Art Gowns Dazzle the Runway at the Coop

✨✨ The runway was aglitter with the glamour of the Art Gowns modelled by some of the Coop’s most gorgeous Chicklets. ✨✨

“Good evening! My name is VIRGINIA, and I had the honour of being first onto the runway begowned in Empress D’Amore

“Off the top, I’d like to thank the original Empress D’Amore for being here with me tonight. Together the Empress and I will be discussing the highlights of the Hallowe’en Fashion Show at the Coop.”

“Thank you, Empress!”

Hello Virginia, and the pleasure is all mine! Let me just say, in my most humble opinion, that yours was the most regal Art Gown in the show!

“I won’t argue that! Now, on with the show!”

Presenting: MIA in Mystic Lake

“So Empress, what can you tell the folks at home about Mystic Lake?

Well, Virginia, she was inspired by ducks, specifically a ceramic duck created by  Belén Soto

“So, are those feathers I see?”

They are faux feathers made from hours and hours of hand shredding an over-dyed cotton gauze.


Presenting: INA in Athena ⭐️Graffiti Goddess⭐️

“Do my eyes deceive me? Is this Art Gown entirely hand painted?”

Yes, Virginia! She took 6 months to paint. She is covered in Tarot and Astrology symbols that relate to the Goddess Athena.

“I supposed Aquileana helped Resa with that.”

It is Obvious, isn’t it!

Presenting: LACY in Mnemosyne

“Ah, Mnemosyne, mother of The Nine Muses.”

That’s right, Virginia! A statuesque beauty in anyones books.

“So does Aquileana help Resa with all of the Goddesses?”

So far, yes. According to Resa, she is very inspired to make Goddess Art Gowns.


Presenting: ISABELLE in Tenesa

“Hmm, how did this …erm.. gown get into the world of Art Gowns?”

Don’t be too, harsh on her. She really is quite modern, in a street way. She’s an alley rescue, you know.

“From the alley?”

Yes, Resa insisted on making her an Honorary Art Gown. One day it’s a cat rescued from the alley, the next day it’s a rescued gown.


  ⭐️ 💥 ⭐️ BEHIND THE SCENES ⭐️ 💥 ⭐️

” Last week, The Empress and I got a special behind the scenes peek.”

Virginia, it was a thrill to see the skilled & talented Chicklets working the art.

“Let’s take it away!”

IRIS – Working on Lady Anne

“Well, she’s a wild one! Kind of rock and roll.”

Some say steam punk, others say she’s a biker gown.

“She appears to be all leather & lace.”

It’s up-cycled leather, from Resa’s boyfriend’s old leather coat and pants.

“She looks familiar?”

Yes, Holly modelled this Art Gown for one of Resa’s sketches, recently.

LOIS & LILY pinning the flowers on Flora Blanca

“Flora Blanca seems to be one of the more popular Art Gowns.”

True, she is quite the refined Art Gown, made for Resa’s niece, Sherrie, and you know, people love flowers!

“Where can the fans see more of Flora Blanca and the other Art Gowns?”

All one has to do is scroll down the Art Gowns sidebar. When you find the gown you love, just click on it. It will take you to the original post.

Well, Empress, it’s been a wonderful evening!” 💖

Yes it has, Virginia! I’m hoping we get to host another event very soon. Perhaps, a Red Carpet!💖


All © Art Gowns are designed, made & photographed by:

Resa McConaghy 2013 – 2018

All Chicklets art © Georgiann Carlson


120 thoughts on “Art Gowns Dazzle the Runway at the Coop

    1. Hello Sheldon! It was a lot of fun making this post. I have 20 Art Gowns now. 21 is half finished. I can hardly wait to complete it. Thing is, as time has gone by, I’m putting more and more work into them. I’ve already got the supplies for Art Gown 22. – Thank you, and Cheers! -Resa

  1. Resa, you outdid yourself, if that’s possible. This is truly wonderful!!! I’m going to show the chicklets and they will be absolutely thrilled. You are amazing and this is incredible. What a lovely fashion show. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. Peep and chirps, with wing flaps all around.

    1. Thank you very much, Gi! It sure was fun, and TY for the lovely message from the Chicklets on your blog. You know I adore you and the Chicklets. In many ways I found this much more enjoyable than doing a real fashion show. They are quite stressful.
      So, the new Art Gown is about 1/2 done. She’s looking quite fabulous! I decided to add these butterfly type flowers of my own invention. I’m making them out of the leftover scraps. I’ve made about 25, so far, but I think 60 is what I’ll need. So, I’ll just keep chip chirping away at it. I’m trying not to think about the white cat wedding gown, yet! I’ve got the fabrics close by, so I can take a peek every now and then.
      Sending hugs to you and Em! ❦❦❦❦❦

  2. Reblogged this on Rethinking Life and commented:
    Resa has posted the Chicklet’s Fashion Show and she did an AMAZING job. The chicklets are peeping and chirping and dancing around, flapping their wings for Resa and her incredible gowns. THANK YOU RESA…peep, peep, chirp. WE LOVE YOU!

    1. LOL! No, you don’t have to pick one! 😘Still about 2 months away from Art Gown 21 being finished. They take longer and longer to make, as time goes on. I suppose that’s because they have grown more elaborate.
      Have a fab weekend, Christy, and sending love back! ❦❦

    2. Thank you. I’m so happy you enjoyed the chicklets. Their body structure isn’t exactly made for Resa’s beautiful gowns but they did their best and were thrilled to do it. They already want to work with her again because she’s that cool and so much fun. 🙂

  3. Resa and Georgiann this collaboration is heavenly! 🌹 🌹 🌹
    You are both to be congratulated for your incredible talent.
    I tried, but, doubt I could ever have a favourite; they are all deliciously divine.
    From Empress D’amore and Virginia resplendent in Taffeta, to Flora Blanca and the incredibly talented dressmaker’s helpers, Lois and Lily; the runway has been a gala of beauty, fashion excellence, and a pleasure of regal majesty.
    I take my leave – bowing deeply….. 🌹 🌹 🌹

    1. What a wonderful comment!You sure know your Art Gowns.🧐 Guess you’ve been hanging around here for awhile. 😉
      It seem the Art Gowns take longer and longer to make. I’m 1/2 way through the new girl, #21, if you can believe it. # 22 is awaiting on deck. It’s pretty great having projects that bring them back up when they’ve been forgotten, and buy me more time to sew.
      Anyway, I’m very glad you enjoyed the show, and yes, it was resplendent! A curtsey for you, dear Carolyn! 🌹 🌹 🌹xoxoxo

  4. Timothy Price

    This is wonderful. I love the Chicklets, and I especially love the art work. Pen and ink with watercolor? So tastefully done.

    1. Thank you, Timothy! Actually, Gi uses these watercolour pencils that I use. She taught me a technique. Sometimes she uses gel pens. I really want to try those.
      It was pecks of corn of fun doing this post, and I’m so I happy you enjoyed it.
      Beauty, through art and humour, is most of what the Art Gowns are all about.

    2. I appreciate your very kind words. Thank you so much. The chicklets loved working with Resa and her beautiful designs. It was so much fun. I use Crayola watercolor pencils. They are the best watercolor pencils and I’ve tried MANY, believe me. I love them. Thank you again.

  5. Carolee Croft

    What a cool concept! I love when bloggers combine their various talents to create something absolutely unique. The illustrations are so cute! xoxo

    1. It is a very unique concept. Thank you for saying that! Georgiann’s Chicklets are very cute, and made wonderful models for the Art Gowns. Hope you are having the best time, wherever in the world you are! xoxo

    2. Thank you so very much. The chicklets had a wonderful time and are looking forward to working with Resa in the future. Copying her dresses were a challenge for the chicklets, but they were able to get the job done. I’m so happy you enjoyed the fashion show.

      1. You two have done such incredible piece of artwork here. The best artistic collaboration I’ve seen, but little wonder when two brilliant minds and talents put there heads and hands together 💕❣️

        1. It was so lovely to wake up to the fabulous comments. (especially since no call, yet). I’m just thanking all of the reblogs first, then I’ll work my way though comments! XOXO

  6. Hyperion

    Top Class gowns for high class chicklets with contributions from a lovely mélange of WP’s most talented ladies. Every gal is a goddess in one of these divine gowns.

    1. Thank you so very much! My Art Gowns are made 100% by hand, and mean a lot to me. This is why they all have names and personalities. The Chicklets look gorgeous in them. I was thinking that Chicklet Virginia in Empress D’Amore looks a lot like Ava Gardner. ❦❦❦

      1. Hyperion

        I agree! And Ava Gardner was a classy lady. Honestly, your gowns would make any gal into Cinderella or the goddess of her choosing.

        1. I can’t thank you, enough! It seems that my new Art Gown is further along than I thought. I could be posting in a month, but it’s hard to say. I’m very excited. I’ve been working on her for 4 months now.

  7. OMG. Am I glad I saw this on house of heart cos my reader has ben playing up and I would NOT have missed this for the world. That rescued gown is beyond gorgeous. They all are. You are amazing. x

    1. The Reader sucks! I rarely use it. Sometimes it goes in circles. Sometimes it’s all posts by the same sites.
      I’m an independent, erratic and intermittent type of blogger. I prefer just to go to blogs I like. I enjoy being on a person’s blog site…. seeing the way it’s set up and looks, basking in their visual creativity within their theme.
      Anyway, I’m back on track with reading your latest & fab book. It’s a chapter a day with morning coffee.
      The new Art Gown is further along than I had thought. She should be finished in …. mmm 3 weeks. Then of course taking the pics and writing the post….. 2 weeks.
      Take care, and keep writing! Resa xo

  8. Dear Miss Resa, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for including me in this one-of-a-kind fashion event. It was a night of dreams! Of splendid gowns that spun you away to magical, happy worlds. Of fantasy gowns that whispered incredible dreams and extravagant thoughts. Into our world that is sometimes dark and frightening your art gowns shimmer and dazzle. They light up our life. They fill us with hope. They fill us with wonder. You are indeed a treasure. XXXOOO Virginia

    1. Dear Virginia,
      It was so wonderful to have you be my inspiration for Empress D’Amore. When I saw how gorgeous Georgiann’s Chicklet looked in it (Somewhat like Ava Gardner, I thought) I knew you, the real Empress D’Amore & Chicklet Empress D’Amore should co-host the event.
      Yes, it was a dazzling evening. From one treasure to another, XOXOXO

    1. Ah yes, Tenesa! I adore her. Thank you for saying you enjoy my humour. Only those who follow Art Gowns totally get the asides. I’ve made them into people, in a way. Their vanity is humorous. Beauty with humour, is a wonderful reality. Makes me think of Lucille Ball or Mary Tyler Moore.

    1. All is well here, and trust it is at your end. Shannon was a stunning and gorgeous bride.
      It is wonderful to meet you! 😀 Hello to Bill!
      My Art Gowns have become very important to me. Crazy how things happen.

  9. I wish I had the honour of being first down the runway in a gown. Nothing says “fashionable” quite like a hulking great man bloke in a pretty gown.

    But some beautiful gowns here, madam, with Flora Banca being my outright favourite. Do you say to other gown makers: “You call that a gown? This is a gown!” Rub their noses in it.

    1. So, all I need to do is make a hulking pretty gown. Simple enough, eh?
      Perhaps you are onto something with the bathrobe style. It can accommodate many sizes.
      Thank you for liking my Art Gowns!
      Yes, I rub their noses in it! Or, at least I’d like to.
      Hey, does Santa need any Art Gowns?
      Anxiously awaiting Santa’s answer!
      Madame x

  10. The chicklet paintings of your gowns are really unusual and you must be feeling wonderful that a friend has put herself out to honour your work in such a way dear Resa. I hope that you have the originals to create a gallery in your own home.
    Love from all of us my friend. Ralph xoxoxo ❤

  11. Oh Resa, what a gorgeous show! I am a huge admirer of your gowns, and the Chicklets rocked them! I love the ‘street’ gown – would wear it myself, it is so cute. Best wishes, sunshine, you are amazing!

    1. Thank you, Sue! The new Art Gown is almost in the home stretch. I’m hoping to post before Christmas! ❤
      Yes, the Chicklets can strut the chickwalk very well. They've all been to finishing school!

  12. You have found the best models, the most professional models to walk your ArtGowns, I love them!!!
    The drawings are sensational, that post more fun 🙂
    Congratulations to both, it is a beautiful collaboration.

    1. Yes, the models are wonderful! Of course Sol makes a fabulous model, but she can’t model all of the Art Gowns herself. She said she would model for a sketch of Mystic Lake. I have several sketches ahead, but when they are done, Sol & I will try our best to make a sketch of her in Mystic Lake! Sending love from me, Drake, Sol & Lluvia! xoxo

  13. Oh, my. OH. MY. GOODNESS. Like? Heck, no. I absolutely love this post, Resa and Georgiann. Fantastical, from top to bottom. Not a dud in the batch. So sweet. So needed at this time. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Do you plan to create a book? My wings are crossed!

    1. Hello Theadora!
      I’m so happy you like this post! We had a lot of fun doing this collaboration.Many people want Georgiann to do a book about the Chicklets. If she does, I will be very happy about my Art Gowns being in it!
      It was so great that Virginia & Empress D’Amore hosted!
      Sending love!

    1. Thank you, Eddie!
      The best thing is that all of my ArtGowns are made from up-cycycled items, repurposed fabrics, curtains, dated fabrics from bargain bins and such. They are eco- helping gowns!

    1. Gi’s Chicklets are adorable! She is doing more Chicklets in Art Gowns. I will make the suggestion of the Fairy Gown!!!! I’d love to see that! There will be another Chicklets Art Gowns post!

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