 foot geezers, eh? So I’ll buy a dressing gown instead. Bon!

    1. Thank you my dear!
      You and the dressing gowns! Well, if it’s full length, in a vintage silk jacquard/with a solid colour shawl collar & tie belt with fringe….OKAY!

  4. Sigh sigh sigh …. I’ve entered upon the realm of Magic here, Resa. How I enjoyed every star studded moment. The drawings are genius, the podcast LOVED, and Holly’s poem put tears in my eyes. Beautiful! As artists we KNOW how to spin magic and let us all continue to do so. Keep on shining, you Star!!! You ROCK!!! Love to you! MUAH!! xoxoxo

    1. Thank you so very much, Amy! When I look at my early drawings I see how much I’ve improved since I began. So, again, thank you!!
      How awesome that you listened to the podcast!
      You keep on shining, too, dear Amy! & you ROCK! Creativity keeps us sane.
      Sending love back to you! xoxoxoxo

  5. Just listened to the podcast. HEARD YOUR VOICE YES!!!!! It was an amazing interview. Most of all i loved how you talked about gowns being art and they are, needle in, needle out, I could just see you creating these works of art as you spoke there. Thank you ladies for this amazing feature.

  6. Where to start? I can’t. I won’t. It’s all been said. What a fantabulous grouping of powerfully talented and beautiful women. I feel blessed to be a part of it in any, way, shape or form.

  7. Congats on being on Rebecca’s podcast, Resa! I’m listening now and enjoy hearing what your voice sounds like as well as your stories of going to find fabrics and inspiration 😀

    1. Thank you, Christy!
      Uch… my voice!
      Anyway, it does add some humanity to the Gravatar. LOL!
      The Art Gowns have many stories, and you are one of them! 😀 xo

  8. Most amazing style of tangling stars in hair with beautiful gown like an Angel of heaven .Weldon,dear Resa and your friend.💕💕💕magical love of heaven for you both.

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