Show – Down at the Coral

Princess Blue Holly showed up at noon by the coral in the Gulf of Mexico, her seaweed whip with with poisonous holly berries poised to fight Chainelle.

However, instead of finding Chainelle, she found a surging, gurgling black mass of gulf water. Chainelle’s wicked voice was luring Blue Holly into the black.

PBH knew it was folly to dive into the dark. Luring Chainelle up was a wiser choice. Chainelle’s weakness was her jealousy of the Art Gowns Models, and loathing of Ms. Rosso.

An underwater fashion show was the bait. Blue Holly looked into her Tangle-Heart, and had it send a message to all of the AGMs’ magic trees.

The AGMs were instructed to walk through the tall grasses on Tim’s magic tree sanctuary. Eventually the grasses would become sea grasses, and the AGMs would be transformed into Mermaids.

Dahlings, welcome to the Fashion Show down at the Coral. All the AGM Mermaids are here, and so is our wonderful Art Director, RB.

Don’t you just love RB’s split tail fin, inspired by her famous palazzo pants & adorned with bits of red sea anenomes and seaweed ? Take it away, Rebecca!

Thank you, Rene! What a thrill to be Art Directing a fashion show under water in the gulf of Mexico. We are all Mermaids here, and the Mermaid Art Gowns are splashing!

First out on the Catfish Walk is AGM Marina. Marina is a knock out in her one shoulder mermaid bodice, with rare queen conch shell detail. A double layer tail fin to match the queen conch with extra sea grasses finish the gown beautifully.

Next out on a meandering current is Holly. AGM Mermaid Holly wears a romantic creation. The tail is a multi wisps design with heart inserts. Her arm is adorned with hearts, held together with a long strand of seaweed.

I’d like to take a moment to thank my Assistant Art Director, Mermaid Chicklet Nora & her assistant Skippy. I couldn’t have perfected this under water extravaganza without her.

Now, let’s have a round of applause for the Mermaid Chicklets Beauty Team!

On make-up we have the talented Lacy!

Perfecting the AGM Mermaids’ hair is Ground breaking hairstylist, Michell!

Last but not least let’s hear it for Pearl, Wardrobe Supervisor!

Now it’s back to the Catfish Walk and AGM Mermaid Dale. Dale’s gown is made of bracken with a fine net overlay. Her gown features a tidy tail fin and large dramatic dorsal fin accented by iridescent blue champia laingii. The net overlay has been repurposed from deep water human pollution.

Mermaid AGM Gigi is splendid with her elaborate & massive tail fin, that spreads out like a señorita’s fan. Decorated with sea salvaged ribbons and segments of plastic water bottles, it is one-of-a-kind.

It’s a butterfly! Not quite, but AGM Mermaid Shey’s gown is inspired by the shells of Corolla Sea Butterflies. Shey’s gown shows off 3 dorsal fins that augment her tail fin.

And now, back to our one and only diva, Rene Rosso! Her floating boa, a joyous combo of Starfish and Bracken.

Dahlings, I hope you enjoyed our special presentation! I leave you with well wishes, and a song sung by Robert Plant.

Suddenly the roiling black waters became almost violent. Chainelle’s face appeared out of the dark.

I’m the superior designer! Who does that hack RR think she is? I demand Princess Blue Holly fight it out with me for the souls of RR & the Art Gowns Models!

Characters Princess Blue Holly & Rene Rosso © Resa McConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter – since 2019

All music selections in Gowntoons by Holly Rene Hunter

Visit them on their blogs!

Holly, Gigi, Shey, Dale, Marina

Timothy Price from Off Center Not Even is the keeper of the Magic Tree Sanctuary & official nature photographer.

Visit Rebecca’s Podcast and find your way from there to her other blogs.

CHICKLETS drawings courtesy of & © Georgiann Carlson

Stay tuned for the final episode! In case you missed previous episodes:

Episode 1

The Jazz Age

Episode 2

Princess Blue Holly in Erebos

164 thoughts on “Show – Down at the Coral

  1. I can only say this: There is no evil in the world [or under] that wouldn’t succumb to this beauty parade. You have transformed dark waters to a sea of love, dahling!
    You amaze me!
    Kudos to everyone involved, Holly, Rebecca, Tim, the Mermaid Chicklets Beauty Team, the AGMs… What a show!

    1. Thank you AGM Marina!
      What fun to have you all here!
      It is a sea of love! Wait ’til the final episode! Of course, I have to draw it first!
      Anyway, I’ve gotten used to water…. you know…. Hera’s kisses!

      1. You are amazing, dahling! As for water…. 🐾🐾🐾🐾😘😘😘😘😘😘🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾😘😘😘😘😘😘🐾🐾🐾🐾❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
        I can’t wait!!!!

        1. OH NO! Out of sponges, again.
          John’s pups have slobbery kisses, too. He sent me a broom that I can tie sponges onto.
          Could work!

  2. Oh my lord, these are epic Resa, absolutely stunning and the chicklets are so sweet. I want to spend months at this ball! Seas of love indeed. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for including me. LOVE every single drawing xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you dear Shey!
      Well, we want to have some fun in this life. Why not under water? 🧜🏼‍♀️🤗
      Of course I must include you! I spent time figuring out how to draw you in Gowntoons style. You’re kinda stuck here as AGM Shey! LOL! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Thank you, Merril!
      Lol, I think of theses stories in a snap, but then it takes weeks to draw them. Wish I could draw faster. So far I’ve been working on getting better, then I’ll work on speed!
      Happy Long Weekend!

    1. Thanks Liz!
      Colour was an important thing for this post. If things work out, you’ll see why in the final episode. Of course I have to draw it first. LOL!!
      Happy Long Weekend!

  3. Timothy Price

    What wonderful story, Resa. I love your imagination. The drawings are beyond fantastic. I’m happy you could make use the the photos.

    1. Dearest Tim,
      Thank you!
      Your photos add so much to my imagination, and to the visuals of the story.
      You’ll notice the mermaids are quite colourful. Thank goodness you sent me more than 1 of each colour I needed. Also, now I have a nice stash of paint brushes from my BD gift.
      Anyway, there’s a plan for that colour. I hope it works out. Next post will tell! xo

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  5. Swept away ( or is that washed away?). PBH is feeling super glamorous and ready to take on Chainelle anytime! Thank you dahling fashionista, artist, poet and dearest Meece. The AGM’s are dressed to kill. xoxoxo

    1. Holly Meece… xoxoxo
      Love ya!
      I couldn’t have done this without you. Chances are if we never met and did all the chuckling around in comments, PBH would not exist. That led to RR & all the AGMs. Creativity is like cream. The more you work it the thicker and richer it gets.

      I took a look at the AGM Mermaid post we did in Oct. 2019. My drawing has improved A LOT! Thank you for all your enthusiasm, and participation!

      1. That’s true dear Meece, it’s awesome how we meet someone and know right away how special and fun they can be and we want to be a part of that. You are truly gifted in so many areas , your art is fantastic, the AGM gowns are knock outs. Thank you dear gf!
        Love ya to the moon and back. xoxoxo

  6. Whoa!!– I’m totally waterlogged and smell like fish, but it was worth it to attend this fantabulous Mermaid Show!! Total beauty and joy from start to fin-ish!! Pure genius, my dear Resa– your creations dazzle like the sun upon the sea!!– gorgeous models, too! I’m simply drenched with awe and admiration!! 🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️💐🏆👏😊

    1. Thank you, Diana! ❤ ❤
      Yeah, so much fun making up these Gowntoons!
      I mean you’d think Marvel would discover them.
      After all, Princess Blue Holly is the only super hero who changes outfits, sometimes 2 or 3 times in an adventure.
      I think it’s outrageously boring that none of the others change. 😉🤣

  7. Fantastical gowns and storyline and characters Resa. I’ve looked back on past episodes too. I love the fantail gowns, absolutely spectacular artwork and imagination. Thank you for inviting me over to your blog. Of course now following. 🙂 Hugs xxx

    1. Yay! Thank you, Debbie!
      All the characters are based on/inspired by fellow bloggers. Much is inspired by Tim’s nature photos.
      There are so many cool creative people in our blog world! Hugs back and kisses too! xoxo

  8. Hyperion

    Wow! Resa, the artwork on the gowns and models was exquisite. I can tell a lot of creative work went into this collaborative presentation of the latest AGM adventures. I am once again, captivated by the grandness of it all.

    1. Dahling.
      It’s so much fun, and relaxing to do these drawings and make up a Gowntoons story!
      I adore collaborating!
      Are you still on your new blog? The name Hyperion on your Gravatar is not hot.
      Sending love!

      1. Hyperion

        Thank you Resa! I have not been able to revive my avatar even after changing my profile. I need to get a flashlight and dive into the mysterious depths of WordPress. Yes indeed, the new blog is still there.

              1. YES!
                I started reading your posts. Then life called me away.
                I liked one… now I’m reading another!
                WP is only semi messing with you!

              2. Hyperion

                Whew! I couldn’t bear the thought of being separated from my blogoteer friends. Hope my new semi-approved autobiographical whimsy is tolerable. 😌

              3. I read part of it yesterday, and will be back!
                There’s got to be a way to fix the Gravatar issue. have you tried trashing it, and getting a new one?

              4. Hyperion

                I do appreciate your visit, Resa. I ten to recycle my blogs every couple of years but never tried recycling my Gravatar. If I disappear, don’t be alarmed. A new me is in the works. 🥸

              5. Reinvention of self is a great thing. I’ve been going through that phase for about 5 years.
                Although, I actually began about 10 years ago, but didn’t know it.

              6. Hyperion

                I do hope your transformation is going well. You are definitely spreading joy and enlightenment to all of us here in the WP universe.

  9. Resa – I have come back to this several times to follow the discussion and inhale all the beauty that came through this post. The word “superlative” comes to mind – “of the highest quality or degree.” I imagine you creating these amazing paintings/drawings, taking great care to use materials that reflect the personality of each AGM. You take us to exotic places (the coral in the Golf of Mexico) which I have never traveled to before and unveil the darkness that challenges the courage, determination and resourcefulness of Princess Blue Holly. You have given me the awesome title of Art Director, and clothed me in glamorous palazzo pants, adorned with bits of Red Sea anemones and seaweed. Best of all, you bring a community of friends together to face difficult situations that require that we must work together for the good of all. You remind us all that beauty, hope, and compassion overcomes evil.

    I am applauding the Mermaid Chicklets – Nora and her assistant Skippy, Lacy, Michell,Pearl, all of the brilliant, effervescent AGMs, and Tim the keeper of the Magic Tree Sanctuary. The music was perfect.

    1. Rebecca!
      OMG, it’s taking me days to work my way through comments.
      Of course some are easy to thank, but your comments are special thoughts.
      I thank you for “superlative”!
      I do think my drawings have improved by the sheer fact of drawing a lot.
      My evenings are pretty much devoted to drawing now.
      Lol! I still want to take us to Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester. Tartan is one of the hardest patterns I’ve ever tried to draw. I refuse to draw a bad plaid, and call it a tartan.
      Hmm, perhaps I can print out pics of tartan, cut them out and glue them to my drawings then extend with my paints.
      Now I have to find my tartan map, again!

      Anyway, you look marvellous in your palazzo tail mermaid outfit!

      The Chicklet mermaids are the bees’ knees!
      Amazing how I find stories in Tim’s photos! OH, and he sent me a slew of water colour pencils which I used for these drawings.

      The Gowntoons have become a community endeavour.

      So much fun!
      Again, thank you, dear Rebecca!

  10. You have outdone yourself, if that’s even possible. This is wonderful and I just love all the starfish and shells, the undersea designs are fabulous. Thank you so much for including the chicklets…and me, of course. We are very grateful to be among such beautiful company. Honestly, Resa, what can you do to top this?

    1. Love having you and the Chicklets here!
      I’ll use the drawings you did of the Chicklets in Art Gowns again. I just need the right fashion show!
      Top this? All I can do is try, draw and draw!
      Thank you for being here,Gi!!!!xoxoxo

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  12. Oh Sorceress! Each time you take it up a notch! These are splendiferous and beautiful and how can PBH, backed up by the AGMs not defeat Chainelle!
    You’ve taken us on a fantastic ride for this whole story! Wonderful! xoxoxo

    1. I have an idea. I hope it works.
      I won’t know until I begin the final episode’s artwork.
      There is a surprise coming in the last episode. I must pull this off!
      I’d love to leave a spoiler…..but ⚡️💥⚡️💥⚡️💥⚡️💥⚡️💥 I hear a thunder!

    1. Ahh, thank you, John!
      I don’t know what else to do, but be creative? Okay, dishes and housework… uch
      Think I’ll go work on my next gown for a bit!

            1. Aww… 💋 (#1)
              OH…Ifound a fresh Wylie Coyote & Road Runner street art today. I’m starting a John 2 folder.
              I know it’s a stretch/mould breaker, but there are a lot of Pink Panthers out there. Any interest?

              1. Okay, but I want to hit Graffiti Alley in the near future, and look for cartoons.
                I don’t always take pics of them, but from now on I certainly will.
                I found a Bugs in an alley burner & 3 Pink Panthers in my photo files.
                Woo Hoo!

              2. I have some panorama shots I haven’t used yet, that can maybe tie into a post I see coming, eventually. When I’m there, if I find a cartoon character, I’ll do one that includes it!
                Ha! You going there would be quite the tour of the neighbourhood! xx

  13. Team work really DID make this dream of a post work.

    Okay, as far as fab presentations go, you are the lights out best. And somehow, you’ve outdone yourself with this one.

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