Art Gowns Art Update

LADY ANNE, aka “Lady Rene Anne” modelled by Holly – House Of Heart.

⭐️ Thank You, Holly! ⭐️

Lady Anne was created for a lover, a musician & composer. He gave me his old leather coat & studded pants. I added Chantilly lace.

Below: I did a fantasy gown for “Gasperilla Pirate Festival”

Held almost every year since 1904 in Tampa, Florida, my creation (on paper only) is nostalgic of the festival’s Early days.

I adore this poem, which is definitely an Art Gowns poem.

                                                                         by: Leonard Durso ©

the way your gown fell
to the floor
as you almost shyly
stepped away
leaving it forlornly
like my heart
this night

⭐️Big Thank You to Leonard for letting me use his poem!⭐️

Thank you to editor Louise White! She did an article in Asset Intelligence Newspaper  on me & Athena ⭐️Graffiti Goddess ⭐️, which was a tandem project with  Aquileana of La Audacia de Aquiles. She also gets a credit in the article.

Click on image if you want to read the article.

🦄 Big hugs & thank you’s are on their way to Aquileana in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She has inspired me greatly with her posts on Mythology, Tarot and more. 🦄

I’ve sketched her in 2 of the goddesses we did together, Artemis & Mnemosyne, and am excited to sketch her in Athena in the near future.

Click on the sketch to the left to visit the post.

All Sketches & Art Gowns © Resa McConaghy

Visit any Art Gown by clicking on her pic on the side bar!

77 thoughts on “Art Gowns Art Update

  1. Such a beautiful series of gowns, I’m so delighted to be included Resa. It’s just fills my heart (and cleavage) with joy! Sending tons of love and appreciation, you are such a gifted artist and designer. I adore this!

              1. Looking for adventure… and I know we will find it! 🎵 xx I wanted to say how much i lovabsolutely adore the back of this gown, the strap and hook, the studs, wow, this is a leather and lace fanstacy, I liken it and you to the Royal Star! ❤

              2. Thereupon we will all sit. The Royal Star is ours to recline atop. I love the back of this gown… a lot. The bursting into the tail is new ground, for any gown. The next Art Gown is all set up and waiting for my eye to get better. i’m chomping at the bit! xoxo

  2. How fabulous, you and Holly. The gown is perfect for her and I know she is thrilled by this honor. What a wonderful way to celebrate friendship, beauty and art. Resa, you are amazing and well loved by all. ❤

    1. TY, GiGi! It’s a lot of fun sharing and celebrating. You are very kind with your comment. I’ll write you more later, as I’m only good for 15 mins. at a time at the computer. Stupid eye! ❤️

  3. A stunning image of you, Resa, highlighted upon a well written and deserved article by Louise White. She really captured YOU..!
    As for Lady Anne; your fantasy gown, Athena, Leonard’s poem; Aquileana and Holly – so many pops of cream upon a beautifully woven cake… or should I say – Gown… ❤

    1. Ahh, pops of cream, I like that! I suppose the Art Gowns are pretty good at being woven cakes.
      What a lovely, lovely comment! Hmm, perhaps I’ll knit some dinner tonight. LOL! Thank you, dear Carolyn! xoxoxo 🔆❤️

  4. Lady Anne is stunning…. so wearable! 😍 I love it ((( wondering when did you create this one, BTW)) … The sketch featuring Holly is awesome, too…. and so is Leonard’s poem.
    Congrats on the magazine feature, once again, my friend… and thank you very very very much for including me here. 🦄💕 many hugs, and love across the miles 😘

    1. What a great comment! I saw your comment last night. I’ve been chuckling about how “wearable” Lady Anne is. You know, Aq, actually, with enough double sided tape (about 100 – 1″ strips) the bodice is completely stable. Just don’t move around much!
      🦄🦄Love it when you’re around! 🦄🦄 TY for your kind words, and I’m sending love down the continents! ❤️😘🌹
      OH! I made Lady Anne late fall 2013! 😀

    1. 😀 Thank you for all the wonderful poetry you post! I especially enjoy your original works, this one being my fave from my Art Gowns perspective! 😀

  5. Leonard’s poem is perfect for your post. And I love the leather and lace art gown. This is a favourite poem of mine by Robert Herrick:
    Upon Julia’s Clothes

    Whenas in silks my Julia goes,
    Then, then (methinks) how sweetly flows
    That liquefaction of her clothes.

    Next, when I cast mine eyes, and see
    That brave vibration each way free,
    O how that glittering taketh me!

    I think it could apply to any of your art gowns, too. 🙂

    1. I agree! That poem is an Art Gowns beauty. I believe I don’t know his poetry. Thank you so much for this, Gallivanta!
      Yes, Leonard’s work is special, and I was greatly moved when Iread this poem. Thank you, dear friend! xo

  6. Love that pic of you doing the skewed leg – very classy! I might start doing that. Perhaps not as fetching with a 6ft bald bloke, but I’m willing to take my chances. You’ve got great dress sense, madam! And always welcome to see Holly lurking around these pages. I know she’ll read this at some point.

    Maybe you could do a gown with a poem along the side? That’d look brilliant.

    1. All your suggestions are brilliant. Of course, we here at Art Gowns demand that Mr. Wapojif recite an original poem while wearing any of Resa’s 20 Art Gowns. Skewed… what… talk later…. skater.

    1. 😀 A very lovely comment dear Marcelo, thank you! I think I’m getting happier, as I get older. Just the fact that I get to make my Art Gowns is a reason to be the happiest ever.

    1. Thank you so very much!
      Funny you say that… in my fantasy … Art Gowns – The Art of Glamorous Fantasy – the Art Gowns are real. They all have names, they each have a personality, and they are all of different opinions, as seen in “Art Gowns Art Cards”. They love to bicker amongst themselves and of course all disputes are forgiven or forgotten at dinner parties. 😀

      1. I love it. I would very much like to be apart of that fantasy. It sounds elegant and royal. Is Art Gowns Art Cards part of your website? And which gown sits at the head of the table? 🙂 Thanks Ms Resa. Have a wonderful week..

        1. Art Gowns Art Cards is a gift to the Art Gowns. I’m honoured to include them in a special post.
          The dinner table is round, therefore there is no head. All Art Gowns are equal, albeit opinionated.
          Of course, you are right, it is an elegant place to be. 😀
          You have a wonderful week ahead!

  7. Loving the leather and lace together, was it difficult to sew those materials together? It would look marvellous on a gothic brides wedding day. Also loving your inspiration for these pieces Resa. Steam Punk is big in the theatre world so it would work there too. So imaginative xxxx 💕

    1. It is a nasty joke sewing leather and lace together! You are more knowledgable than most.
      In this case, the underskirt and tail are one piece. The leather part is like a pinafore overlay.
      As time has gone by, I have been making detachable tails. My overly elaborate tails are impossible to walk around in. However, limited movement is easy for the experienced gown wearer.
      So with with variable components, skirt, bodice, underlay, tunics and tails it is easy for the performer to get dressed and onto the stage. If need be, for reasons of press or party, tails can be detached and often used as boas or wraps.
      I find your comment very inspiring!
      One day will be ours, dear Charlotte! XXX 💜💜

      1. Past mistakes trying to sew difficult materials together in my textile design course at College, I chose to sew cotton onto a silk like polyester material – nightmare, I then sewed in leather triangles and used silver thread to sew leaves on to the garment and fused fabrics using butterflies as overall inspiration. I like how you overcame it. You’re inspiring me too, I was packing up my student flat and thought some clothes were looking tired and I wondered if I should remodel some of them.

        I always thought a top with detachable short skirt for day concerts and long skirt for evening concerts would be a good idea but I don’t like to show my midrift especially when singing so it would have to look sealed together.

        Viviene Westwood has been designing for Joyce DiDonato some very out there dresses, her war and peace dress was magnificent. I always notice when singers take costume risks because the industry overall can be quite traditional for concerts and recitals more than stage work.

        1. There’s a lot to think about when designing for performances. I’ve always wondered how singers manage to breathe, especially opera singers, when they are wearing a corset.
          Of course, not all costumes require a corset, but it’s difficult to get away from the look when doing period costumes. So, it is just the look, and therefore why not make use of a modern heavy duty stretch fabric … say as side inserts. Anyway, it doesn’t have to be a real corset, just look like one. Anyone with your figure would be fine.
          Designers for operas might already be doing this.
          Your textile project sounds crazy, yet wonderful at the same time. Did it turn out well after all your difficulties?
          Love your idea about being able to change skirts for afternoon and evening performaces. I already see a shorter exciting tail (detachable) to go with the shorther skirt.
          A top, corset style or other style, just needs to be designed to end at the high hip… or even lower hip. A waistline can be defined in several ways. There’s no need for a crop that shows the midriff.
          I’d love to design some out-of-the box-traditional dress for an opera. Viviene Westwood is so lucky! So is Joyce DiDonato! I wonder if I can find that dress on-line. I’m going to look after I post this commet.
          So, moving out of your student flat sounds like you’re on your way. The world is now your stage. I’m so excited for you!
          My next Art Gowns sketch will feature my niece in Flora Blanca, which I designed for her several years ago.
          It would be fun to sketch you in an Art Gown, meant for opera. If you send me a wish list of say 3 operas & the character you would play, I’ll do up a non traditional idea. If you’d like.
          There’s lots of pics of you on your blog, I’d use one of those. It wouldn’t be right away, but as passion dictates.

          1. The textile project got me full marks and after spending night after night embroidering and stitching beads on it too I was really pleased, I’ll have to dig out a photo and send it to you, of course it’s not anywhere near professional 😊.

            Three opera roles that spring to mind are Zerbinetta , Oscar , Blondchen .

            I thought about an Alice in Wonderland dress after she falls down the rabbit hole, she shrinks after drinking from a bottle marked DRINK ME so the dress would have to have a big skirt to attach to look too big, she eats a cake saying EAT ME and grows nine feet tall, so I don’t know how that could be represented, she fans herself to normal size and has to swim in her own 😭 tears. Then she meets animals and enters a caucus race. I need to set this story to classical music and song. So it would be interesting to see sketch costume ideas.

            Lots of crazy ideas there Resa if any catch your imagination at some point in the future 💕.

            1. Alice! Who says the costume isn’t affected by the change, or that there isn’t radical (and very gorgeous)departure from traditional thought? It’s wonderland … I see 3 costumes in 1. I’ll work on it!

  8. Carolee Croft

    Lady Anne is my kind of gown! I also enjoyed reading the article about you and your work. I’ve got to say, that photo of you is one of my favorites. I’m a huge fan of colorful tights, which you perfectly paired with that jacket… and your pose, so sassy! I love it. xoxoxo

    1. I can totally see that Lady Anne is your kind of Art Gown! It’s crazy, but I look better in photos than real life. I think it’s because I’ve worked in the industry so long that I know where to stand in the light, flattering angles and poses. Hope you’re having fun, wherever you are! xoxoxo

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