Art Gowns Art Cards

🌹Thank you🌹to Georgiann Carlson.  She made 10 “Art of Glamorous Fantasy” business cards for me. I chose the one below.

Rubber stamp art by: Georgiann Carlson

“Not so fast! As one of  your very first Art Gowns, first to get to 175 likes, dedicated to your niece, Sherrie,  and first post after the Art Gowns were evicted from Queen’s end,”

Flora Blanca

“I think I, Flora Blanca,  am entitled to a say in this! I’ve picked out the card below, as I see it embraces us, the Art Gowns, and Resa.”

Rubber stamp art by: Georgiann Carlson

“Don’t be absurd Flora Blanca! Resa would never run around naked, not since that incident when she was 22. She makes the Art Gowns, and we are all very elegant.”

Mystic Lake

“Something sophisticated, like the Fitzgerald’s “Romantic Egoists” is in more order. The card below is the way to go. I’m sure Zelda would approve!”

“Mystic lake, I adore you and Flora Blanca, but really, the two of you are so pretentious! As the Empress d’Amore, I am highly educated, and qualified to be royally opinionated.”

Empress d’Amore

“Resa’s card should express the fact that we, the Art Gowns, are a collection. That she makes us from scratch, by herself. She is, after all, classically trained.”

Rubber stamp art by: Georgiann Carlson

“I treasure the Empress’ opinion. Her taste in fantasy business cards is impeccable.”

O Royal Treasure

“All due respect Empress D and O Royal T, you may both be royalty, but you are not from Fairy! Magic only happens in Fairy.”

La Esencia de Titania

“Resa’s card should express the coming of glyphs, a name askew & the bottom line. Simple, fun and to the point of magic is the way to go. As a 5 thousand year resident of Fairy, I say this card delivers that message!”

Hello! I might be standing in the dark over here, but I can see you all clearly in the moonlight. However, I just don’t see your logic.”

Artemis by Moonlight

“The card should enforce the fact that Resa’s work is original, unique and glamorous! Voilà

Rubber stamp art by: Georgiann Carlson

“I expected this cacophony from all of you Art Gowns, especially Artemis. You are always over analyzing the situation.”

Goddess Mnemosyne

“Simply put, the card should be of contemporary street art style and pointed at the brand. May I present the only obvious option!”

Rubber stamp art by: Georgiann Carlson

“I’m sorry Mnenosyne, I just don’t see the brilliance in that. Where’s the gleam and glow of the Art Gowns?”

Ballroom Lux

“I have no choice but to insist on the card below. It’s simple, yet emphasizes Resa’s ability, which results in us, the Art Gowns.”

“Wow! That is just not sexy enough. Lady Anne and I discussed this last night, and believe we have the perfect selection. Lady Anne!”

Cecilia Lionheart

“Thank you, Cecilia Lionheart!”

Lady Anne

“We now introduce, to all of you, the perfect card!”

Rubber stamp art by: Georgiann Carlson

“Look, you’re all right, and all wrong. Why can’t she just use the one she wants? Why can’t we all just get along, instead of bickering about the minutia of Resa’s life?”

Atlantis Mermaid Love-in

Hey! How did all of you gowns get out here? I thought I locked the door to the back yard?

Resa wears Tenesa

“You left your keys laying around one day. I found them and sent Mini-Me out to have copies made for all of  us.”

Autumn Orchid

“Having explained that, I’d like to put my two cents in! This card is a modern classic, and really the one for Resa.”

Photo © Sherrie Yager

As you can see, Georgiann, I’m being bossed around by a bunch of Art Gowns.

Well, they are my girls, so I love them. AND I adore you! How fabulous & generous you are  to have made these cards for me. Thank you x all the cats and flowers in the world!

All Art Gowns & Art Gowns stories © Resa McConaghy

All photos of Art Gowns © Resa McConaghy

All Art Gowns Art Cards designed and made by © Georgiann Carlson

Mini-Me in the Nine of Pentacles

“Don’t look a me! All I did was run out and get a few keys cut. By the way, has anyone seen my set? I seem to have misplaced them.”


100 thoughts on “Art Gowns Art Cards

    1. OMG! Could you imagine how long the post would be if I presented 1100 Art Cards? Who’d make dinner for the gowns?
      I agree, they are ruddy awesome, and I don’t blame you for wanting one. Thank you Mr. W.!

  1. What a lovely thought Georgiann 🙂 Original cards for an original designer. Well done !

    So, come on dear Resa. What happened when you were 22 ? Out with it ! (ooops, you already did !) lol 😳💖 xoxoxo

  2. How did two such gifted ladies collide like comets into this galaxy of beautiful cards and gowns. I love each and every card and every gown beyond words….well, I have some words, spectacular, stunning, amazing, handy,..starting to run out. Sending much love to you both. ❤

        1. It’s so easy, right? You just run and generally flail until you hit … a tree … the side of a barn … a lamp post …. a bee hive …. a great poem! 😀 You have a wonderful Sat & Sun! xo ❤

  3. Your work is amazing. There were so many gowns that I have never seen before! How incredible. Each dress deserves its own platform and pages in magazines everywhere. Congratulations on being talented, in so many ways. Glad you liked the business cards. I never expected you to post them. They worked out well, however, and I’m very grateful to be included anywhere near your creations. Thank you so very much. Love and gratitude. ❤

    1. I just counted, and I now have 20 Art Gowns. Whew!
      The cards are fabulous, and it was lots of fun making this post. I’m glad you are here, and we will eventually have a cat gown between us. Sending love back to you! Give Em a pet for me! ❤

  4. Every special gown has its own special card, what a fabulous idea ❤ Your gowns are beyond beautiful, they're filled with magic 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by and bring Healing for my furriend the goose ❤
    Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend 🙂 ❤

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, and for seeing the Art Gowns as I do. They definitely all have their own proper name, and personality. Pawkisses back at you, and more from my furry babies, Jeep & Johnny! 😀 ❤

  5. Carolee Croft

    Definitely not your average business card… I love these gowns, and these are the only cards that are worthy of such uniquely creative designs. I enjoyed listening in on the gowns and their opinions. Sometimes it’s good to let them run wild. Speaking of which, what’s this about running around naked? Details, details! 🙂

    1. LOL! No details on line, but when we meet over drinkies, I will tell all!
      Carolee, thank you for seeing the Art Gowns the way I do, as individuals with opinions. I suppose they are a part of a novel, in some ways, characters to be reckoned with.
      You are a great mind that I enjoy engaging with!
      Sending love, Resa xx

    1. Thank you so very much! They bring a lot of joy and peaceful times. It is quite meditative to work on them. Will be starting a new one soon! Mind you, they take 3-6 months each to make. 😀

  6. The cards are beautiful…. you know what? … they remind me of Alphonse Mucha. I mean, the style. 💗 absolutely great…. not to mention your amazing and gorgeous gowns, my friend.
    Excellent post 💚💜💙🧡🖤💛❤️ Happy weekend. Love and hugs

    1. Okay! I had to look up Alphonse Mucha. I recognize the artwork, but never knew the name of the artist. I’m always learning something from you. Fab comment, sending love and hugs & have a wonderful week ahead! 💙🧡❤️💗💝 Hmmm, you seem too have more colors of hearts than I do. Okay, going to check that out!

  7. What a gorgeous bunch of cards to go with your gorgeous (can I say, ‘bunch’) of Art Gowns. I do hope they won’t be insulted by being ‘bunched’ together, so to speak. They certainly do have distinct personalities; all delightful…
    Well done, Georgiann! All the cards express themselves beautifully. 🙂

    1. Hey Carolyn!
      This was a most fun post to do. I’d never heard of rubber stamp art before I started to see some of Georgiann’s. Suddenly, I’m seeing more and more from other artists.
      Yes, bunch is just fine. Anyway, I’m not sure what the correct term is for a “bunch” of Art Gowns.
      A gaggle, a herd, a swarm, a flock, a pack…. I’ll have to work on that! 😀 xoxoxo

        1. Actually, I like flock, as well. It reminds me of flocked fabric… where part of the design is a kind of raised velvet. I have a pair of Doc Martins (from 15 years ago) that I have never worn, They have flocked pink roses on them. Where will I, or anyone, ever find something like that, again.
          So, flock it is!

  8. Simply FABULOUS! I love every one of these cards – artistic, sophisticated, elegant, stylish, resilient, generous, joyful, gracious. They all encompass your creative spirit and spectacular gowns.

    1. Thanks Rebecca! The cards are super, and I am one lucky gal that Georgiann thought enough of what I create to make these cards! The Art Gowns think you’re fab, and have cited one of your posts as a reason they should be allowed more chocolate! Sending hugs! ❤

  9. I suppose that the process of choosing an Art Card for your Art Gowns have to be as difficult as choosing a book cover for Alice in Wonderland. Both your work and the Lewis Carroll’s novel immerses us in a magical universe full of astonishing costumes, fascinating characters and incredible sets.
    Just by wearing one of your gorgeous gowns you enter in that universe, and I have to admit that I am not be able to create a card that express all of those feelings.

    My personal congratulations and appreciation to Georgiann Carlson for such a beautiful and elegant work.

    Take care.

    1. I appreciate your very kind words. Thank you so much. It was easy making the cards for Resa, since she is such an incredible artist. Her gowns are so very inspiring and beautiful.

    2. Dear Marcelo, This is a very, very beautiful comment! Thank you for all your lovely words about my Art Gowns and the Art Cards! You take care, too! Resa xo

  10. The very walls of my tiny atelier shimmered with excitement. The chair who wanted to be The Chelsea Flower Show twirled in dizzy circles around Muriel, the party going mannequin. They were over the moon for they had discovered the glorious, glamours world of Resa. The pros and cons of each art card were vigorously discussed. They lavished words of glory and endearments over each art gown. The ooohs and aaahs spilled out of the room. Down the hall. Then into this communication. “We think Resa should use ALL the art cards. They would be the sum total of all that is Resa. One is simply not enough.” signed – Love, Muriel and Chelsea.

    1. Virginia!
      I will take Chelsea and Muriel’s advice!
      They make perfect sense. The Art Gowns, the Art Cards and myself are honored to have been critiqued and oohed and aahed over. It’s a glorious day over here in the Art Gowns atelier. The gowns are all gushing over the Art Cards, Muriel and Chelsea.
      The Art Gowns all send love to Chelsea, Muriel and you! ❤️ Empress d’Amore sends extra special love to you, Virginia! 🌹 XOXO

  11. I love how you wrote this one from the viewpoint of the gowns – and they each have such distinct personalities that it really makes sense! Such fun 😉 And the cards are wonderful – I love the “Expect Miracles” one the best ❤

    1. Yay! I’m thrilled you enjoyed the Art Gowns’ points of view. 😀 They really do all have individual personalities! I can’t thank Georgiann enough for the Art Cards. I also keep changing my mind on which I like best. ❤ Hope summer is being good to you! ❤

  12. What beautiful cards Georgiann designed for you! I would never have been able to chose which one I liked the best. It is good to see so many of your gorgeous gowns all together!

    1. It’s a wonderful thing that Georgiann did this for me. I agree, it’s fab to see the Art Gowns in a collection setting. There are10 featured here. It’s crazy, but I now have 20 Art Gowns. I need to do ….. something like a fashion show. Take care!

  13. Jaya Singh

    I just love your designs. They are so unique. You are very talented. And the way you weaved them all in a conversation was amazing. Loved the cards too.

    1. Thank you for this lovely comment! The Art Gowns are my girls. They each have a name and a personality. I am thrilled you see this! The cards are a wonderful gift. Best Wishes, Resa.

  14. Totally love the cards Resa – Georgiann has captured the theme perfectly. Awesome card that you chose. It’s wonderful to see your collection of gowns ~ our talented friend!!

    1. TY so much, Mary!! A new post with colored sketches will be out within a week. I so look forward to your comment on the art/technique angle. I want to become a better artist… in my area.

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