A Carnival of Colour

Welcome, welcome all, to A Carnival of Color! I’m Rene Rosso 🌹, and I present to you the most colour you will ever see on any catwalk, anywhere.

All hail our dahling Art Director Rebecca Budd! Wearing bias cut faux tartan print palazzo pants, with coordinated accessories, she has earned the feathers in her hat directing “A Carnival of Colour’!

“I’m honored to be here, & what a great day for us all! Colour is a critical component of our lives, and I am thrilled to present all the AGMs resplendent in their favourite colours from the crayon carousel!”

“First out on the runway is AGM Holly! Holly wears a feathery gown in milky hues of magenta, yellow, green and teal.”

SUDDENLY …. black and white flashes engulfed the venue. As AGM Holly exited the stage, her gown turned black, white and grey.

Stunned, but knowing the show must go on, Rebecca introduced the next gown.

Here’s AGM Shey, in a romantic gown from times past. This gown; in hues of blues and creams, with pumpkin petticoats and  a delightful orange trim, presents quite nicely .. ahem… in shades of black and white .”

“Let’s hear it for AGM Marina! In daffodil yellow and a brilliant cinnamon copper, her 1940’s inspired gown awes us … erm … whew! in the monochromatic scale.”

“Put your hands together for Gigi, our most colourful AGM! Magenta, pink, teal, orange, blue and more have never looked as amazing as they do on this body of silver! How fabulous it looks in black, sigh, white and grey! ”

“AGM Dale wows us in this mosaic print in every colour a person could imagine. Just look at those greens, lavenders, reds, golds and more in the drama of black and white!”

“Now, let’s have a thunderous applause for Rene Rosso! Tonight she will share her kaleidoscopic voice with us featuring the Torch Song …..”

As Rebecca spoke, all of the colour drained out of Ms. Rosso’s gown. Worse, her magnificent red hair turned shades of grey.

RR became extremely angry, and in a fit of passion switched her Torch Song to a rendition of a Rock’n’Roll song by Heart! Her band scrambled!

When the song ended, RR stormed off the stage in a smoky huff! As she exited stage left, black and white flashes burst forth! It was a stroboscopic SheyGoth!

A collective gasp went up! AGM Shey’s voice resounded through and over all, “That is not me! That is a fake SheyGoth!”

RR was not amused! Her lounging robe in lavender lace with petite flocked lilac flowers and magenta ruffles was a disaster in in the grey scale.

She looked into her Tangle-Heart, and suddenly knew the score. DracGoth was the culprit. However, she knew he wasn’t this clever. He must have had help!

Rene Rosso & Princess Blue Holly Characters © Resa McConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter

Since – May 2019

Visit any of the Art Gowns Models on their blogs!

Gigi – Rethinking Life Marina – Art Towards a Happy Day – Holly – House of Heart – Shey ~ Smexy Historical Romance – Dale – A Dalectable Life

Visit Rebecca Budd at Lady Budd

Many Thank you’s to Tim from Off Center Not Even, Art Gowns official Gowntoons Photographer


While I continue to struggle with Tartan & Motorcycles, I thought colour would be the way to go. Apparently there are forces working against the Art Gowns Models. Not to worry! PBH will have this travesty of creativity cleared up in no time at all, or as fast as I can draw!

Lala LaSwirl is on tour. She will be back for another Soprano performance in November. In the meantime, visit her blog, buy her album and blow your mind!

154 thoughts on “A Carnival of Colour

  1. Timothy Price

    What a wonderful story you weave. Your models are gorgeous and their gowns are beautiful and superb. Your drawing is so good these days. I just love the AGMs.

    1. Thank you, Tim! So glad you like the story. Most of these were drawn when I just got my new pencils that you sent.
      There was a flurry of basic lead pencil passion.
      The more I draw, the better I get. The more I think of Gowntoon stories, the better they get. Diana at Myths of The Mirror did an interesting post on reworking fairy tales,today. That also has me thinking!
      LOL! I love the AGMs too!

      1. I read Diana’s pots on fairy tales today too, Resa! I agree wholeheartedly with Tim, you know how to weave a story that has all the elements of a fairy or folk tale, which you brilliantly illustrate with colour vs grey theme.

        1. I have a lot of drawings, but because I was almost finished my new Art Gown, I was in a fit of passion for it. Now, it is done, and I am focusing on the staging and photograpy.
          I’m so excited!!!!!
          A beautiful new gown, made out of trash will soon grace my blog!
          Eeeee! Love you!

      1. Tangle Heart is a beauty!
        Tim is a sweet heart. One day there was a bad storm, and as soon as he could, he ran out to make sure it was still there!
        Of course you have the Black Bamboo.
        I have so much at my fingertips to create with!

    1. Thank you, Diana!

      I went through a pencil drawing phase for a couple of weeks. So, I came up with this story.
      Your fairy tale reworking/telling post is a gem. Lots for me to think of with my Gowntoons!
      xoxo ❤ ❤

  2. Dahling One Eye, I was certain Drac had gotten to our lovely Shey again (after all our efforts to redeem her from the dark world of Goth). How beautiful the AGM’s are! You absolutely astound me with your gorgeous creations. Your art is enchanting, be it all the rainbow colors or black and white. RR naturally went Diva when Drac reappeared, had she not we would have missed Crazy on You and that would have been a shame. The AGMs are perfection and Rebecca pulled it altogether as always with a stroke of your pencils. Such a lovely work of art dear Meece. Love it to peeces! 🐭🐭❤️

              1. You are not going to like who the devil it is!
                PBH has her hands full on this one, with 2 bad boys who are determined to own the AGMs.. There will be no descending gracefully into Otherworld.
                As I write, she searches for a back door! xxxxxx

      1. Well, at least you spoke up about that creature being a fake SheyGoth!
        The thing is, although DG enjoys his 3 am trips to your room, he is determined to have you back in Otherworld, and keep you there forever!
        You must realize his partner in crime has claimed the other AGMs for himself.
        Unfortunately, they are fading away into Otherworld.

        1. Thank you, Shey! Resa is a brilliant couturier who knows how to create the glamour and elegance for the remarkable AGMs. I’m now perfecting my walk so that the palazzo pants swirl as I promenade with the AGMs.

    1. Wait ’til you see who DG got to help him!
      PBH has her super hero work cut out for her on this one.

      The AGMs are B&W. This is not good. Could they disappear altogether?
      RR is uber-pi$$ed. She spent a lot of cash on these colourful gowns. No wonder she went “Crazy on You”!

      So happy you’re here!
      Meece, I was writing this comment yesterday, when N came home. He had some not good news about one of the bass players who comes to jam. He’s an amazing player.
      Threw my entire night off. Completely forgot about blogging.
      Will send a mail!


      1. We must discover who is in cahoots ( love that word) with DG! I hopes it’s not who I think it is or … poor Shey, she’s been looked at askew. We must do something.
        I’m very unnerved about the bad news. Waiting for mail . xoxoxo

        1. Okay… sent the mail!

          You may have guessed who the snake in the grass is! Although last we saw him he was imprisoned in a picture frame!
          Once things settle down, I’ll send the ideas for the next instalment!
          (Hisss…cough, cough)
          You’ll love how PBH saves the day!
          I archived your song choices! xoxoxo

  3. Dearest Sorceress,

    You have created yet another fantabulous story and how you made us all look so beautiful is beyond me. Even in black and white. Your art is truly enchanting.

    Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  4. Coming out of being in hiding for such obvious reasons to say …EPIC. I love the story. All the gowns are gorgeous and so is our dazzling art director. YOu will of course know I would NEVER EVER have anything more to do with that smexy..I mean dreadful DracGoth… and whoever it was that helped him , well darling, it certainly was not me.

    1. Yes, you are an innocent victim of DG’s smexy… erm… dreadful passion!
      Unfortunately, things get worse, before getting better!
      PBH is on her way (as soon as I can draw her). Magic trees will have to become involved. It’s just one big mess! xoxoxoxo

  5. Thank you Resa for this brilliant post that has colour, drama, and a heart-stopping cliffhanger. You are right – there are forces working against the Art Gowns Models. I have great faith in PBH. She has the strength and determination to overcome and clear up this “travesty of creativity.” I LOVE the AGMs. And I love being the Art Director.

  6. Oh, Resa, you did it again. How fabulous and what an honor to be included in this incredible drama. I love the artwork, the gowns and the mystery. It’s all wonderful. Thank you so very much. Holly nailed the song.

    1. Yes!!!
      Holly did nail the song!
      It’s a lot of fun to do these stories.
      They wouldn’t be the same without AGM GI, and her magic tree!
      Well, time to buy more paper!
      I got lots of drawing to do! oxo

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    1. Thank you, Merril!
      It will be awhile, but I’m sure PBH will be able to handle the rescue, with the help of the magic trees. Oh, also, she is getting a new outfit for the rescue!
      I can’t believe PBH is the only super hero who changes outfits!
      It’s a concept whose time has come!

  8. WOW!!!! I can say this: whoever tried to sabotage color did not succeed! I can see so much color, an explosion of color!!!!!! Rebecca did a wonderful job as a host!
    Resa, your Art Gowns are incredibly beautiful and though they seem gray, I can see all the colors, and it’s paradise!
    Huge hugs to the wonderful artist [YOU!], the amazing host, Rebecca and all the AGMs [so proud being one of them!]

    1. AGM Marina!
      Rebecca did a fab job keeping the show going!
      I just hope the AGMs don’t vanish completely.
      Unfortunately DracGoth enlisted the help of a total snake in the grass. (hisss….cough…cough).
      I’m so happy you are here! All the AGMs mean a lot to me! & Tim & the tress and could it be any more fantastic?
      The next episode will tell!
      xoxoxo 👒👠🎀👗xoxoxo 👒👠🎀👗xoxoxo 👒👠🎀👗xoxoxo 👒👠🎀👗xoxoxo 👒👠🎀👗xoxoxo 👒👠🎀👗

      1. Every time I think “wow, it couldn’t get any better than this”, you post something else, and it does, so…. you got me always looking forward to your next creation!
        So proud to be among your wonderful AGMs!!!!

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  10. Resa, your are colorful, even when there is only black and white. Thanks for featuring Rebecca, who exudes vibrant colors too.
    Ha. For a moment I thought I had slipped into my own colorless Realm of the Dead. I’m sure you and Rebecca will bring us back to technicolor soon.
    As always I adore your gowns and drawings of them. Hugs on the wing.

    1. Ah, Thank you, Teagan!
      Rebecca is like a curator of art, so she just had to be the Art Director!
      What you slipped into was the realm of pencils.
      During Stay at Home orders, I was down to pencil stumps. Timothy was amazing, and sent me a gift of pencils.
      Many of these drawings are unbridled glee drawings, when the pencils arrived.
      We have a wonderful blog community!

  11. Bring on the colour! Your sketches are awesome. The other day, I wore a black shirt and my husband commented that I never wear black. I thought, well that’s a great thing! I looked at my wardrobe and there are lots of bright colours in it. That made me feel good ~ Bright is cheerful 😀

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