Art Gowns ~ Femme Finale

While waiting for Hyperion to answer the call that she sent out via Resa’s Tree, Princess Blue Holly (aka PBH, Blue Holly & Princess Blue) morphed into her Cheetah outfit!

“Princess Blue, you’re so cool, NOT,  with all your magic changes. HA! cough … hiss … cough! PBH is Peanut Butter Holly to me. You’re nothing but mush… cough!”

No wonder Hyperion wasn’t answering! Princess Blue Holly remembered that Resa’s Tree had been frozen by Evilomlap, into an artificial winter. She couldn’t use her Tangle Heart, he was onto it, and had used it to lead her to his lair.

Blue Holly suddenly heard Marina’s invisible whisper. “Use my Pear Tree! It’s incognito, hiding between Dr. Huey and Melody Parfumee rose bushes. Pruned to a point, it should get through to Hyperion.  Evil can’t find it!

Evilomlap wound his length around Princess Blue, squeezing harder and harder. Princess Blue surrounded Evilomlap with her spiked leaves and poison berries. Stalemate!

This was the moment of truth. Princess Blue Holly could not last forever in a stalemate. With all the might of her telekinesis she could muster, she called out to Hyperion and felt him finally answer. She could feel her inner dragon welling up as Hyperion calmly guided her Special Claw Glove to pierce deeply into Evilomlap’s scaly flesh. In desperation, Evilomlap buried his fangs into her ankle, and injected his virus venom.

Princess Blue Holly winched in pain and held on as her inner dragon forced the virus through her and into her Claw Glove, injecting Evilomlap with his own viral poison.

As the virus coursed through Evilomlap Etagloc, he turned blue, was frozen by his own venom and rendered into the very frame he had intended to imprison Princess Blue Holly within. Checkmate!

Once Evilomlap was imprisoned, Resa’s tree was freed into a new magic realm.

The distorted path upon which PBH’s Tangle-Heart had beaconed from far away, straightened out. Her Tangle-Heart was back in focus.

Tangle-Heart led Blue Holly through the Paris night, back to the Moulin Rouge. With the Art Gowns models restored and dressed for the next number, PBH segued into Rene Rosso.

Rene Rosso and the Art Gowns models: Shey, Dale, Gigi, Marina, and Holly dazzled the audience with their special chorus line number.

During thunderous applause, Rene Rosso switched gowns for her solo song, a torch to Annie Lennox and the song “WHY”.

Princess Blue Holly & Rene Rosso characters © Resa McConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter

Visit Tim, Art Gowns special photographer & official Magic Tree curator at: Off Centre & Not Even

Visit Dan, Art Gowns official Dragon consultant at: Return of Dragons

Rene Rosso & the Art Gowns Models will be back! In the next adventure Princess Blue Holly will save them from double trouble in Chicago!

In the meantime, you can visit all of the Art Gowns Models on their blogs. Their names are 🔥 HOT 🔥 under their Chorus Line Number!

FYI: Melody Parfumee is a purple Floribunda, Grandiflora rose growing in Tim’s Magic Trees garden.


132 thoughts on “Art Gowns ~ Femme Finale

    1. Yay!
      Thank you, so much!
      I’m getting better at drawing, but I only ever studied fashion sketching. So, this is where it has taken me.

  1. OMG they’re coming t CHICAGO!!!!! I can’t believe it. This was such a wonderful story and I ABSOLUTELY love chorus line drawing. You keep outdoing yourself, Resa, which always leaves us wanting more. Fabulous job.

    1. Thank you so much, Gi!
      I’m so happy that you are one of the Art Gowns models!
      The Chorus line drawing was a stretch, and I’m happy with how it came out.
      I will probably have some Chicago questions.
      I’ve got some fun ideas.

    1. They, like you, are definitely dazzling.
      I’ll have you back in the next story. You were the choreographer, if I remember. I’ll have to check!

    1. Thank you dear Thunder!
      So glad you were saved from that awful Evilomlap! He’s quite the drag.
      Yeah… Chicago! I have some cute ideas that will lead to drawing Art Gowns!
      (maybe early 50’s?)

  2. Oh, my what a Chorus Line with those rocking Art Gowns!
    Resa, I love your lines and movement of your drawings!
    Hugs – Love and kisses to all the talent in here!!!!!!!!
    ps Oh, I see my lovely pear tree!!!!!! 😉

    1. Marina!
      Yeah, the Chorus Line came about in a creative burst from running out of paper.
      The art store is closed, and every page counts. Lol! What artist said, “There are no mistakes!”?
      I was going on that.
      So glad you are here, and having fun with me!
      The pear tree is important in this story!

        1. Yes, I am noticing that.
          Drawing to music has helped me loosen up a lot! Haha, sometimes I can’t control the brush…. but I suppose that is what it is all about…. a freedom of sorts!
          It comes through in the work of art!
          xoxoxoxoxoxo ❤ xoooxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. You’ve taken an awesome concept and created a masterpiece. You’ve made us fabulous but you are more fabulous than any words can describe. I’m blown away by Paris Adventures, we can save the world with a little help from our models (Dale, Marina, Gigi and Shey) the Dragon Master Hyperion and Timothy, gift-er of beautiful trees and wild imaginations and above all, the Diamond Girl that is Resa. xoxo

    1. Lol! Or should I say Lil, as in Diamond Lil!
      Or maybe like a rapper, Lil Diamond Resa. ❤ 💎<3

      It's just a whole lotta fun. I adore drawing and making up stories.
      I also enjoy connecting with you and others in this creative atmosphere. Everyone here is a creative beauty.
      Let's keep creating & having fun!

            1. Ohhhhhhh yes!
              I wonder if they might come at some point, wear masks & distance.
              Bad for the vocals, but I’ll take instrumentals, happily! xoxo

              1. He just left a comment!
                He’s trying to subvert me into a life of thievery!
                It might have something to do with that damn Marmite!

    1. Thank yo so much, dear TOF!
      Yes, I think I have the gift. 🧐Now, if I can just figure out how to open it without tearing the paper. 😉❦

    1. I felt confident, as well! Of course I am in control. 😀
      Now what were you doing on the runway? Trying to grab a spot in the Chorus Line?

  4. Timothy Price

    To borrow from Mary Poppins the finale is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, fantastic, superb, and wonderful. Your drawings a precious, your models beautiful, and you weaved together such a creative story with intrigue, beauty, evil, good, a dragon, venom, antivenom, trees, and magic with a great ending.

    1. THANK YOU!!!
      It’s so much fun doing these adventures!
      I do try to weave pieces from here, there and everywhere. I couldn’t do it without blog pals.

      BIG SMILES on my face! I’m listening to Feline Matchmaking!!!
      It’s wonderful, lol…Jeep and Spunk!
      Yes… very cutie!

    1. The Chorus line made the day for the Parisian audience! Lol!
      It’s so much fun doing these stories.
      Of course, it wouldn’t be the same without the Art Gowns models. Thank you, Shey!

      Now that I’ve finished this tale, I’ll be doing my book review in a couple of weeks.
      The pics take awhile to draw, I’m almost out of paper!!!! Hoping the Art Store opens soon!!
      The next actual Art Gown is still about 2 months away from being finished.

  5. Oh, no, they’re coming to Chicago and we aren’t there any more!! Not fair!! Don’t I wish we could do the same with this virus, force it through to some evil thing and then be rid of it. I won’t say evil person because I know the definition of people fitting that description would vary much too wildly. 🙂


    1. Yes, Chicago!
      What is your favourite Chicago landmark/place to visit?
      We’re all quite excited in our Art Gowns fantasy land.
      I agree with you! It would be great to “force it through to some evil thing and then be rid of it.”
      Well, we did it in our imaginations. ❦

      1. I like the Bean. It’s iconic and the reflections are wonderful. Then there’s the sign for the start of Route 66 and Bill’s favorite restaurant right by it, Lou Mitchell’s, also iconic.

  6. Hyperion

    Resa, you have created a story form that everyone can enjoy to the utmost. Amazing talent and A-Level actresses in gowns worthy of regal pomp and ceremony. The after party is lively as well. We are blessed to have the gift of smiles in this sea of frowns. The smiles will win the day just a goodness won against the evil scaly one.

    1. Ahh, a story form… interesting. It kind of stared out a comic book thing. Then by adding other artists, photos, live models into drawings, trees, Dragons…. etc. well it seems I might have created Gowntoons!

      Thank you for this awesome comment! Art Gowns will be back for more of Hyperion’s help in the next adventure!

    1. Oh, thank you Jean, and you are very welcome!
      I get to have a lot of escape making up the stories, and drawing is so very enjoyable.
      Someone called my stories “Gowntoons”.
      I like that!
      Take care!

  7. Another thrilling adventure! We’re having thunderstorms here now, so I had great sound effects while reading.
    That rose does look like it must come from a magical garden.

    Looking forward to the art gown models in Chicago. I’m picturing some Bob Fosse moves. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Merril!
      Ooo…thunderstorms! definitely a superior soundtrack!
      Thunder is my nickname for Dale!
      It’s really fab to have Tim’s pics to work with.

      Thanks for the Fosse tip!!!!!! ❦

  8. Cool beans! “Resa’s tree” – I always expected you to own a bonsai tree, Resa. If you don’t, maybe buy/steal one. Yes? That’s your mission for summer 2020.

    1. Holly was right! You’re trying to subvert me into a life of tree thievery.
      I hope this doesn’t have something to do with Marmite!!!

  9. Oh love this!!! This is just sublime: wonderful storytelling, exquisite sketches, and just a magical adventure all around. Honestly, you manage to enchant me every time, sprinkling your artist´s fairy dust all over my Monday. Muchisimas gracias, dear Resa! I thouroughly enjoyed this and can´t wait to be taken on more sparkling adventures in the future. 💕

    1. Dear Gypsy,

      I love Fairy Artist Dust! Sprinkling away!
      This is a very lovely comment, thank you!
      How are you? Are you staying safe?
      I think if we can’t go on sparkling adventures in real life, we might as well go on the ones in our imaginations! I’ll be by soon! xoxoxo

      1. Dear Resa, its my pleasure – me inspiras a escribir asi with your priceless art works!! I completely agree – our imagination is a limitless place pf pleasures that we can always turn to when the outside life gets a bit too off balance! Thanks for your sweet care – I am well, I have a happy-to-be-a-hermit-side thas has come very handy over these months haha! And having a dog helps heaps! And so does mainstream media abstinence. How are you dear? Much love xoxoxo

  10. Wow, Resa, what an adventure that I truly enjoyed! Loved the Chorus Line and you all are simply stunning! Between your spellbinding story-telling and your fabulous art work, your creativity never ceases to amaze me. I’m smiling, thank you! Can’t wait for the next adventure and everyone is spot on, Resa’s done it again! ❤🎉❤🎉❤🎉😊

    1. Aww, than you for this wonderful comment, Lauren!
      Well, creativity is a must more than ever now, with all this isolating.
      At least the art supplies store is opened again, and I can stock up. LOL, my pencils are stumps.

      I’ve got a few posts planned, before my next Art Gown is finished. Then I’ll do the new adventure.
      Still, who knows which way the wind blows with inspiration? Think I’ll go with the wind!

      1. You are most welcome,my dear Resa.i feel sad because in India common people can not wear so must beautiful gown.yeah .only film actress and Bollywood celebrities can use all your gown. Your all gowns are marvellous,dear Resa🌷

        1. Thank you, Aruna!
          Most common people here do not get to wear gowns, except wedding gowns.
          That is why I make a gown fantasy.
          My gowns are for everyone, in their imaginations. 🌷

          1. Wonderful.when i will come in western countries then i will wear your designed gown for some moments in any party.amazing imagination-i love it💝💕💕 dear Resa!!

        1. There is a street car stop in front of my home, a MacDonalds across the street, and a foot bridge to a beach on Lake Ontario.
          The humanity out there is smoking, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, eating….unbelievable!
          A tent city has popped up on my street.
          I need a hazmat suit to just get around the corner!

          1. Some people just haven’t got the memo about the magnitude of situations. A situation posing so intensely that the solution is a hazmat suit? I bet with your immense creativity you could muster a hell of a hazmat suit? 😉

            1. LOL!
              Well, I do have “special” Covid clothes for going out and protecting myself. I design and make my own masks, which I wear over a medical mask. I launder everything every time.
              Thing is, with the Covid, it’s about us protecting each other. I wear a mask to protect you. You wear a mask to protect me.
              What I see a lot (not exclusively) of is no respect, and even disdain.

  11. So loved this Resa… Take a Bow…. you are truly the artist story teller…… Wonderful to finally catch a moment here with you.. and your beautiful friends whom you have portrayed wonderfully..

    Sending Mega Hugs…. ❤

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