Shaping It Up

I designed #TheShape, drafted a pattern, made 2 mini coats & want to know what you think!

AGCoat #2

Using my Judy to fit them on, I did one out of a stiff cotton Spanish drapery fabric.

An Art Gowns Original Design

The other was made out of a thin, crisp shirt weight Italian velvet flocked cotton.

AGCoat #14

Next up was a model. I wanted a mature woman,  40 years +. I couldn’t find one I could afford, except me. So, oh well!

AGCoat #10

The flocked velvet coat was finished first, so I started there. Here I paired it with leggings from Marina Kanavaki’s S6 Shop & a ceramic Green Leaf Pin designed by Belén Soto.

AGCoat #8

The print on the leggings is from an original work of art by Marina, Paths of Color [Turquoise, Blue And Green] The purse is a sustainable fashion piece made from cork bought at Chartreuse Style in Toronto.

AGCoat #9

The curtain coat was finished in time to go out for a dinner.

AGCoat 1c

Dressier than the last outfit, I put the coat together with a little black dress & heavy black tights. It was accessorized with a hand-made black rubber & copper wire necklace.

AGCoat #6

#TheShape is flattering, & can be cut longer. It can be made from all types of fabrics. Sleeves & collars can change, & the front closure become buttons. A solid front with zip in the back turns it into a dress. The sky’s the limit!

AGCoat #7

What do you think of #TheShape?


Should I call it #TheResa?

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

All photos of Resa © Norman Orenstien – September 19 & 27, 2015

Coats designed & made by Resa – August – September, 2015

AGCoat #5

81 thoughts on “Shaping It Up

  1. Timothy Price

    I love the cut, style and fabrics. They are a good length and complement the figure really nicely. Super. One comment on the photos — the model needs to look directly at the camera. When she is looking off, she actually detracts from the clothing. It’s like what’s she looking at, what’s so interesting? The model needs to engage the viewers by looking directly at them.

    1. Dear Timothy,
      Thank you for all the great feed back!
      I will remember your tip about the model. Here, I was the model. (lol) I was very insecure and nervous. Hopefully soon I will afford someone more professional.
      Whether it is me or another person, I will remember this advice!
      Many Thanks

      1. Timothy Price

        Resa, I knew you were the model, but I wanted to be a general about you “the model”, because I see a lot of people modeling who don’t want to look at the camera. But you are gorgeous and a lovely model, so you need not be insecure or shy about looking at the camera.

    1. It really is great to have found other talent that compliments what I’m doing.
      Blogging has opened my world up.
      Hope you are well, and as always, it is so great to see you! _Resa

  2. Wow ! Did I say wow ? That’s an understatement !
    You are so talented dear Resa. The #TheShape or #TheResa (that’s better) are so well crafted with a touch of Spanish I see. In addition the model (not Judy) wears the coats so well, enhanced by that little mini number. Made my morning ! 😀
    Well done my friend xoxoxo ❤ #< ⭐

    1. Thank you, dear Ralph!
      I truly appreciate your support!
      I can design my way out of wet paper bags with the best of them.
      Who knows what will happen? Nonetheless, I have an opportunity here, & I am working on it! 😀 You are a dear heart! xoxoxo ❤ #< ⭐ (love the stars!)

      1. I’m sorry that I am so long in replying to you dear designer out of wet paper bags. I really do hope that opportunity knocks for you as you are so terrifically talented.
        I am taking a break from blogging for a while. I need one. Big hug for you Resa. Ralph xoxox ❤ #<

        1. Big hugs to you, Ralph!
          Have a great break. I take long breaks from this blog, as making an Art Gown & writing the post takes a long time. I can’t always find the time, and I won’t force myself.
          My GLaM blog is different. I just post pictures and a bit of data. Not much thought goes into it.
          Well, I look forward to seeing you after your rest. Pet S&S for me & take care my friend!
          Resa xoxoxo ❤ #<

          1. Big hugs back to you my friend.
            I am constantly amazed that you not only task, multitask and supermultitask, but still have time for your blogs.
            Petting from you was purrfect they say 😀
            Have a lovely weekend dear friend.
            Ralph xoxoxo ❤ #<

  3. Your gorgeous, glamorous, glittering creature!! Dreamy, magnificent coats! I was in the just opened Vancouver Nordstrom’s. Those coats would definitely not be out of place in that outrageously expensive and over-the-top store. Fabulous Resa!

    1. Dear Virginia!
      Nordstrom’s!!! I’m hoping to get there!
      Nonetheless, I believe the project I’m working on will allow me to fly there, sooner than later! Much love & kisses to you! _Resa xo

      1. Oh Joy. Resa in Vancouver. Fireworks would fill the sky – and my heart.
        The best part of swanning around Nordstom’s was looking at the customers. One very tall young women wearing six inch heels couldn’t close her mouth because she obviously had just had botox injects for her lips. She was also laden down with shopping bags from Holt’s. XX OO V.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, it was a bit of fun to be modelling. The scary part is putting myself out there at my age.
      However, that’s just the point. I think models should be all ages, for all women.
      I’m so not inspired to buy something that is being modeled by a 17 year old, or an anorexic 23 year old!

    1. Thank you, dear Sherrie! If I made you a jacket, you would look amazing in it!
      Let’s work on that! You are so beautiful, & I love you very much! xoxoxoxo

  4. Awesome clothes. Digging the ’60s psychedelia vibe. I wonder if anyone in the ’60s was into psychedelia, and called Delia?

    It’s unfair men aren’t allowed to wear stuff like this. At least in the 1700s, like, one could don a wig and strut about the place like a glorious peacock. Now it’s skinny jeans and old man jumpers avec bling, or you’re out! Excuse me whilst I have a sulk.


    1. Don’t be silly! Of course men can wear stuff like this.
      I have dressed many a man in prettier than this…. mostly musicians.. but more … so no sulking!
      One has only to realize that Delia is part of my heart, & I will never abandon her!
      Hmm, I might try to mix Bling with Chanel for a new look.
      No sulking!!!!

    1. Mouah!!
      Great to see you, Marina!
      Thanks for coming by & liking the coats.
      I’d like a change of career pace, so I’m trying some new things.
      Resa xoxox

    1. Thank you, Diana!
      I mean the style to work with curves.
      That is why I don’t use stretch. I use a woven fabric that I cut and sew a shape into. The A-line is kind & sexy without being overt.
      Even more exciting… I’m working on posting a new “Art Gown”.
      Hope you are well!

  5. They are really beautiful, sorry I missed this post … it is sensational !!
    I love to have that ability, I never had skills with thread and scissors …
    Both are very stylish, especially I like the dark color, perhaps because I liked from the moment I saw her for the first time 😉
    Congratulations Resa, you have a magic hands !!
    Hugs and kisses.

    1. Hugs and kisses to you Belén! Thank you so much!
      I made a new Art Gown, but it is taking a long time to make a post. My modem is broken, so I am standing in my pantry where I can get on line with my neighbors wifi.
      As soon as I check my email, I will go get the new modem!
      Also, I got a notice from the post office, so I think my pins have arrived.
      Much love & Once I’m back on line, will send an email!

      1. Standing and in your pantry 🙂 is not what we think when we talk about the advantages of internet …
        I hope that you can fix, computer trolls are very annoying, always with his jokes…
        Glad to know that you already have news of the postal service, I wish you like your purchase 😉

    1. LOL!
      Thank you, Frank!
      Well, I have been on Art Gowns for a few days trying to do a new Post for my new Art Gown.
      Sewing, styling & taking pics have been a preoccupation. Then, modem broke down, which is why there is no new GLaM Post.
      As I now have a new modem, and the AG Post is almost finished, I should be back to normal soon!

  6. Your posts aren’t loading into my Reader, so I un-followed and re-followed to set it again. Oh let me just say I love these coats, the first is my favorite for the pattern and most particularly design – most flattering. You have amazing talent Resa and it’s a joy to be able to see your work – gorgeous work here!!

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