Frida Kahlo – for Gigi

From Resa & Holly – House of Heart.

It all began with a post displaying some of Frida’s clothing. Gigi dedicated that post to me. Click on the pic below, and visit Frida’s costumes.

I told Gigi I was going to draw Frida, and style an outfit for her, in her spirit. This was met with resounding enthusiasm. Having never drawn Frida, I began with a black & white photo.

Done in pencil: while listening to TBURB (The Band Under Resa’s Bed), not caring how much erasing, how many hand smudges on the page, or caring about scribbling.

When I showed the drawing to Holly, she loved it, and also adored the idea of a special post for Gigi. She sent me a poem she had written about Frida. I love the poem. I was very inspired by it, and the photos of Frida that Holly had chosen. Now we were in this together.

If you click on Holly’s poem, you will transport to the original post, with some history of Frida and Nickolas Muray, and the poem.

Then a colour study of Frida was in order. I’m not a portrait artist, but did my best.

Next, a theme was needed for the drawing, and the outfit. As Holly was in this, AGM Holly became the experimental model, to try things out on. The drawing below was the winner.

A rough up in pencil was made.

Now, it was time for the drawing. I was quite nervous. A few lines, a tad of colour , it happened over many days. Well. you see the outcome. If it was not for Holly’s poem and pics, I would have made the shawl black. This is so much better.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Gigi has done enough Frida posts, that there is a Frida Category on her blog. Click on the pic above and go to the category page, where you can view all or any of the Frida posts.

Here is Paloma Negra sung by Chavela Vargas. This song was used in the movie FRIDA.

According to some of my research Frida loved painting by music. This was one of her favorite popular Mexican songs that she painted by. It was not in the movie.

Click on the above to read the article.

Thank you for joining Art Gowns, Holly and Gigi on this fascinating Frida Kahlo experience!

140 thoughts on “Frida Kahlo – for Gigi

    1. I really like the black and white…pencil, as well. I felt very free doing that. I had no limitations, just go with the music. Seems we both like drawing to music. Perhaps that is part of the spirit of her I captured.

  1. Timothy Price

    Your drawings are so fantastically gorgeous. Such wonderful concepts coming to fruition. I have to agree with Shey that this post is Epic. Your drawings are becoming so incredible. I just love them.

    1. Aww, Thank you, Tim!
      I do think I’ve improved a lot since I began drawing for my blog.
      It was exciting to make the post. Frida is quite inspiring, I just had to do my own Frida.

      Odd, I changed browsers because of wierdness on my blogs. Hopefully that has gone away, but now in this new browser(FireFox) I can’t see the cursor in the comments box. I’m almost typing blind.

              1. Timothy Price

                My FF is cursing quite well. When was the last time you restarted you computer. If you memory manager is whacked out you can get all kinds of weirdness.

              1. Timothy Price

                Happy you can curse again. When all else fails restart. After a computer has been running a longtime, background processes can hang taking up too much memory.

  2. Pingback: Frida Kahlo – for Gigi — Art Gowns (I am overwhelmed by this wonderful post from Resa and Holly. It’s so beautiful and I am incredibly grateful for all their work and especially for their generous friendship–thank you so much, I’m ho

  3. I hardly know what to say. This is so wonderful, generous and fantastic. I can never thank you enough. You and Holly are such gifts in my life. You are sweet, kind and amazingly giving, and I’m wondering how I am lucky enough to have you both for friends. The art work is perfect and the poem is beautiful. It’s such an honor to have this post dedicated to me. I know all the work that went into it, the drawings and thought, the poem and transfer of information. I’m so grateful. Thank you. It means so very much to me. ❤

    1. Dear Gi,
      Thank you for inspiring these drawings and this Art Gowns special, with your Frida posts.
      Holly and I adore you!
      Seems we are all in creative cahoots!

      1. I don’t know how I lucked out and ended up with friends as wonderful as you two, but I’m so very grateful. Thank you for the most incredible gift. ❤ and yes, I think we are in cahoots. Definitely. LOL

  4. What a wonderfully special post ladies and oh, Resa your drawings are… delicious. I’m in love with the portrait!!!! Wow, such beauty and color and love in one post! Love to all three ladies and a special hug to Resa (you get extras from Hera too!)

    1. Aww, thank you, Marina!
      It was a great experience to draw Frida. I see her differently than she saw herself. I adore her self portraits, but I think she was hard on herself.
      Lots of satisfying fun doing this post!
      Love you dahling! AGM fashion show up next!
      Ahh, hugs from Hera! Alrighty, I won’t need the sponges!
      Hugs back to our pretty puppy!
      xoxoxoxo 🧡💜💚🌺⚘🌻🌷⚘🌺💚💜🧡 xoxoxoxo

      1. Wrong…. you need ships of sponges, because she never stops sending her slobbery kisses!!!!!!!
        Can’t wait for the show!!!!!!!!!

          1. Oh dear indeed…. she’s uncontrollable!!!!!!

  5. Dear Resa, this is a beautiful tribute to Frida and to our amazing Gigi! It seems we are all intrigued by the life and talent of Frida, I’ve been following Gigi’s post on her artwork and extraordinary life. Your gowns are beautiful and you’ve absolutely touched on the true essence of Frida Kahlo. The music is perfection.
    Gigi, my lovely friend, thank you for all the insight and history of FK that you’ve shared with us , it’s been wonderful finding her art and quotes at your blog. I’m sending lots of love to you and Resa. This is amazingly beautiful . ❤️

    1. Dahling Holly!
      Thank you so much for being part of this post, which through Frida’s inspiration has once again pushed my drawing to new areas.
      Your poem is delicious and I did not know about Nicholas Muray, so that was a cool tidbit!
      AGM Holly was perfect for helping me gain a direction for the one drawing of Frida that I did not copy.
      I feel like with this post and the links to you and Gi, we have a nice little Frida catalogue going on here.
      Much love to you dear Meece! LOTS of love! xoxo ❤

      1. I think Frida’s life deserves cataloguing , such an intrigue and yet an open book to explore. You have done her justice here, your art continues to open so many exciting doors, past and present. Thank you dear Meece and hats off to Gi for inspiration!
        Love and hugs 🤗🐭🐭❤️

        1. Yeah… Frida was quite unique. I adore the way she dressed. No fast fashion there.
          I just want to keep drawing!
          OH, I’m getting another art commission! LOL! Another monster…Oh well, he pays well!
          HUGS!!!! xxxxx 🤗🐭🐭❤️

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  7. Fantastic post, Resa–art, photos, poetry, art gowns. . . such talent and a lovely collaborative effort. Of course, Frida is a great subject. She was so talented, and her life was so interesting–we was definitely unique.

    1. Thank you, Merril!
      It’s fun collaborating. Yes, Frida is a unique study. I did not use one of her self portraits, as I see her difeerently. I believe she was hard on herself.
      I must see the movie!

  8. “When I showed the drawing to Holly, she loved it, and also adored the idea of a special post for Gigi. She sent me a poem she had written about Frida.” – I was hoping this would read, “She became furious and transformed into a dragon and invaded England.” But still. Glad she liked it.

    1. Hmm…. Invaded England… I dunno? Dragon?
      Where do you get this stuff? I do a beautiful post and you’re hoping for dragons and invasions. AND if Holly did turn into a dragon, would she be able to turn back into her gorgeous self?
      Would the dragon have long beautiful hair?

      1. The Holly/dragon hybrid would have an epic hairdo, of course. And I’m sure some wizard out there would be able to change her back. She’s the one invading countries, she only has herself to blame for that.

        1. I have made my transformation 🐢
          And plan to begin my invasion when you least expect it. Hint # 1, I plan to swoop down in Piccadilly square and shuffle over to Manchester. Be afraid.

              1. That almost rhymes. I feel Holly should make a poem out of this entire endeavour. And YOU should do a bit of graffiti vandalism to commemorate everything!

  9. Oh Sorceress! You have outdone yourself with this one! Your pencil drawing is outstanding – it feels free and spirited, just like Frida. You truly did capture her spirit (good think you’re not a portrait artists… 🙄)

    This collaboration between you and Holly is truly wonderful. Holly’s poem is perfection, your drawing(s) perfectly matched.

    And thank you for the music, too! Now I want to rewatch the movie…

    1. The AGMs gave me the opportunity to draw my models, with a bit of study of facial features, but I mostly go by feel. This whole drawing thing has been a gift to me. I never knew I could draw.

  10. This is my third time here, Resa. Your posts are amazing and the follow-up discussion provides a marvelous sense of community. You and Holly are an amazing and creative duo. Your collaborations spread joy and positivity in the “universe.” As Frida Kahlo wrote in her diary “Feet, what do I need them for If I have wings to fly.” Your art and Holly’s poetry remind us to try out our wings…. Sending hugs!

    1. Holly is quite the creative provocateur.
      Love the Frida quote! Thank you!
      So, Rebecca, the wild pencil sketch of Frida was one of the first drawings I did when I got my gift of pencils from Tim.
      I also drew the AGMs in pencil. Now I have a new tale developing, using the pencil sketches. I have several more to complete the post, and they will be in colour. You will be done in colour….then!
      It’s going to be very tongue-in-cheeky!
      Haven’t let the tartan go!

    1. Thank you! It was a very satisfying post!
      I enjoyed doing the drawings!
      Still having browser issues. I’m on Safari now.
      I tried Firefox, but it’s on crutches!
      Chrome knew too much about me, but it’s really fast!

    1. Aww, you sweetie!
      We are just having some fun, with our talents.
      I’m so happy you come to visit. Blogging was easier when I had 20 followers, and followed 100.
      Still, I love it! I do what I can, when I can!

      1. That’s the idea. Haven’t posted in two months. Either you do one thing or the other. Will come back soon. (Just saw some great street art along the way. Need to capture it.)
        Take care Resa.

  11. Yours is the first post I’ve read in a while, been a bit tied up 😂 . What a fabulous re-entry into my blogging world. Fascinating woman Frida, I’ve seen pictures of her but didn’t know much about her. It’s wonderful that you and Holly and Gigi are in tandem with each other. Loved the pictures, these new pencil crayons are certainly getting a workout. Sorry I’ve been missing in action but hopefully by November … hehe. Love to you xx Charlotte xx

    1. I’m totally honoured that you started with one of my posts!
      Don’t worry about being MIA! It’s your time for that. Just keep singing!
      By the time November gets here, Lala will be easier to draw, and hopefully there will be several great drawings to choose from.
      Also, the new Art Gown should be done, which is always a fun time, after which I go on a drawing binge!
      Love to you, too, Charlotte! xoxo

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