O’Roarke’s Destiny – by Shehanne Moore

Is the line between love and hate so fine you can’t see it? If you can’t see it, can you cross it?

Some women are attracted to bad boys. Are some men attracted to bad girls? What if a good boy became a bad boy? What if a bad girl became a good girl, even when she was bad?

That’s just part of the passion play in O’Roarke’s Destiny. The intrigue, mystery and small matter of an effective curse cast by Diver’s O’Roarke is the story’s action.

It’s 1801, Cornwall; a time when women needed men, more than men needed women. Or, so society knew. 1801, Cornwall; Destiny Rhodes needs no one, nor anything: save Doom Bar Hall, its servants, Aunt Modesty’s porcelain, Lord Tredwynne’s antique armour, Grandfather Austell’s stuffed parrots, garlands in the hall at Christmas, her garden and all the embroidered pillows sewn up mended.  At least that’s what Destiny was thinking. 

However, it all seems somewhat moot after Divers O’Roarke wins Doom Bar Hall, from Destiny’s drunkard brother, Orwell.

It’s a world of smugglers, pirates, excisemen and extreme danger, yet, Destiny needs only her instincts. She’s in over her head, but owns a drive to do what has to be done to get to the bottom of what is going on, and retain a position to remain at Doom Bar Hall.

Still, Lyons busted her illegal casks of spirits. Who tipped him off?  Mostly, why did Divers O”Roarke take the fall for her?


There’s gowns in the story.

Tragically, Destiny’s dear husband Ennis, while in his carriage, had cascaded to his death into a ravine.(credit to the curse) Now, Destiny is in an eternal mourning in black. On top of it all, she has pined away her body’s curves, and chopped off her luscious long black hair.

Divers O’Roarke wants her, but black is for widows. He has won Doom Bar Hall … fair & square? So, her gowns are his, to sell at his pleasure. Yet, his pleasure is far from the few bits of coin he could get for the gowns. What he wants is to see Destiny, in any gown other than widow’s black.

Eventually, Destiny must wear a gown for him. She dons her least sexy gown, which is in Egyptian blue. (I don’t have that colour in my caddy, but I came up with an eau de nil). This colour is not her best, possibly her worst, definitely her most disliked.

Yet, what Divers O’Roarke wants is to see her in her most vibrant and glorious red gown. Will she wear it?

1. How did the idea of a curse come up? Are you superstitious, dabble in say; Tarot or Astrology? How/why did the curse entail everything turning to dust? Why not turn to toads, a lowly insect or even a hamster? (a little cheek)

Oh, now there was  a time I  did some work for a psychic  journalist. I did once say what haven’t I done writing wise and other way wise when it comes to earning a crust. And yes I also did some Tarot work for her too as part of that. So I did learn the cards.  At that time I also could do card readings from  playing cards. I had a great aunt who could do the tea leafs.  That totally fascinated me growing up. I think much as we may mock it, we do want to know a bit about what’s ahead, that HOPEFULY there’s a corner that will be turned or some good luck coming. As for the  curse idea? Well, the book started about a house that the heroine had lost. And that idea came from us having to sell up our family home and me jokingly saying to a friend, I should just have flung myself in with it as a housekeeper. Then I thought BINGO idea for a book here. And it started out as fun and frothy but there were things on the table that weren’t right. Like why didn’t the hero just put her out? How can he be so besotted with this family when they were horrible to him as a child? Was light and frothy going to sustain a book? Then for some reason I saw their pasts and how and why he had cursed her and how everything had then gone wrong in her life since. Everyone she cared about has died. So she gets this name locally that way. Now if only I had thought beyond the box though, you are right. He should have said may everything you touch turn into a hamster dude. But then she’d have been overrun.  That might have been a worse curse.  2. Your use of humour helps in feeling the underlying intense emotional states of Destiny and O’Roarke.  With Destiny it’s the simple practical day to day things she plans to do the next day. With O’Roarke, it’s what to dig his grave with. Did you intend these character’s personal thoughts to be a humorous relief? Or did it just turn out that way?

No. Firstly I always like to use humour of thoughts. We all have them, let’s be clear. Maybe not about graves and what to dig them with etc., but we do have little idiosyncrasies and of course we are not always aware of them either.  And I also know my readers expect to have a few giggles. So I couldn’t not. My characters always have some kind of wee saying or attitude. One heroine had sliding scales of things. Another would sooner swallow a crocodile than do whatever and as the book went on, that list grew and grew. One hero–my most impatient one–had Christ on various things.  I did feel this book would be a bit dark if I didn’t have these bits. They are neither of them in the best place emotionally.  However I then have the prob of her being a widow and I did NOT want to tackle it by having her thinking well, she was widow, thank God, because she had every reason not to have loved her husband. I felt that was a get out.  So I thought if I had her, having been hit so hard that her way through is to line up  tasks and tick the boxes, that that actually could prove quite humorous, especially if she’s so busy lining up these tasks, while people keep ‘getting in her face’  she doesn’t see how deep the waters are getting. It was like a wee you may think wink to my readers  she’s going to be incandescent with rage the way my other ladies would be, but you are in for a surprise here. She’s too busy thinking she has that cushion cover to sew and that stool to mend. In a way these are the things that also need to be prised loose from her fingertips. 

 3. I’m fascinated by “Doom Bar Hall”. How did you come up with that name? Had you considered calling it “Rhodes Hall”?

Doom Bar Hall was called after Doom Bar sandbar in Cornwall. Given I wanted to write of curses and smuggling, and not such great emotional states, I wanted something dark sounding and it is quite a fearsome sandbar I gather, responsible for hundreds of ship wrecks down the years. Originally before I went from frothy to dark, from Hampshire to Cornwall geographically,  the house was called Lavistock and the book title was the Lady of Lavistock. Divers wasn’t called Divers O’Roarke either at that point. I just felt all round this was stronger. I do like to create a pervading mood and landscape for each book. This became the one here.

Resa, I want to thank you not just for inviting me here today, but your wonderful friendship AND the talent and readiness to use it to create gowns, for all those you create gowns for AND that includes my ladies. They and I salute you. 

Here’ s the first drawing I did of Destiny. I was trying too, hard with the chopped off hair look. Yet, I still like it, because she looks like a pirate courtesan, with hair for an eye patch.  Yet, perhaps this is a more correct visual introduction to Destiny.

Shehanne Moore is a native of Scotland, Dundonian by birth. She is the author of many Romance novels.

Having read 3 (almost 4) of her books, I can say her attention to the details of an era puts one in a different time and place. You don’t question it. You are there.

As for the flame of love she burns with her words, I suggest you read a book to see the fire!

Click on the pic below, to buy O’Roarke’s Destiny on Amazon!

A cover for one’s book can be as daunting as writing it. After a great search, Shehanne found the image below. The colours were wrong, but they were made right.

Eye’d like to thank all who took the time to read this post. Love you all!

“Destiny” As a Resa one eye

143 thoughts on “O’Roarke’s Destiny – by Shehanne Moore

        1. YOu mean lot to me lady. I am honoured to frame your art. I have them downloaded and will get them turned into posters and hung. I have put links on the Black Wolf Books and my author pages on FB. Will post on my own one tomorrow. And reblog this too in the not too distants. Also I will be back here tomorrow. Still got a wee bit throat bother. Just not 100 percent, so having an early night…for me anyway. Got to pick up the Mr’s play again tomorrow for a forthcoming festival, so need to be able to speak xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  1. First, Shehanne Moore’s book sounds very interesting. It sounds fresh in her taking modern day questions/situations and applying them to a nineteenth century world. I wish her the best of luck with her novel. May she find great success.

    Now, as for you Resa dear. You leave me in awe with your stunning creations. Your writing entertains, while these gorgeous creations tease the eye and imagination. To physical see a woman draped in one of your gowns would be a breathtaking experience.

    Always look forward to your posts and you always deliver.
    Sending some sunshine from the Caribbean your way.

    1. She is amazing is Resa. I just can’t believe this post. She more than delivers and I always feel in her post how much she loves gowns and getting them on the page, creating them for real, you name it. She is a wonder and also wonderful Thank you for you kind words about the book. I do feel that in terms of how we often feel the world has not changed, although each time had its own constraints so I do try to have a fresh take on setting.

        1. Lonely!
          It’s so cool that you answered Shehanne.
          Luv the interaction in this blog world, and I want everyone to make a breakthrough!
          Your book sounds intriguing!

  2. OH MY GOD, Resa, I am dumbstruck Totally. The wonderful drawings and everything you say. you have me laugh now with that biz of Destiny needed no-one except… My lord, did I really burden that poor girl with all LOL I just don’t know how to thank you. Truly. Gobsmacked. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Shehanne dear,
      This was a lot of fun to do up. It’s so great that the gowns played a small but supporting role in the story. Drawing Destiny was a very satisfying experience. The Regency Period’s gowns aren’t the first thoughts I have when I think of making or drawing one. However, it is an important era, as it is the first time corsets did not define the silhouette, and women had more freedom and comfort in their clothing. It was the style embraced by Josephine Bonaparte for that very reason.
      I find it apt that Destiny, a free willed woman, would be from this time.
      I know I cheated a tad…. there should be more gathers under the bust, and more fabric in the body and skirt in general, yes, I suppose I did Jean Harlow them up a bit, but well, I wasn’t drawing for a catalogue. LOL!
      It was so great to review the period, and remember all I had learned about it.
      Of corse, the small window of time women enjoyed this style’s freedom in was instantly changed when Victoria became Queen. The corset was back, and women were once again trussed up in a much more confining style for a century. I wonder what women from either of these periods wold think about t-shirts and tights? xoxoxoxoxo

    2. My reply to you was so long, I decided part 2 should be in it’s own comments box.
      LOL! The part about Destiny needing no one except…. I laugh now, too. You see, I wanted to get the names right… Lord Tredwynne’s armour, aunt Modesty’s dishes, etc. Well, in rereading those parts, I bumped into Great Grandmother Endelienta’s clock, and a few other ancestors and things.
      I thought, do I add all these things to the list? However, I felt my point was made with the list I’d made. Still, the burden, as you call it, pays off. I won’t say how, because it could be a tad of a spoiler! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

      1. I think you did the Regency bit wonderfully. How women ever managed or put up with the entire Victorian things I don’t know. The Regency gowns were so much nicer that way. Josephine sure had her uses. You got the names spot on …and yeah there was the clock but she was always hauling some Cornish name out of the woodwork. I had a lot of fun with these names I tell you. Trawling through a tone to get one I thought.. there it is. I mean some were obvious place names but I gather that was a custom there to name after places too. When I chose the era, the date for the book, EVENTUALLY after I moved it cross country and renamed the hero, his sister, her brothers and also entirely changed the hero, I thought… that era would be right for her but also the family would not be typical and then it fitted in well with how the smugglers had kind of started to peak. Things started changing for them round about this time so it all worked not too badly x

        1. She is just wonderful and so very kind and supportive. All the things she is just shine from her posts and of course, the gowns she makes. A wonderful spirit. I just wish I lived closer to her xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. She has indeed. Resa just needed to know one thing… were there any gowns? And I said oh …indeed. Dress is very important to all my heroines but never more so than in this book. And that was it. x

  3. Hi you two! Resa, you’ve done a fabulous review of this awesome sounding book of Shehanne’s . I definitely must add it to my stack for fall reading, Congratulations Shehanne, your book is quite an accomplishment and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!
    Resa, the gowns are glorious, I can envision these gowns gracing the ladies of this amazing books pages! Wonderful, both of you. Love! ❤

    1. Holly xxxxxxxxxxxxxx for these lovely words. I found this a very difficult book to write because of the themes that actually I never chose. I know that sounds very odd but I set out a particular way and then suddenly I’m on a totally different path. Resa has wonderfully taken earlier bits here of the story re the gowns and Destiny’s feelings about being unable to wear them any more and why, to absolute heart. Soul too, I’d say. She’s the best when it comes to these things. the absolute best. I love her to bits x And thank you, thank you. you know I am a huge admirer of your wonderful way with words.

      1. I’m very excited about your new book , I often set out on a path that wanders into different territory but it’s. Meant to be and that makes this book even more enticing. I’m so looking forward to reading it. Resa is a gifted wunderkind that I ( like so many) adore. Hugs to you both and congratulations 🎉🎈🎊!

        1. Holly, I just said blog world folks are the best and they are. I have had so much more support on here, way beyond than in my personal life. You’ve made my day in every way. I think wandering is often a good idea though. LOL, of course I do it so I have to defend it. But despite the times I tore my hair and ripped up bits and rewrote characters and wanted to scream because the things they were coming out with were throwing everything I had written to that stage, like this book wasn’t even set in Cornwall or had a smuggler in sight to start with, It was Hampshire and Divers was exactly who he said he was. I would rather have that than something I had planned and stuck to. I don’t know about you but the funniest thing is the pieces you fling in the air not knowing what will happen? Well, they all land and then they all fit together. Like there’s bits I never ever see coming cos they are somewhere on the far horizon to be written and I still have no idea how to get that far, but there’s bits at this point I am thinking of …like writing out a character but I don’t because the little voice just says, don’t you trouble about that bit just now, sit it to the side. NO do not even think about taking it out, throwing it away, just wait. That is the last piece. Its place is there. Then when it happens out of the blue that yes that piece does indeed go there…well. And even better it gives the conflict for the next scene , even bigger….well…..

          1. I truly believe that a tale can be planned but to an extent, the rest as you say so eloquently, seems to fall into place and the results are magnificent. One reads and wonders how it all turned out so fluent when the ideas were thrown out there waiting their time and it happens! 🙂 Brava, my friend! xxxxx

            1. Holly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I know a tale can be planned. I just can’t plan it. I really admire those who do and can. It would be so much nicer than getting out in a tightrope and hoping to get across to the other side. The very best to you my friend. Always continue to write the most amazing works. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

        1. Listen.. your reviews are the best. There are bits here I could hug. I remember on the Splendor one you said…enter Earl Stillmore 24 (Pawns whatever it was, I don’t actually play chess, which made it nuttier I wrote about it ) etc etc and it just summed him up. Ok, he was a bit inebriated (A bit?) and argumentative (A bigger bit?) at the time but I could just see him sweeping him, taking over everything, field marshal precision, after all he always won. And I just thought wow, I love the way she’s done this and I LOVE the way you’ve done this one. The things about Destiny and her garlands and her cushions. But I love everything else too, most of all the drawings. Who wants reviews in the mould?? I have an author interview to get up next but then this goes on the blog. Oh yes and how xxxxxxxxx

          1. Well, I’m curious to hear what the Hamsters have to say about this review! I hope they don’t take the part about the curse of the Hamsters to heart! xxxxxxxxxxxx

    2. Thank you dear Holly! ❤
      It was a good read, and really did take me to another time.
      As far as the gown drawings go, I really did get to explore drawing a different time period that I might not have otherwise tried.
      Of course, I'm back to drawing tango gowns for RR, again. Also, I need to try drawing a villain, for PBH. I have one in mind. We'll talk !

      1. Tango gowns…. Oh my. I hope we will get to see them at some point. You explored the Destiny time very very well. These lovely flowing, but seemingly simple lined dresses and their elegance. Thank you again. You are an amazing lady you know xxxx

  4. Oh… what a wonderful collaboration! Resa, you’ve brought to life to Destiny with your otherwordly Art Gowns [once again, I LOVE your drawings!!!!!!!!] and it is obvious that Shehanne’s book is inspiring, so well done both! xoxoxoxoxo

    1. She’s the best in every way. I can’t get over all the work she’s done here and how she’s given me that whole bit of the book too, which when I wrote was to try and get this breakdown of Destiny which actually became vital for all that she did next and why. I am framing these beautiful drawings. Thank you so much for your comment.

      1. My pleasure and yes, I agree she IS the best in every way with a heart of gold! As I say, you inspired her to create such amazing Art Gowns and drawings, so, I agree… I would frame them too, this fruit of a beautiful collaboration! 🙂

    2. Thank you, Marina!
      I think I’m getting better at drawing. Destiny in her gowns (my Art Gowns) came out of me easily. I only ripped up 5 or 6! LOL!
      The eras Shey writes in are ripe for an Art Gown review! So happy you like this!
      ❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o – Hera
      ❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o❦x❦o- Marina

      1. Oh, yes you are eventhough I love them from the first one and wouldn’t change a thing! Hera and I send you more live and hugs tenfold! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

      1. OOOH. xx It is an important supporting device, the biz of the gowns. I did write it in specially. I may not have planned to or seen it coming but I could see the place for using them when the moment came. xxxx

          1. They do indeed. I wanted her by degrees and inches to see that what she thinks and feels at the start about what she’s doing and how none of it matters inside, in fact does and for that to be a gradual breaking gown…oops down… so yep, you betcha….besides I knew you liked gowns !!! I thought Resa will want gowns here.

            1. As a Costume Designer in film and TV for many years, I understand that clothing helps articulate a character.
              My fave productions always had strong characters, and were set in a different time period.
              Your period romances are right up my alley!

            2. You know Resa you are spot on about what helps articulate a character. When we were doing the Mr’s play initially I found myself struggling to nail the main character—lol she plays several–but as that main character right at the start. I think it was because she opened the play and I had never done that ever. I tried it various ways. Then one night we were heading out down the road for a one drink…pick up pizzas open wine evening and I had on my black trench coat, and purple beret and big chavvy boots and in the mirror I ran the lines that end in ‘Eh’m fae Dundee.’ (I am from Dundee and I’m Em (Emma from Dundee. An in joke. you would never call a baby girl Emma here)) And I added. ‘ Get in.’ As in get that. Daft eh? Spot on. And in that second with the beret and the trench coat I had her. I am fair tickled that my stories are right up your alley. I love things set in the past. I always have. They are my absolute fav. xx

              1. I also think where people are concerned the way dress does define us. We might not always think it but it does, so it is important to me to give a character that detail.

    1. Thank you dear LDN! 😀 If there’s one thing I know for sure, you have a sense of humour!
      I hope there are no drawings of tuxedos around your place. If they see the gown drawings in this post, you’ll have to lock them up in a drawing of a closet!!! 😀 😀

      1. In relation to your wonderful gowns so my tuxes is admits temporary release only and under high security – so they don’t make such stupid things , as only tuxes in love do. 😀 😀 😀

    1. I was just saying to Resa, despite the fact she dresses pretty badly, we need gowns in this story. Resa will expect to see gown, to read of gowns. I am thrilled that those bits have so inspired her to draw these gowns in all their fabulous glory. Lovely to meet you xxxxxxx

    1. Daniel, I love this comment, I think the historical, hysterical and the H’s in between is the best. Long as we don’t get to the other stuff beginning with h, we are good. And the gowns are the best x

      1. Thank you Resa, I am happy to have connected to Shey through you. Looking forward to reading her work. I was just thinking I need to add to the Whitby Ladies. Frank and Joe have also been patiently waiting near a graveyard in back of an elementary school in NM, to explore a tunnel or two. 😉

    1. Daniel, that is so kind and thank you for following my blog. I am looking forward to reading yours. Coming back later to read–properly– your Whitby Ladies for starters. I see you have the soundtrack there of a series I rather enjoy too. Yes, this afternoon is going to be a good one.

            1. Daniel xxxxx. Yeah I do like to have humour in my books. Often of the kind that we all privately think but wouldn’t be seen dead admitting to thinking. Then I like creating little idiosyncrasies for each character even if they’re for getting binned next scene. You are very kind.

  5. Wonderful review! I haven’t started reading the book yet. I know I will love it though.Thank you for creating all these exceptional characters, Shehanne.
    Your drawings are charming, Resa, and so is your sense of humor. It must be your Irish genes 🙂
    Have a happy weekend, beautiful ladies! xxxx

    1. Inese, you are always so good to me. Thank you. Thank YOU. I just started working on book 2 in the series so that comment is one I will keep in front of me the whole way. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The drawings are beautiful. and I do love Resa’s sense of humor. She had me laughing many times at the review. x

        1. Well… I am thinking that there should be a ball scene. A quite vital one on some ways. But when I say that is as much as I can tell you, it seriously is, cos I never ever know where I am going next. But the little voice tells me at some point there would be a very good reason for a ball scene, with lovely gowns of course.

        2. Lol just letting the relevance of that chariot bit sink in. Well the next book was meant to be the finale to my Time Mutants series, which will have bits set in Roman times, largely cos I first saw that first scene and I have started it because promised folks who rather liked my Time Mutant Morte he would get his story. BUT because Destiny is fresher in my head, because inadvertently I made Gil Wryson the man with no memory of his past…well.. that is the one speaking most to me. So it will be ball gowns rather than chariot races I am afraid BUT these will come x

      1. Shehanne, I am delighted to hear about book 2. Just started reading the Destiny book. Loving it! Any time mutants book in making? 🙂 Never too many books from you.
        Wishing you best of luck! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

        1. Oh yes. There is a Time Mutant book in the making. It is the story of Morte and Remain, who is Sin and Malice’s daughter. (People quite liked Morte and I know I killed him off but I have managed round that. LOL) I just thought while the character that will continue to book 2 in Rogues is still fresh with me, that might be the one to go with BUT I have also got the first three chapters of the Time Mutants one. OOH. Thank you, thank you for the lovely comment. Really heartening. Truly xxxxxxx Made my day. Never too many photographs from your either my talented friend.

          1. Ah I am glad you reversed the killing. I think it is quite normal in the world of the Time Mutants.
            Your book is waiting for me to open. I haven’t read anything in a while. Soon, soon xxxxxxxxxxxx

        1. Many of my mother’s side came to Dundee during the Irish famine. I have Moores, Colemans, Lees and Morgans from there. I have a terrible mixture of ancestry and in some instances quite a dangerous lot too.

  6. Oh gosh I can’t wait to read it! I’m sooo far behind on my reading list ackkkk! Wonderful interview, Shey and Resa – Two talented ladies coming together for one heck of a creative and talented offering here xo

    1. YES…
      Sorry I missed this. I’m over here working on a new Art Gowns post.
      Passions run high with this gown.
      Still, at least a week until it’s posted.
      Hope you Are well!

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