A Tangle of Antlers

Dahlings! Welcome to A Tangle of Antlers!

I’m Your host Rene Rosso. Today I’m here to celebrate, with you, Marina Kanavaki: her special personal art, her love of all arts & music and passionate caring for all animals on earth.

It all began with Marina’s love of animals. In 2015 an Art Gown “Cecilia Lionheart” (above) was dedicated to Marina. The post was in honour of “Cecil the Lion” who had been killed by a ruthless trophy hunter.

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Later in 2019,  AGM Marina was drawn wearing “Cecilia Lionheart”. Cecilia was made of  repurposed men’s ties from the 1970’s.

Holly – House of Heart sends in this beautiful poem of nature, in tribute to Marina.

I just love costume changes! So now let’s all change to Marina’s art. Art Gowns is the proud owner of 2 of Marina’s paintings. On the left is “Atom Sea #9” . On the right is “Atom Flowers #15”.






Combining both paintings, Art Gowns has created a gown titled “Hera #1” Not only is Hera a Goddess (like Marina) but it is the name of her most beloved puppy dog.

One way Marina expresses her thoughts is through photography. I’m especially intrigued by a series of photos she titled “Earth Nerve Network”.

 The above Art Gown is inspired by this series. Click on the pic & go to Marina’s photography page & find 9 Nerve Networks there!

I’ve taken us all down Marina Memory Lane here, so let me finish up with this beautiful song “Remember” by Lauren Daigle.  I adore her version below.

Rene Rosso character © Resa McConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter

A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO IRIS! Iris (© Georgiann Carlson) not only helped to make my gowns, but did my “Antlers” hair-do, and made the “Antlers” headdress.

AGMs Marina and Holly model Art Gowns inspired by nature.

186 thoughts on “A Tangle of Antlers

  1. This is delightful in every way possible.
    Marina absolutely deserves the spotlight!
    Beautiful, fabulous, gorgeous!
    And Rene Rosso is the perfect hostess!
    And as far as accompanying music? Perfection.

    1. Thank you dear Thunder!
      I’m very fond of Marina. You are right! She does deserve a spotlight.

      I’m fond of many out here in blog world.
      I am particularly enamoured by the AGMs. All you gals are so fab, letting me draw you and turning you all into “Gowntoons”
      RR & I are thinking of doing more “Tangle” posts. The future will tell. In the meantime, I’ve done 1 drawing for the finale of the Chicago Adventure! I can hardly wait for you all to see your Picasso inspired Art Gowns!

      1. My pleasure, Sorceress!
        With good reason. Why wouldn’t you be fond of Marina?
        I, for one am thrilled to have somehow ended up a “Gowntoon”!
        Oooh! Love that you and RR are thinking of that. I shall be patient.
        Can’t wait to see the Picasso inspired gowns. Woot!

          1. Here’s a basket of flowers and the worlds best chocolates ( whose name I can’t think of right now). A doggie bow for Hera and of course lots of ear flowers 🌸 too! Bushels of love dear one!

              1. I know right?!!!! Of course there’s Teuscher too… if you feel like gaining a little more!!!! I wonder if they do any non dairy versions…. [yes, it’s been that many years!!! 😋🙄]

              2. I understand! I rarely eat chocolates. Firstly, I’m not a chocoholic. Second there’s the dairy issue. I do make chocolate toast once in awhile. I use bakers chocolate. It’s hard as a rock (break your teeth), but there is no sugar or dairy in it.
                I put some sunflower oil, a square of the chocolate per toast slice and some maple syrup or honey. (although honey…. again, we are stealing from insects… which counts too!)
                When it’s all hot and melty, I spread it on toast (or un-toasted bread). Delicious! Tastes like a chocolate croissant!!!!!!

              3. We will have to jog after downing the afternoon watching soaps and eating Godivas. Hera will need to come with of course, don’t forget her flower. 🌸🌹🌷🌺🥰🐾🐾❤️❤️

          1. No need to recover. We’ll find other reasons to pump it up! As for the spelling, it’s optional 😉 Marc write Muah, I write Mwah and you Mouah! All good, I say!

  2. Timothy Price

    This is such a wonderful post and Marina is so well deserving of the attention from you and Holly. Marina has a great sense of art and beauty as she finds beauty in the simplest of things, hears music where many hear little more than noise, and she is very sensitive to all life around her.

    1. Thank you, dear Tim! Holly and I have been working on this for awhile.

      Marina is a true beauty, in all senses of the word. I’ve always been fascinated with her art, be it with canvas and paint, or her camera.
      I share her love of animals, and she has put herself out there with some of her art.
      Hey, she’s got me listening to classic music, and I’m learning so much about classic artists.
      She’s a gem!

          1. Timothy Price

            They sure do. But you can’t discount yourself. Just the thought you, your art, your music and your puppy dog makes me smile. I believe I can speak for all the AGMs as well.

    1. Janet!
      No suspenders! I have double sided tape and other wardrobe trix up my sleeve!

      I love drawing all these gowns, so why am I getting commissions to draw monsters? I made decent $ doing a pencil drawing of Frankenstein’s head.
      Now, 2 different people have commissioned me to draw Count Dracula. Well, might as well make a few extra $$$!

  3. Resa, you never fail to outdo yourself. Every time I think you can’t top what you’ve already done, you do it again. Just wonderful and the dog is adorable. Music, poetry and gorgeous gowns. Perfection. ❤

    1. Burping Old Fool = BOF
      You have more acronyms than an acronym!

      Still, you paid me a compliment…Thank you! blush … I have gotten a lot better at drawing. Of course my main thing is drawing gowns, then PBH super hero outfits, then Go-Go outfits for Boogapony.

      This must be why I had a commission to draw Frankenstein’s head, and now 2 commissions to draw Count Dracula. I may have a future drawing monsters. -Resa

      1. I’m told that I’m a monster yet I’d rather be a ‘super hero’ if the truth be told. Then again, Vlad the Impaler was a nice old man. I understand I take after him in looks. I shall have to commission you along the way, young Artist Resa. Regards, A Fading Nutter of an Old Fool

        1. AFNOF
          lololol! Too, bad I can’t draw men. It seems I can draw women and monsters. It’s a gift, I guess.
          Hey…after the pandemic is over, and I’m not afraid to go to the post office, I can send you an Art Gown drawing. Why not? You sent me books!

          1. What a splendid kind thought. I…indeed ‘we’…would love some of your artwork. As I’ve mentioned previously, your work has a certain panache that outshines the others within your genre. Over the years of blogging we have a few drawings gifted our way, and they all hold pride of place. Rest assured, whatever content…save for pictures including mass murders, thuggery or toenails…you might send, when this virus is dead and done with, your Art Gown drawing will own our lounge. My thanks, young Resa. Regards, The Old Fool of Blighty

            1. Dear TOFOB
              No worries, I have never drawn toenails.
              I do however, have a photo of my feet where my toes are drawing on a heart shaped Etch-a-Sketch. I regret to say, there are toenails visible. Yet, they are painted.
              I’ll have to find that darn pic!

              1. Nought wrong with painted toenails, notwithstanding the fact they wouldn’t suite me. Shirl often has black painted toenails. Many years back I felt compelled to ask were her black toenails the bruises born of a steamroller running across her feet. My question was an innocent one of general concern. However, in that regard yet she still let her clenched fist strike my temple! Anyhow…this is true…in a pub in Devon (Devon being where we used to live) I met an almost one-dimensional man who had been runover by a steamroller…surely an impossible thing. Steamrollers only go at 5mph at best. I asked him how he’d managed to get squished thus. His riposte, “I was eating a huge ‘candyfloss on a stick’ and lost my bearings.” Regards, The Old Fool, yet to be run over by a steamroller.

  4. Resa this is absolutely beautiful. I adore Marina, she is a work of art and she deserves a tribute this amazing, and only you can create something so gorgeous.
    Her art work is so lovely I would gladly cover my walls with it! Hera is at her most regal with a poinsettia behind her ear , those big brown eyes knock me out. And our awesome Marina, I haven’t the words to express my admiration and love for her.
    I think she knows I adore her… and you my sweet friend and partner in crime. Great song selection.
    Sending love to you both.

    1. My dearest Holly,

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart to help making this post a reality…. this dream come true.
      Your praise does mean a lot to me. I believe it is a vice versa thing.
      Marina is such a wonderful person. You understand, it takes one to know one.
      Hera, the beauty she is, is a must be in this post. Marina loves her beyond words.

      The song selection was very difficult. Each song you submitted for the post brought me to tears.
      As far as the “partners in crime” goes ….. you didn’t mention that bank job to anyone?
      😉 xo 👯‍♀️🍷🎼🎨🔥😉 xo 👯‍♀️🍷🎼🎨🔥😉 xo 👯‍♀️🍷🎼🎨🔥

      1. It’s a gift to be included in this dear Resa. I’m awed as you go through your layer upon layer production. Your gift of design makes it all happen and it’s amazing to watch it all come together. So, the pleasure is all mine to be a part. The bank job is never to be spoken of. We would not do well on the pokey. ❤️

            1. I’m not good in stripes, either. And ef that ship about orange being the new black.
              Anyway, I don’t think they’ll let us wear gowns in the hokey pokey, and they’ll probably make us vacuum and do dishes and stuff. UCH! ❦👯‍♀️❦

              1. Right, but I think we’re okay! Marina seems to be the only one who caught our slip up, and she’s taken a vow of “Mums the word”!

    2. You and your partner in crime have really made a job of bringing me to tears first thing in the morning! I am overwhelmed by your kindness, generosity, talent and more than anything… love. I adore you too, but you know that! ❤️🤗❤️

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  6. Well done, Resa! This is a brilliant use of old neckties. I once saw a mini skirt made from them, but you’ve gone lightyears beyond that. And Holly’s poem is lovely. Thank you for sharing your beautiful drawings with us. Throughout my teens I enjoyed drawing and designing fashions, but my sketches were never half as good. This entire post is exquisite. Hugs on the wing.

    1. Thank you dear Teagan!
      There are so many comments, I get lost in all the chit chat. I LOVE the CHIT CHAT!
      Still, I get lost, and have to keep combing to find what I missed.
      The repurposed ties are truly not a new idea, but def making a gown out of them might be. I’m ramping up the use of anything to make an Art Gown. I’m currently saving all that plastic mesh they use to make fruit and veggie bags. I saw pics of birds with their beaks caught in the mesh, and it said they starved to death, because they couldn’t open their beaks to eat.
      Garbage to gowns, I say! {{{Hugs}}}

    1. Thank you so much, Diana!
      Marina is one of my first followers, and we’ve never looked back.
      Hera is Marina’s baby girl. We all adore her! Your comment is lovely, and much appreciated! xo

    1. Thank you dear Cindy!

      We’re just being supportive, and having some fun. We need more good times in this most strange of times. Marina will model Autumn Orchid. I have a LOT of drawing to do! ❦

    1. It’s a load of fun drawing all the AGMs. Holly, Marina, Dale, Gi and Shey.
      What great sports. They let me turn them into “Gowntoons”.

      Frank, don’t take this the wrong way, but you would not look good in any dress.
      You can try to prove me wrong, but for now, I’ll stand my ground.

      I doubt that you have a Beach Walk Reflections about gowns coming up, but I can always hope.

    1. Thank you dear Dan!
      How does everyone else stay on top of comments and visiting everyone?

      I’ll be by to catch up soon. After all, I have a lot of drawing to do before I post here again.
      Then, after the wind up of the last PBH adventure, I’ll be on to drawing the new adventure.
      Do you have something in the dragon’s lair for VAMPIRES???

      1. Hyperion

        Hi Resa! I’m slipping on keeping up. I don’t remember what day it is half the time or to check my WP. The Dragons have good relations with vampires being able see through their darkness to the goodness that begs release. We can make a vampire into a good citizen again with a touch of dragon alchemy.

  7. Resa – you have a way of colouring and brightening our world with your glamour and sophistication. I always feel like I am sitting in the front row of a fashion runway where the AGM’s float across the floor and sprinkle their fairy dust of hope, compassion, and friendship. Rene Rosso orchestrates magic and Holly adds an ephemeral wisdom with her words…”My breath is but a whisper in this sacred place that offers everything and asks for nothing.”

    1. Thank you so much, Rebecca!
      You always write the best comments.

      The poem is just simply beautiful.
      When Holly mailed it to me, I knew after 1 read that it would be “A Tangle of Antlers”.
      I’m so excited about the next fashion show! I’ve got a theme (Picasso)
      Of course you’ll be Art Directing, and it’s going to be marvellous! {{hugs}}

  8. Imagine waking up to such a ‘post’ and realizing your two beloved friends created such a heartwarming tribute. Or maybe I am still dreaming, the most beautiful dream and haven’t woken yet. Overwhelmed, overjoyed and touched beyond words.
    Thank you sounds too plain and poor. I am moved by your kindness, love and generosity. Resa and Holly, I love you guys! You made me all sobby!!!!! Love you to the Moon and back!
    Resa… I adore you and I adore your work. Cecilia Lionheart left me speechless when I first saw it and guess what, still does! Your drawings are just amazing! Hera #1 and Earth Nerve Net Art Gowns are just incredibly beautiful! WOW!!!!!!
    Holly…. my sweetest sweetest friend, you know what a huge fan of your poetry I am, so imagine my excitement reading this. Your words always weave joy to my heart, as do you.
    In short[!], you dear ladies, have made me pretty emotional! With -2ºC and snowing outside, I can’t feel any cold thanks to you! 😉
    Sending you two hugs [the hugest] hugs and kisses and L O V E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Dearest Marina,

      It was a lot of fun doing this post with Holly. It is very rewarding knowing that it moved you. It was meant to, because we love you.
      So it all began when Holly sent me the poem. When I read it, I could see the post… “A Tangle of Antlers”.

      Personally I am thrilled with how Hera #1 & Earth Nerve Net Art Gown came out. They go beyond Art Gowns, as they are more representational of your art & my art. Kind of a neat fusion.

      Hera is a beauty, and I’m thrilled she was here to help us all celebrate you. Sobby… well I think Hera had something to do with that. You are just one “L” away from slobby, which leads to slobbery, which is a Hera kiss! I’ll get he sponges! 🧽🧽🧽🧽

      Finally, please don’t mention the bank job to anyone. Holly and I let it slip. 😉🙃

      Sending more love back to you, than you sent to me!

      1. Okay…. now you got me in tears again… both kind,
        …”bank job”😂🤣😂😂🤣… yes, don’t worry, no mention!!!!!!!😂🤣😂😂🤣😂😂🤣
        and I know I’m just an L away and believe me, I’m not too far from learning the barkish language. I’m sure you know what I woofmean, meowdon’t you?!!
        I was also thrilled with your Hera #1 & Earth Nerve Net Art Gown and it’s really moving how a little insight gave you wings in creating them so beautifully!
        I am forever grateful to you two girls. You are the sweetest and really, the spotlight ought to be on you for this.
        More love
        and many many more hugs [don’t compete… mine are endless! 😉 ]

        1. LOL….. yes, it’s true, I speak cat.
          Yeah, drawing the 2 gowns was a unique experience.I’m very pleased with the outcome.
          Alright, I can’t compete with endless so I’ll just say: xoxoxoxox to the end of our solar system! 🙃

    1. Thank you dear Shey! This was a fab post to work on.

      AGM Report:
      (lol) final ep. of the Chicago adventure – all AGMs get Picasso inspired gowns.
      New Art Gown 70% done
      Next New adventure of PBH is a bit away, but I’ll email you my idea for it, as you have a special role.
      I’m surely doing my review of His Judas Bride before I get all that done that.
      Sending love!

        1. It’s been dark here for days. I have a pencil drawing to send you, but I just need a sunny day to take the pic, before colouring it in… or whatever I decide to do. Of course your Cottonwood tree will be in the story, as well.
          Also, as you know, I have a small stash of AGM Shey drawings, ready for use when needed.

    1. Thank you Merril!
      I can’t seem to draw men, so Art Gowns will have to remain an ode to women.
      It’s so much fun celebrating us gals!
      I adore men, but darn, I can’t seem to draw them.

  9. The dog is as awesome as the gown, I must say. Also, [insert standard comment about how I want to wear the gown].

    I hope that doggy hosts an excellent tea party one day, with everyone in fabulous gowns.

    Ee ba gum. Is it cold in Canada?

    1. Thank you dear ‘Oron!
      Re: wearing the gowns… can you walk in high heels?
      It’s a balmy -2 C today. It’ll be colder tomorrow -10 C, but I’ll be forced to go out and do errands. Yuck… to the weather.
      Love to you!

      1. I tried walking in high heels back in Nottingham uni one night out in 2006. Didn’t go too well. I also lost of the lady’s heels, which she wasn’t pleased about.

        If it’s cold, wear a bobble hat.

            1. The bobbles will stick/freeze to my forehead & masks!
              I’ll look like a fool, almost as bad a a Rennie Hat, which should be part of your next look!!!!

  10. Marina’s artwork and photography are gorgeous, so I’m glad to see this spotlight for her! Your generosity and love for others is never lost on me. Keep smiling 🙂 xo

    1. Thank you Inese!
      May 2021 be good to you, as well!

      I’ll make a gown out of anything! I just need enough of it.
      Will you show us more foxes this year? xoxo

      1. Resa, I rang Pat in December. He said that their village was affected by Covid with 10 people in the hospital. He didn’t want me to come. Now we have a lockdown, but the moment I am set free, I will go. Little Gorta is well tamed, potty trained, and I look forward to cuddling with him:)

  11. this is amazing!! the colors, creativity, talent… wow!🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Follow @everythingtips for tips and recommendations if interested! It would mean a lot to me🤍Have a great dayyy!!😁

  12. The Whitechapel Whelk

    None of us on the editorial team know anything about fashion, although we do wear clothes sometimes, so we thought we’d join in if that’s ok?

  13. Hello gorgeous Resa artista, first of all, apologies for my blogging absence, I had some crazy months. I have missed your glorious art amiga, truly! I just absolutely love your creative flair and your specific Resa-way of bringing creative sparkly magic into the world. I absolutely adore the lionheart-dress that you dedicated to your friend Marina in honor of the murdered Lion. Oh my goddess, your art is truly SO beautiful… that Earth-inspired dress is to die for… I hope you have been keeping well? Sending much love y mil abrazos 💕💕💕

    1. No apologies!!!!

      I blog at a slow pace, because, well it takes months to make an Art Gown, and drawing is also time consuming. You and I are not a post a day type people.
      I’m so happy to see you when you come by, and I am thrilled my work brings you some joy.
      We can use more happiness than ever at this time.
      Have you heard anything from Drew? He hasn’t posted in over 2 months. Worrisome.

      Okay Chica, I’m going to do dishes, then draw. I’ll be by later, or tomorrow to visit your blog.
      Take care, dear one! xoxoxoxoxoxo
      love y mil abrazos

      1. Hi lovely, yes I totally agree with you – you and I are not a post a day type people:) Thank you for your beautiful words here! I agree, we can use more happiness than ever at this time. I was in touch with Fiery maybe a month ago or so, and she said Drew was fine/ recovering, but haven´t heard anything since. Thanks again for your wonderful art work:) Much love, take good care, y mil abrazos de vuelta xoxoxox

  14. Honestly, Resa, I don’t know what to say. You just keep on getting better and better. I am in AWE of both your gowns and your drawings. As for the photography ….. hopped on over and perused the posts and definitely worth looking deeper into. Oodles of treasures found on this one post today. I want to give you a standing ovation! Fabulous, Darlin’. Just WOW!!!!

    1. Aww… thank you dear Amy Rose.
      I’m quite happy about my drawings getting better and better.
      Actually, my Art Gowns have gotten better, as well. It seems the more trash I repurpose, the more beautiful treasures they become.
      Thank you for the standing O!!!! Lol!!!
      So great to see you here.
      OH! I finished putting the zipper in today. Once I sew up that seam the rest of the way, I feel confident to say I am 80% done.
      It’s so exciting when an Art Gown is in the home stretch!
      Take care, keep taking pictures and pet your babies for me!

  15. What a gorgeous post and comments to read during lunch. Holly’s poetry is always a delight and I love how you are inspired by your blog friends Resa – a lovely spotlight on Marina. Just makes me smile.

    1. Thank you so much, Charlotte! Marina & Holly & Tim all know that you will be performing the part of Lala! Everyone is thrilled!
      I’m having so much fun with my blog pals. Well, it has allowed my drawing to keep improving!
      Smiles back to you!!!!!!! x

  16. Reblogged this on Marina Kanavaki and commented: Imagine waking up to such a ‘post’ and realizing your two cherished companions made such a inspiring tribute. Or perhaps I am still envisioning, the foremost lovely dream

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