An Evening with Picasso-esque

“Dahlings! Welcome to An Evening with Picasso-esque“.

“Rene Rosso here, and I’m thrilled to announce that this Art Gowns show is being broadcast across the globe. So, without further ado, let me hand the mike over to our esteemed Art Director, Rebecca Budd.”

“Welcome, welcome! Tonight, we are on  fascinating journey through the esque-art of Picasso. So, let’s not waste anytime, and bring on the Art Gowns Models!”

“First out on the catwalk is Gigi. Gigi and her gown sure know how to make a point!”

“Next out is AGM Shey. Shey showers us with a fun kooky rendition of romance.”

“Marina is a show stopper in this cubist creation.”

“Our darling Dale takes on a dozen dimensions in this daring design.”

“Holly is a dream in this flowing full length frock with matching hair.”

Tired of her Picasso-esque gown, Ms. Rosso did an unexpected costume change into a Van Gogh-esque gown, inspired by “Starry Night”.

She also changed the song she would sing. The orchestra scrambled to pull out the sheet music. After all, this was no ordinary Torch Song.

All of the AGMs were in the wings listening to Rene’s beautiful rendition of Nicole Scherzinger’s rendition of Don’t Cry For Me Argentina. Then suddenly, as the last note floated away, AGM Shey started turning greenish.

The AGMs and Rebecca watched in horror as the transformation continued, until

Shey had become a Goth Gown Model of her former self. The Sheygoth slowly faded away into black.

At that exact moment, every leaf on Shey’s Cottonwood, at Tim’s Magic Tree Sanctuary fell off. In the next second, all the other Magic Trees shed their leaves in solidarity.

One-Eye screamed, “Someone save Shey! We’re booked in Manchester in 3 days”!

Rene Rosso character © Resa McConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter

Prior to the defoliation of Tim’s Magic Trees, the trees whipped up a storm and a rainbow, that went all the way to Manchester, UK.

‘Oron’s head on a stick was placed on the rainbow, whereupon he slid all the way to Manchester. He landed on the doorstep of an umbrella factory, where he was cobbled back together.

Click on Umbrella ‘Oron to visit his blog.

All magic trees © Timothy Price from Off Center Not Even

Marina, Gigi, Holly, Dale, & Shey

Their names are hot! I assure you!

Lala LaSwirl (aka Charlotte Hoather) has been invited to perform in Rene Rosso’s new show opening soon, in Manchester UK.

As the proud owner of Charlotte & George’s new album, “Songs From Our Balcony” I must say I just can’t listen to it enough! In the meantime, here is the link to buy the new album, and other of her recordings.

194 thoughts on “An Evening with Picasso-esque

  1. Picasso would be overwhelmed with such a show! What an otherwordly Cubist or should I say Resaist art post and an all star cast! RR, Rebecca, AGMs Gigi, Holly, Dale, Shey, Lala LaSwirl, Tim, Oron…. I’m off to reblog this beauty! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. I wish Picasso could see this! Lol!
      Thank you dear Marina! All of you look stunning in my creations. I couldn’t have done it without your inspirations. Yes, yes, Picasso, but all of you guys are more Picasso to me, than Picasso.
      Hmm, sometimes I just don’t know what I’m saying until I say it.
      “🎼 You never know where you’re going ’til you get there. You never know if you’re going ’til you’re gone!🎼 ” – Looney Tunes.

      1. A ha ha haaaaa…. I know exactly what you’re saying and yep, never know where you’re going till you’re gone!!!!! 😂🤣
        I think Picasso is smiling up there!!!!
        Mouah, Dahling. I adore and admire you!

    1. You will get one! I just can’t seem to draw fast enough. 💜 In the meantime, I loved your YouTube video today. I left you a message about the new Art Gown being finished. Whatever you decide!💜

      1. LOL
        Take your time Resa. (Smiling as I tap my fingers on the table) You are well worth the wait.

        Seriously, take your time. I wish there was a way you and Holly and moi could do collab.
        I am not technical enough to do that.
        But if you record in pieces provide a script,
        I could actually do the editing as if you are in the same room.

        I am open to everything.

        I will retrieve the message. Grazi oh Talented Lady (with the high heels). I don’t forget. lol.

        This post was gorgeous. 🌹

        1. Perhaps Holly would provide a poem for the video footage of the new Art Gown that I will be sending you. I’m sure if she does, she would prefer it, if you recite it.
          Not sure. I will ask!
          Gorgeous… Thank you. I do believe I have gotten a lot better since I started this gluttony of gown drawing. Holly has been the hugest inspiration. Of course, all my beauties have inspired me. 💜

  2. Timothy Price

    That was quite an adventure. Wow. The Picasso-esque gowns are stunningly beautiful, especially on the stunningly gorgeous Art Gowns Models and art director, Rebecca Budd. Can Shey be saved from her all consuming Goth Gown? Does Shey want to be saved from the Goth Gown? Such a wonderful story and fun presentation.

    1. Thank you, dear Tim!
      I am so inspired by all of the AGMs, RR & Rebecca (you) & all who participate in my insanity..
      Yes… Shey can be saved. However, it will take an entirely new outfit, for PBH to pierce the dark and stormy underworld that has seduced Shey.
      I believe Shey has roots in the underworld of Goth, but gee, she makes such a fab AGM. PBH MUST save her. I’ve already drawn a gown for when she’s saved.
      No, Shey cannot live in the underworld, absolutely not. I hear the bathrooms are sub-standard there.
      More fun to come! Love having you here.

      1. Timothy Price

        But SheyGoth is such a cool name. As I keep saying, you amaze me with your creative genius and how you work everyone in working out your every so cool stories.

        1. The name SheyGoth seems to have taken on a life of its own. I’ll work on that, but she still has to be rescued!
          Thank you, Tim! I’m having a fab time. It’s a lot of fun knowing all of us!

    2. Well said, Time – wonderful story and fun presentation. Your trees added drama and mystery (all trees have old souls, I understand). I have always wanted to be a Director and to be an Art Director is beyond belief.

    1. Thank you, Trent!
      I’m already drawing a new gown for Lala (Charlotte). She is so sweet and wonderful…. never mind my fave… the #1 soprano in the world.
      I’m sick at heart that she has to work 2 jobs, neither in her field. Damn virus!
      She should be touring, or rehearsing. I know this is coming soon!
      Fortunately, we have music that Charlotte and George are making. It’s wonderful!

      1. It was just awful timing for this to happen right when Charlotte’s (and assume George’s) career(s) were just starting, but, in ways, it was easier for them than for some others.

  3. Oh Sorceress! 🧚🏻🌟
    You have outdone yourself! You’ve made all of us look absolutely fantastic! I know you are going to top this as you get the AGM models with whom/whatever to rescue Shey (who does look beautiful in Goth but we can’t let that stop us from saving her!).
    So good, beautiful lady!

    1. PBH is on the job! I just need to draw a new Goth superhero outfit for her. None of her other 15 outfits will work in the Underworld. It will be Goth to Goth!
      Shey just can’t live in the dark and stormy forests of the Underworld! The bathrooms are substandard there, and I just won’t have it!
      AGM Dale…. love ya! xoxoxo
      New gowns are on the way!

      1. No, no, no… I agree. You cannot leave her down there!
        Of course PBH is on the job. Can’t wait to see what happens next.
        Love ya, Creator Divine! xoxo
        Woo hooo!

        1. Tim’s trees are a disaster.
          The whole thing is out of control.
          ‘Oron is an umbrella.
          Shey is living in sin!!!!!!!!
          Don’t worry AGM Dale! I’ll draw our way out of this! xoxoxo

  4. My darling, I ‘fess up that this morning I had the urge to dig out some goth gear and wear the hair loose. It was that kind of a day. SO…picking myself off the floor that indeed the SheyGoth is here! ALL the models are abos fabulous and I LOVE Rebecca’s gown. All in all? MOVE OVER Picasso, Resa you rock lady. ROCK xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx you

    1. Move Over Picasso? Is that a song? Well, it should be!
      Okay, now listen! Try not to start enjoying living in sin, or you won’t fit into your gown for the Manchester show! Help is on the way, but PBH needs a new outfit for this rescue.
      I should be able to draw our way out of this mess in a few weeks.
      Stay calm.
      Are there any cute guys where you are?

        1. If I may suggest a lyric….
          🎼 Move over Picasso 🎶
          🎼 Beethoven’s too slow 🎶
          🎼Gonna get me some water 🎶
          🎼Got pot to grow!🎼
          Just a suggestion, not trying to muscle in.

    1. Tim’s trees will recover, as soon as SheyGoth is rescued.
      Thank you, Janet! The first gown took the longest to draw, but all were a relaxing enjoyment.
      See you tomorrow!

  5. I’m breathless, so much is happening with the AGM’S! They are absolutely gorgeous in their Picasso-esque, you’ve created masterpieces to adorn these gorgeous gals! Imagine my shock and alarm to witness the metamorphosis of our darling Shey, (secretly, I always felt she had a bit of goth girl going on). Even so, she is beautiful but we can’t leave her in the dark. Hang on dear Shey, One Eye is working on your extrication in time for the Manchester blow out! I nearly died when RR arrived in her Van Gogh-esque but adored the version of Argentina.
    Dearest Resa , this is such a stunning creation. I adore it dahling! xoxoxoxoxo

    1. Dahling!

      Yes, the AGMs are beauties. Perhaps the real beauties of WP.
      The Manchester blowout cannot go on without Shey!
      It’s an otherworld energy that has lured SheyGoth into its world. Tim’s trees are a darkened disaster.
      ‘Oron is an umbrella.
      Give me a break!
      It’s up to PBH now. Of course she’s frantic, as she has no “dark world to the rescue goth outfits”. Obviously one must be created in the nick of time.
      I only hope PBH can rescue SheyGoth before she develops a taste for living in sin.
      RR, One-Eye & Rebecca are going to have to come up with something good for the Manchester show to top this whole SheyGoth thing.
      This is yet, another terrifying situation the AGMs have gotten into!
      (I can see PBH now. Blackish blue-green, her poison berries dripping, steam and smoke all around, transcending worlds….)

              1. Get it on. I already a hdd the skirt, biker boots and lacy waistcoat top on yesterday as if I knew in my soul Resa would do this post. Oh I got the goth gear all right!.

          1. Now look!
            There’s a show coming up in Manchester. The crowd is expecting to see the now famous RR & AGMs. You have a contract!
            I’ll sue!!! I’ll sue!!!
            One -Eye (born from a long heritage of pirates)

              1. Lol! It will be after the new Art Gown, so I have time to work on it! He is quite the cutie! I can see SheyGoth’s attraction to him, and his to her! xoxoxo

  6. Reblogged this on House of Heart and commented:
    I’m breathless, so much is happening with the AGM’S! They are absolutely gorgeous in their Picasso-esque, Resa has created masterpieces to adorn these gorgeous gals! Imagine my horror to witness the metamorphosis of our darling Shey (secretly, I always felt she had a bit of goth girl going on). Even so she is beautiful but we can’t leave her in the dark. Hang on dear Shey One Eye is working on your extrication in time for the Manchester blow out! I nearly died when RR arrived in her Van Gogh-esque but adored the version of Argentina.
    Dearest Resa , this is such a stunning creation. I adore it dahling!

  7. Resa, your are a remarkable storyteller because you bring a community together to seek positive outcomes for all. You give us glamour and sophistication, colour and vibrancy – all the joyful array of artistic possibilities using the strength of humour to carry the narrative forward. But your greatest gift is compassion for our perilously divided world that longs to belong, to be whole, to face challenges – not alone, but with friends that care about each other. Sending many hugs and much a love along with my gratitude for being the Art Director. You have given me the “role of a lifetime.”

    1. Dear Rebecca,

      Yes, yes, “glamour and sophistication, colour and vibrancy”, but people keep commenting on your beautiful gown. How do I break the news that you are actually wearing Palazzo Pants?
      True, Palazzo Pants are the gowns of slacks, but not an intrinsic part of being an actual gown.

      I’ll just have to draw your next outfit better, and point out your NEW Palazzo Pants outfit!!!

      Apparently SheyGoth is having a good time wherever the hell she is, and it seems AGM Holly wants to join her.
      This cannot happen! The Manchester Show is sold out, and Lala LaSwirl (Charlotte Hoather) will be making an appearance.
      PBH is just going to have to muscle SheyGoth out of there, and back to her AGM senses.
      On top of all that, the new Art Gown is finished, and the shoot is Friday, Saturday and Sunday
      I’m stressing!

      1. I’m with you, Resa! We are in this together. SheyGoth must come back and AGM Holly cannot join her. I have found that you have added special powers within my Palazzo Pants to counteract the forces of evil. Do you hear the music that comes when I start to dance. Perhaps that sound will break the spell that AGM Holly has come under.

        1. Not sure. SheyGoth has chocolates, wine and good looking guys, apparently. AGM Holly loves a good time.
          The music of the Palazzo Pants ( a rustle in the wind) will be useful. How useful….where …. when…???
          Anyway, hope you are okay with that I’ve hired ‘Oron to assist you on the Manchester Show. He lives there, so he might come in handy. He will do anything, if you compliment his Reni Hat.

    1. Thank you, John! We have a lot of fun with the “Gowntoons”. Charlotte Hoather has aptly named these adventures. I only hope Marvel discovers us!

        1. Thank you! What a wonderful dream! We’ve got the only Superhero who changes outfits, as per adventure.
          One episode, she changed 3 times. Now that is unique.

    1. Thank you dear Cindy!
      I really think I have gotten a lot better at drawing.
      The better I get, the more fun it is. Next post up – A new Art Gown!!! xx

    1. TOF!!!
      Well, to begin with, you’ll have to wear an Art Gown & heels & have your hair done!
      This is, of course, assuming there are any magic trees left. They’ve been going like hotcakes!

  8. I’d happily work at an umbrella factory. There’s a hat museum in Stockport, just down the road. That may have to do for now.

    But with SPRING just on the way, yes! Yes! It’s time to get my Reni hat ready. Merci!

    Excellent tree pictures, too.

    1. So, do you like being an umbrella better than being a scarecrow?
      I fully expect you to be helping out Rebecca, our Art Director at the Manchester Show in Piccadilly Gardens.
      You get a free Marmite & Pot noodles lunch.

  9. Wow, just wow I love the Picasso dresses brilliantly conceived and the cubist one is just super. There are always lots of rainbows in Manchester and brollies one of the highlights.

    You are too kind Resa and Trent is right I have had it easier than some being holed up with a pianist for a singer is a dream. Music brought us together at the conservatoire and seven and a half years later is still keeping us strong.

    We re-booked the wedding for August after cancelling the April wedding for the third time (I’m just too optimistic, we are still in lock down) then George’s big competition he has been working towards for six months was postponed from the end of April until guess when?…. Yes, our new wedding date so he can’t go!
    Anyhow, love and hugs to you,
    Lala Laswirl xxx

  10. Lala!!!

    So happy you like the gown collection.
    I will come up with something super for the Manchester Show.
    I’ll draw you & RR first, so there will be lots of time for you to approve it, pick a song and see if the storyline works for you.

    My new Art Gown is finished. I am cleaning up the Art Gown room, getting ready for Fri., Sat., and Sunday. Those days will be sunny, so that is perfect for shooting. Then there’s editing and making the Art Gowns post.
    Then PBH will have to rescue SheyGoth.
    Then it will be the Manchester Show. Lots of time!

    I’m holed up with a musician, too. Although I can’t sing. I love listening to him play guitar. (Well I can sing, but only my cats enjoy listening)

    Tell George he should keep up at least some modicum of preparation. One never knows these days. The competition could move again. OR if Covid is under control, I can see a whole new slew of opportunities. That goes for you, too!

    I’ve been looking forward to your wedding pics almost as long as you have. You are a very optimistic person, it’s one of the traits I admire about you.
    We are still in lockdown here in Toronto. Norman is getting his first vaccination today. Things are moving slowly, but they are moving. The U.K. is way ahead of Canada. August sounds good to me. 🎉💥🥂

    Okay Lala!
    Love you Dahling!

  11. Happy Manchester to get such artists and poets such you and Holly. Wonderful gowns. so well painted . No need of photos!
    This is a pleasure to reéd this post, Resa.
    Love ❤

  12. You did it again. Amazing. Beautiful, fun, dramatic, original, and FABULOUS! Just wonderful, Resa. I’m so honored to be a part of this. Than you so VERY much. I know it was a lot of work but what an truly wonderful result. Re-blogging it, of course. The music, lovely. The gowns…well, I never looked so good and what amazing designs. 🙂 ❤

    1. Gi!
      So glad you like this. It was a lot of fun pretending to be Picasso.
      The thing about my Art Gowns Art is I don’t have to make them, so I can design anything I want. Total freedom!
      Thank you or being a part of my creative insanity! xoxoxo

    1. Thank you, Christy! My gowns are of an art thing. None of these Picasso-esque gowns could be made in actuality, so we have a fantasy. They are now officially called”Gowntoons”. Lol! xo

    1. Well, that’s the beauty of freedom through art.
      In film I can only present what I can make or buy. Creativity is limited to reality.
      Here, I can do anything I want.

      You know, I got the idea for Art Gowns from music.

      When musicians jam, or play live, their music goes into the air. It’s gone somewhere out into the universe. How ephemeral & sweet is this? I adore live music.
      OR, they can write a song/or just play music, and record it. They give it a name. So, we have a recorded named replica we can listen to.
      I originally took the gowns apart after I made a post. I made them on the Judy, took pics and gave it a name. So, now anyone can look at the replicas, on film, or on line. The original was gone into the universe, in a sense. Only those who saw the creation in real life had the honest experience, like listening to live music.
      Of course, some don’t get that. They ask how much? To those people, my Art Gowns are clothing, garments and not art.

      Eventually Norman couldn’t stand me undoing the gowns. He convinced me not to do that.
      So, I now have 10 out of 26 Art Gowns, that are made in components. These can be put on a variety of sizes and figures. 4 of the Art Gowns have been photographed on women, but they are still not clothes, per se.
      Only 1 gown was put on someone who models, but not as a full time profession. I prefer regular people. 2 of the gowns were modelled by a woman I mentored into film. She is in her 30’s.
      1 was modelled by my niece.

      I admire you a lot, and felt a want to explain this odd, yet valid creative urge.
      Thank you for your visit here, and taking the time to read this windy reply.

      Of course Marina is the most gorgeous, in your unbiased opinion.
      I would not have it any other way! xo

  13. Hola hola dear amazing Resa artista, wow what colorful and fab-inspiring fun once again!! You just know how to mesmerize your audience with your drop-dead-gorgeous drawings, collaborations, and storyline. So so enjoyable, my inner child rejoices every time I take in your dreamy art!! Mil gracias, querida! 💓💓💓 I especially ADORED your starry-night-gown, what a dream honestly!

    Thank you for inspiring me, gorgeous 💓💓 Much love from almost-Picasso-town (I live 40 minutes away from his birth town Malaga:)) xoxoxo PS: I just read your interview about the Cheetah-girls, too, it was great to learn more about your fantastic work and more importantly, the fantastic YOU!! 💓💓💓 OMG I can’t believe you also created the Good-witch-fashion-art/looks!! My guilty pleasure show! Hah! 💓💓💓 Mucho amor xox

  14. Picasso Night audits from around the world … Astounding …. Breathtaking … Invigorating … Awesome … Fabulous … Overpowering … Awesome … Colossal … Amazing … Staggering … Dy No Mite

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