A Tangle of Scribbles

🌹Dahlings, welcome to “A Tangle of Scribbles”!  Rene Rosso here presenting Art Gowns’ third Tangle Tribute to Tim from Off Center Not Even, for his gift of pencils & other art supplies for One-Eye.

 I now hand over the mike to our Art Director Rebecca Budd. Rebecca has single-handedly brought back the fad of Palazzo Pants, aka, “the gown of trousers”.

Good evening! During the great pencil drought of 2021, One-Eye had no other course but to do a line of Art Gowns scribbled in black, blue and red ballpoint pen. It’s an exciting collection, so let’s check out the catwalk.

AGM Marina had the first fitting. Being the artistic type, she chose this wild “Why do I have to draw ballpoint scribble gowns?” venting style.

Although AGM Shey lost weight from all the DracGoth 3 am visits , it was good news during fittings. She was the only one who could get into this one shoulder, side tail, super slim scribble-off.

I’m Thrilled to present our special guest, 🌟Lala LaSwirl🌟! Spokes-Singer for the AIDAS & good….ah..erm… friend of Rene Rosso. Lala really knows how to rock a scribble gown with scribble boa.

AGM Dale goes Hollywood in this snazzy and unsuspected array of thunder scribbles.

Heeeere’s Holly! This sweet AGM chose a back and forth arrangement of scribbling, with scribbled floral accents.

Gigi, the cat’s pyjamas, is an AGM class act. She’s featured here in this asymmetric hip line featuring gradating scribbles skirt, and scribbled hip bow.

🎼 Now,  on to tonight’s music  entertainment! 🎼

Hello dahlings! I’m honoured to be wearing the first scribble gown that was created. Of course it was designed especially for me!

I’m also thrilled to be doing a cover of “The Look Of Love”. My favourite rendition is the one by the most amazing, Diana Krall.

“Unfortunately the red, black and blue ballpoints ran out of ink, just as my gown was being scribbled up.”

“One-Eye was forced to use pink, turquoise and purple gel pens. I just love it! I feel like singing!”

Rene Rosso character © Resa McConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter

Since September, 2019

Rene Rosso, and all of the AGMs welcome Charlotte Hoather – Soprano into our special world of Gowntoons! We want you to know that you can buy Charlotte and George’s  “Songs From Our Balcony” A++++++ album. Just click on  the pic of Charlotte above, and you will be in their shop at Apple!

The AGMs names are the hottest. No kidding! Click on your fave and go visit!

Holly – House of Heart–  Gigi – Rethinking LifeMarina – Art Towards a Happy Day Shey -Smexy Historical RomanceDale – A Dalectable Life

Click on Rebecca, and visit one of her blogs!


The art supply store near me, perhaps the biggest in Toronto, has been a Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard for a year. A high quality pencil is important to me. I mentioned to AGM Holly that I was down to my last low quality pencil, so she & Tim started a swear jar. Within a day they saved enough for Tim to buy me all these pencils!!!! 😉

Tim went beyond the call, and bought me an array of lead types. He sent me red watercolour pencils for RR & PBH’s hair – pink & turquoise for Lala’s upcoming gowns – black, white and ochre, (mine are down to stumps). I got 4 kneaded erasers, 4 pencil stump holders and a special coffee cup, for my coffee when I’m drawing.

Also, since November the shops in Toronto have been closed, except for 2 weeks in March. Things going well, they will reopen with 15% capacity, hopefully in a week tomorrow. I’m sure shelves will still be bare for awhile.

🎨 With this wonderful gift, I will be able to hold out for quite awhile! 🎨

126 thoughts on “A Tangle of Scribbles

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    1. Thank you AGM Dale! It was fun to do. Now I need to buy pens, but I can get those at Shoppers, just about anywhere!
      It’s going to be neat drawing with pencil again. The watercolour pencils feel like they are up next… but one never knows.
      I’ve been trying to draw tartan. What a challenge! xoxoxo
      (Keeps looking like bad plaid, or checks from hecks!)

      1. The results are fantastic. We don’t think, we who don’t art with pens and pencils, what happens during a pandemic and that nothing is available!
        Watercolour pencils. Can’t wait to see how they turn out!
        Buahahaha! Checks from hecks… You kill me…

        1. Yes…. well that tartan is worthy of a lot of respect. One day!
          I still want to do rock’n’roll gowns with motorcycles (Holly’s idea) Motorcycles are also hard to draw.

          1. Oh I hear you. I have a tartan. Well. Not in person but the Rogerson family! One day, I’ll get me a skirt
            I wouldn’t even attempt to draw a motorcycle! But I know you’ll be able to!

            1. Ah, well I’ll have to draw that one on AGM Dale! I’ve got a Tartan Map of Scotland. It’s quite the deal. It illustrates over 90 Tartans, but there are over 1000 surnames and associated Tartans. Still, the map is not 100% complete! My head spins.
              Okay..one day I’ll draw a decent motorcycle, but don’t be surprised if all the AGMs ride the same one! LOL xo

              1. Woot! How cool! My husband was a MacIsaac, part of the MacDonald clan. I can’t remember mine! I have to check.
                Looking forward to your creations!

              2. Okay, I found 3 MacDonald Tartans on the map, MacDonald, MacDonald of Clanranald and MacDonald of Sleet.Thanks for this info. Yours must be tied to one of these.
                Good thing I’m not using this map for driving, I’d be lost!

              3. Okay, that’s the one I will try drawing first.
                I’m fascinated that there is a MacBeth Tartan! Not a Shakespeare fantasy, but a reality.

    2. I agree, Dale, Resa is a Sorceress! You looked the epitome of Hollywood glamour. And I have never looked so slender since I was in my twenties. Love that fairy dust!

  2. Timothy Price

    What a wonderful post, Resa. And as with most creative people, you took the AGM’s fitting to a whole new level of “making do” with black, red and blue ballpoint pens. That is so exciting to see Charlotte join the AGMS. Great musical selections. When Holly told me you were out of pencils, I couldn’t bear the though of you being out of art supplies while locked down under stay at home orders, stores closed and you being tormented 24/7 by the sewer construction. Happy days are hear again! Well, mostly, besides the sewer construction, it sounds like things will start opening up a little bit at a time.

    1. Ach! And yes. Charlotte is a wonderful addition and I shall also thank you, Tim, for supplying our sorceress with drawing materials!!

    2. Tim, I can’t thank you enough!
      There’s no construction work this weekend…YAY!!!!!
      I’m excited to do a pencil/watercolour pencil collection.
      I’m going to try some more tartan. I thought it would be easy…. BUT NOT! Still I’ll try, and if I get frustrated, I’ll go on to another theme. One day it will all be figured out.
      Charlotte picked her song!
      Holly picked RR’s song! She always does.
      Yes, things seem to be getting better. Construction has moved to the other side of the intersection, so the backhoe and steroid fed jackhammer aren’t as loud. Still, the EVAC machine is being parked under my windows.

    3. Tim – you continue to inspire me with your ability to know how to bring out the best of a situation. Those pencils will create many memorable moments. I agree – it is wonderful to have Charlotte join the AGMS. I hear her music coming through the WIFI!

      1. Timothy Price

        Resa will create many wonderful and memorable moments with the pencils. Plus now she can make use of all her pencil stubs, also.

  3. My dear Resa – You have given me the greatest honour of being the Art Director of the Art Gowns Fashion Shows. The AGMS are brilliant, sassy, vibrant, talented – they live life in bold colours. You have created a space where glamour, music, friendships flourish and grow. We share moments of celebration. We empathize when there are difficult times. There is a sense of belonging that builds hope and resilience within our souls. Thank you Tim and Holly for the “swear jar” – so easy to save money that way, isn’t it? Resa – you have plenty of fairy dust (this is powerful magic) when you created The Art Director in Palazzo Pants, aka “the gown of trousers.” I have never looked so amazing. How did you know I just purchased new glasses that look exactly – I kid you not – like the ones I am wearing as the art director.

    1. What a dizzying array of comments. I don’t know what/who I’m answering sometimes. LOL!
      I had you pegged as an Art Director early on. You were mentioned as Art Director in an earlier AG post, but it wasn’t until I drew you, that you came to a life…of sorts.
      Tim and Holly did me proper with their worrying about me running out of pencils.
      Dale’s been throwing fairy dust at me for a couple of years now.
      It’s all so exhilarating!
      Yes, the gown of trousers. Hopefully no one will call then grousers! Arrrggghhh!
      I’ve always seen you in cat eye glasses. Obviously, you do too!
      I’m getting me some. I have a pair, but they are on their last legs.
      xoxo – HUGS

  4. I am drawn into your scribbles mesmerized by their beauty. Oh, Resa, you are the Sorceress* of our hearts! I’m so proud to be part of all fabulous AGM’s [welcome Charlotte!] and adore my scribbles Gown! Tim & Holly, thank you both for the swear jar and Tim, what a gesture!
    Our heroine deserves all the love in the world!
    Mouah + love + hugs + love ….and tail wags with slobbery kisses [you didn’t think Hera would stay away, did you?!]
    *well, said, Dale!

    1. I wasn’t finished!
      AGM Marina,thank you for this beautiful comment!
      I adore you all so much… in my mind I’m something like Hera!
      It’s so great that Charlotte is joining in our insanity. You know, she came up with the name “Gowntoons”. I love it!

      1. Gowntoons sounds fantastic! Great name, Charlotte! 😉😘
        I adore you too and I know all of us AGMs. You make us glow with your amazing magical hands!

  5. I agree with Rebecca this post is a shot of fairy dust. I love the turquoise opera gloves Lala wears, they have a harlequinesque sense to them with the purple and red jewels on the gown. It makes me think of Zerbinetta who is a flamboyant artist from Richard Strauss’s opera Ariadne Auf Naxos.
    I’m so pleased to read you got a rest from the building work this weekend. The other gowns sparkle class and eloquence. ‘The Scribble’ effect makes me think of Kandinsky.

    1. Dear Charlotte,
      I’m so happy you are here! I’m thrilled that you see a Zerbinetta opera costume in your performance costume here. What a compliment!
      I remember drawing you in other opera costumes, but I wasn’t as good at drawing then. I will go back for a retry! This could be great for upcoming Art Gowns shows!
      I also hope you like the one Lala wears in the fashion show, where you wear black, red and blue scribbles, like the other gals in the Kandinsky look. Another massive compliment! I know the 2 Lala’s here today are not as consistent as some of my drawings of the other AGMs have become. Over time, I will get better!
      I hope your brother, who called you Lala as children enjoys this post!
      I know you are an opera soprano, but you rock!
      Resa xoxo

  6. Woooooooooohooooo! What a fabulous post. I LOVE it and I’m so happy you have more art supplies. I didn’t realize you ran out and the shops were closed or out of everything.

    The gowns are gorgeous and I’m so honored and happy to be part of this ongoing fantasy. It’s so exciting and I LOVE my gown. Everyone looks beautiful and together we are a force with which to be reckoned.

    This is truly so much fun and the artwork is just wonderful. I can’t thank you enough, Resa. Lots of love and gratitude. Thank you and know that we’re better than the Bond Girls. They should look so good. ❤

    1. I’m thrilled to have more art supplies!
      Otherwise, how would I keep drawing this ongoing fantasy?
      Ahh… the “Art Gowns as a Force to be Reckoned With”.
      Love it!
      Bond girls… pffft! They can’t touch you guys!
      Love ya!
      xoxo ❤

    1. I’m so happy Charlotte said she would play Lala! I adore drawing her. Every song Charlotte sings, is my fave version of that song. Lol! Did you hear Danny Boy?
      It takes me a bit of time to recover.
      Thank you so much Trent!
      I’m the world’s most haphazard blogger. I seldom use the Reader. I like going for a visit. You’ve been at the top of my list for days, but I spent all my time drawing. LOL!
      See you soon!

    1. Ah, Merril, yes the epitome of glamour.
      I did dishes soon after posting this.
      Tim is a gem! It was very thoughtful of him. He also sent it via the post office. I can’t/won’t order online. The delivery guys leave the parcels on my front step. I live at a busy streetcar stop/exchange. Might as well just toss it up for grabs. I can hardly wait to use these supplies!

  7. Dahling One Eye, you are truly a sorceress, not that you need sorcery as you are incredibly gifted, brilliant, and beautiful. Thank you for putting those gifts to work for us,
    you have no idea how special you make us feel. I am sending much love and thanks to Timothy for opening the swear jar and coming to the rescue with those fabulous art supplies. LaLa ‘s gorgeous voice is a delight to listen to and I’m completely blown away by it. The AGM’s are magnificent and you have made them so, but you are the shining star. You are loved and appreciated.
    Holly, RR, PBH, Boogapony

    1. Funny you should say that, because you guys inspire me. Without that, would there be AGMs, Rebecca Budds, Lalas?
      I’ve never conquered drawing men, except ‘Oron as a yellow thingmabob.
      OH… and monsters like Frankenstein & Dracula.
      I should try and draw men, then I could draw Tim…. but I must learn to draw a motorcycle first!
      I’ve always loved your idea of an Art Gowns motorcycle/Rock’n’Roll post.
      You know, without you there would be no PBH. I remember when I did the comic books post and we gagged in comments…. and it turned into PBH. Of course we needed an alter ego, and came up with RR.
      RR was the segue to all of the posts with AGMs.
      Crazy how one thing leads to another.
      Now, I not only have Holly(AGM+), RR, PBH & Boogapony, but I have my best Meece, ever!
      Love Ya!
      xoxoxoxoxoxo ❤ xoxoxoxoxo

      1. It’s so fun to look back at how Boogapony ( absolutely genius by the way) evolved into AGM’s with all the amazing bloggies decked out in your gorgeous gowns. You are the kindest most generous ( not to mention gorgeous ) lady I know and you spread sunshine wherever you go ( even down dark alleys). You make me laugh out loud and smile so much . Maybe we’ll all take that motorcycle trip out to Vegas and do a Rock concert out there , a leather and lace thing. 🤗thank you Meeces, you’re the cats PJ’s. xoxoxo ❤️xoxoxo

        1. I know. We were cracking up in comments, next thing we created a character.
          Well, one crack up led to another character.
          SO, I’ve just got to do the Motorcycle Rock’n’Roll Art Gowns. I can do the gowns.
          It’s the motorcycles.
          Hmm… Idea. send you a mail tomorrow!
          Yes, I have my PJ’s on!
          Meece xoxoxo

  8. They are all so wonderful. Thank you for sharing, Resa! I wish to be a women, and be able to wear at least one of them, in real. 😉 Enjoy a wonderful week, and excuse another delay in revisiting! Michael

    1. Never worry about when or how often you visit. You are always welcome, and I am always happy to see you! ❦❦
      Thank you for your lovely comment!

  9. Oh my darling, you have outdone yourself. I thought when i saw Rebecca looking splendiferous we were all in for a treat and we WERE. Love, love, LOVE them all and wiped away a tear when I thought of your supplies. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Dear AGM Shey,
      Thank you! I love drawing you and the rest of the gals!
      It’s so fulfilling.
      This poundemic has ravaged my waistline, and pillaged, then closed our stores.
      Things are opening up a bit this weekend. I might go to the art supply store next week, but I’m sure it will be Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard.
      Still, I intend to buy as much 11X14 paper as I can… if they have any. I over bought in March, so I still have 2 hidden pads.
      Of course you wiped away a tear! You are a romantic mush head. That’s one of the reasons I adore you!

  10. This was such a lovely treat. I enjoyed every gown, dialogue and I love Diane. Three cheers for Timothy what a very kind thing for him to do. Not surprising though as he is a kind and talented fellow indeed. So glad you got some supplies. Yea!!!!! Brilliant show!!!!

    1. Thank you Joni!

      Tim was a BIG dear to send me the supplies. He is wonderful!
      I love drawing these make believe Art Gowns.
      I think I’ve adored gowns my entire life. Why should only rich people get to wear them to fancy events? (Brides & graduations excluded)
      So, I have Art Gowns for the rest of us! Gowns all day, every day!
      I love making them, too! They take about 4-6 months each to make. It’s my Zen time!
      Be well!

        1. ❤️🤗❤️🤗
          I’ve made 26 Art Gowns. I call them Art Gowns because they are made out of recycled fabrics.. repurposed items, found items, old curtains, anything that is not new.
          It just has to look good!
          I embellished one gown with 300 wine corks!

            1. 😀 I think a lot of people can embrace this idea. 6 years ago, when I began… I think many would NOT want to wear a treasure made of trash, but I believe it’s an idea whose time has come. Thank you!!!!!!

              1. Absolutely I agree. I have been recycling clothing my whole life and I am the woman in our church where women ask where on earth did I find this or That. Once in Seattle I got a beautiful Pendleton red wool suit for .25 cents. It was a $300.00 suit. So I say there has never been a better time. Your so talented at your designs, they are beautiful. Hugs 🤗 Joni

    1. Ohhh, I like that song!
      Thank you!

      FIAAAHH – by the Ohio Players
      “When you’re hot you’re hot, you really shoot your shot”

  11. Glad to read that things are going to be opening up a bit soon and also that your secret source came through with the art supplies!! That’s a true friend. I like the pink, turquoise and purple dress and am always happy to see a post from you so I can relish all the lovely gowns and sassy talk.


    1. Lol! Thanks, Janet!
      Tim is a real sweetheart! I can’t thank him enough!
      I’m excited to begin drawing the next series of Art Gowns. However, I’ll spend a tad of time trying to draw a motorcycle. It’s been a dream to do a series w/ Rock’n’Roll Art Gowns w/motorcycles. Then I can ramp up the sass!!!!!
      Anyway, I’ll try for a bit…..

  12. This one cracked me up, Resa: “she chose this wild “Why do I have to draw ballpoint scribble gowns?” venting style.” Lol. Wonderful gowns. I love the doodling. You’re so talented and loads of fun. 😀

    1. I was wondering if anyone would catch that?!
      I thought it was funny.
      I think most people just like to look at the pics, which is totally cool by me!
      Fun… I worked really hard in my career. I’m all about fun now that I’m semi-retired. 😀
      Thank you for your visits and lovely words! xx

  13. Thank you for the two moments of fun listening to Diana Kroll and Charlotte Hoather; I am under the spell of your creations and have a weakness for “GIGIG”… What does the AGM class mean,
    Very kindly.

    1. Hello Jean Daniel!
      Pardon me for the late reply. I have been on my other blog for awhile.
      I have come back here to make a new post, with new drawings.
      I am thrilled my creations have cast a spell on you!
      AGM = Art Gowns Model
      All of my models, including GiGi, are actual women I have met out here in blog world on WordPress.
      I admire them all, and they have inspired me to draw.
      Here is GiGi’s blog! https://gigisrantsandraves.wordpress.com

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