Have you ever walked away from love?

Yes!? Then you know its bittersweet taste.

Jade has been called by Chinese poets “the concentrated essence of love”.

Well, all that sounds like a Historical Romance novel to me, and Shehanne Moore writes the best .

Art Gown, Jade, is lovingly dedicated to Shehanne.

If anyone knows the twists and turns of romance, it is she.

It all began with 2 vintage decorator pillow shams. My friend, Kat, found them in Wiarton’s Goodwill – 220 km. north of Toronto. She sent them to me.

I wasted no time pinning one onto Judy. It was a natural. Last year Kat sent me 40 pounds of fabrics, much of it stored for up to 25 years. In the poundage was a generous yardage of 60″ wide green polyester faux silk.

That was cut on bias and hung for 2 weeks. I harvested miles of ribbon from an old gown. It was marked with needle holes, so I gathered it to hide the flaws.

The faux silk had been cut without blunting the bottom for a hem. The points were picked up, and attached onto the bodice. This meant no fabric was wasted, and I sewed (by hand)  420 inches of seams & 660 inches of hem.

540 inches of ruffled salvaged ribbon was sewn onto the hem. The decals from the 2nd pillow sham were cut out, and positioned strategically onto the gown. Then began the fun of designing the bustle.

Jade is a dream to drape. That polyester faux silk is like fabric butter. However, it does not biodegrade like butter.

Front lit or backlit, she shines.


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I’m a huge fan of Shehanne’s books. I’ve read all but one, so far. These are just 5 of her titles. Click on the banner to go to her Amazon page!

D. Wallace Peach – Myths of the Mirror has just read “Loving Lady Lazuli”. Her review will appear in her next books review.

However, you can read it NOW! Just click on the book cover!

I read if you hit a piece of jade, it rings like a bell. Whether for pleasant listening or for ritual practices, chimes, xylophones, and gongs have been created from melodically resonant jade.

I kept hearing this song while doing the post. Maybe because Sade looks like Jade, but an “s” instead of a “j”. When I learned about jade being resonant, I put it in.

On top of it all, Timothy Price – Off Center Not Even sent me a gift of LED lights with 4 filters: red, orange, yellow and blue. Jade is the first Art Gown learning lesson. I experimented in night, and day.

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As Jade retires to the plant room, I’m mini Jade here to say thank you for popping by & come again!

177 thoughts on “Jade

      1. Thank you, Cheyenne!
        Lol! Yeah, my fingers are pretty good. I adore the Zen … away in my mind moments that happen when doing hand stitching. It’s the opposite of our on line world.

  1. Resa – words cannot fully describe the magnitude of your creation. Jade is exquisite and delicate, even as there is a bold and evocative resonance that ignites our imagination. I agree wholeheartedly that Jade holds the spirit and determination of Shehanne’s heroines. Jade is the stone of heaven, a symbol of renewal. These themes are embedded in Shehanne’s books. Thank you Resa! I will be coming back to this post many times in the coming days.

    1. Dear Rebecca,
      Thank you so much for your glowing words of gown praise and discovery.
      I must add discovery, because no matter how much I know about something, you always add more knowledge. It’s a wonderful thing.
      So, Shey’s gown has been very satisfying. Now, I must say that this is the 4th Art Gown made for an AGM.
      I always have 3 in the running. That is because I never know what I’m going to find, or what the universe will send me to make them with.
      The universe sent me enough fabrics to make an Art Gown for Charlotte Hoather, so that is my next challenge. She will be the first gown to actually be sent to someone to wear. Charlotte, as an Opera Soprano, has a huge need for gowns.
      I have 2 I am collecting for after that. One for Dale… the 5th AGM, and one for ‘Oron… which will be my first humour Art Gown. Let me add you to the upcoming. It might take a couple of years, seeing as how the Art Gowns take 3 to 6 months to make, and that I have not even begun to scout for you. Whew! Wish I could create faster. HUGS!

      1. I believe that the universe and serendipity come together to bestow their energy and compassion on you and your creative endeavors, Resa! There is magic happening at your place.

        1. Oooo, I like that!
          Dale calls me Sorceress of the Cloth.
          Perhaps magic is something we can all achieve.
          The magic of Art Gowns:
          – the special feeling I have for those I want to dedicate one to.
          – the excitement of “finding” (rarely buying because I’m trying to use stuff no one wants) fabrics that go together & reflect that someone
          – the zen hours spent designing and sewing… sometime sewing my way out of a corner
          – the thrill of completion
          – the angst I feel as an amateur photographer as I capture my beauty
          – the joy of making the post & the dedication
          – the happiness I bring to the person it is dedicated to.
          – The unbridled glee I feel when that person is happy.

    1. TOF, you old softie!
      I’m so happy you like Ms. Shey’s dedicated Art Gown. I adore her books, and it was a very satisfying gown to build. There’s nothing like turning trash into treasure…. landfill into luxury!
      (finished the book this morning!)

    1. Thank you, Tim!
      I tried green and envy in different languages, looked for goddesses who were green with envy… suddenly Jade popped into my brain, and I couldn’t get it out.
      It’s so exciting to post one of my gowns.
      Now, I have to deal with the glamour of the cat litter and trash.
      After a break for several weeks, I will begin Charlotte’s gown! xo

    1. Aww, thank you so much Cindy!
      I had thought of Green Goddess as a name. However, once Jade popped into my head…I couldn’t get it out. 💖💖

    1. Liz!!!

      Druids… that’s more than interesting. I consider my Art Gowns to be art, although I might be the only Art Gowns artist on the planet (Art Gowns being different from general gowns).
      I love that you see something…. as that is what art does to people. Thank you so much!

    1. Dearest Thunder,
      I’m thrilled you love her!
      LOL, Frank seems to be worried about my so called “Sorceress abilities”.
      You are the last AGM I need to dedicate an Art Gown to.
      In a couple of weeks I’ll be setting up the gown room for sewing, again. Before I begin to work on the gown for Charlotte Hoather, I’ll drape the piece of fabric someone gifted me, that I think should be for you. I don’t have anything to go with it yet, but it’s a start. xoxo

      1. Absolutely.
        He does? Of what does he fear?
        Awww… you are just too sweet. You do as you do and there is no way in hell any of us would be disappointed. You create such beauty, my friend! xoxo
        Now I’m going to see what Frank mumbled…

  2. Oh my GOD. This surpasses my imaginings and expectations by MILES. it is so gorgeous. Rebecca is right, it can’t be fully described by words. And the hours and the hours you’ve spent. just leaves me speechless. I LOVE it. Tomorrow I am showing Jade to the world!!! Tonight I am sitting here thinking Jade is dedicated to me?????? Speechless with amazement and thanks xxx

    1. My dahling Shey,

      The Art Gowns mean a lot to me. It has been an evolving reality. I know they are treasures made out of trash – landfill to luxury (still looking for that perfect by line).
      They are appreciated by all types of artists/art lovers. They can never be mass produced, therefore as green as Jade!
      It seems to me you are the perfect recipient of my dedication. (Oh crikey I hope the dudes don’t decide they should eat it)
      Your novels are inspiring. Your heroines are the strongest ever in a romance novel. They are centuries ahead of their time.
      Building Jade was a Zen Joy!
      I am thrilled with. how much you like her.
      Jade will be more than happy whenever you decide to share her.

      1. I will share her this weekend!!!!! The dudes’ paws will get nowhere near her. They can drool, that’s it! I LOVE HER. I am so humbled to receive your dedication. TRULY xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx And thank you re my heroines. Means the world xxxxxx

        1. Okay, but they can’t cossack dance on her either!
          Your joy is my joy! I give to get. Jade is a wonderful beauty, and who would have thought 2 old pillow shams, some musty over stored fabric and repurposed ribbon could add up to a one of a kind gown that is worthy of a new age idea of beauty.
          Love ya, Shey! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. A spectacular gown, Resa — and awe-inspiring how much work you put into it! Loved your description of your creative process. And the dedication to the wonderful writer and person Shehanne Moore!!! SO deserving.

    1. Ahh Dave!
      Thank you! Yes, it was a work of love, and so is Shey,
      The craft I put into this is a dying skill. I’ve created a new age art form, building gowns out of potential landfill. I am committed to making beauty out of …. I need a byline!
      Landfill to Luxury
      Trash to treasure
      “Basuras” to Beauty.

  4. How beautiful, Resa. What a lovely tribute to Shey and her smexy beautiful heroines and books. Stunning. I love how you shared the painstaking process and then how you played with day and night and the colored lights when photographing the gown.
    And thanks for sharing my review of Loving Lady Lazuli. I can’t wait to share it on my blog. 🙂 Hugs.

    1. Diana!
      Thank you for this lovely comment! I really enjoy the process. I am at peace, in a zen state when I sew my Art Gowns. They are true couturier, no machines, all done by hand. One of a kind, as they are made out of leftovers. Potential landfill into luxury.
      In about 3 weeks, maybe 4, I’ll begin the new Art Gown.
      Thanks a million for letting me use the review! It truly helped make this post all about Shey!
      Big Hugs! xx

        1. I’m doing that too, and Norm’s old shirts.
          Also, why pay a fortune for designer clothes with holes? What a racket. I wear mine into fashion rags! xx

  5. Oh what a nice gown, another astonishing creation Resa, love the flowing and draping, very stylish too, beautiful flowery ornaments, love the color. It is nice to see part of the making, you’re a smooth if not operator, than creator and Artist, nice tribute to Shehanne. thanks to show part of the making of, thanks to share!

    1. Thank you Jean Marc!
      I’ll be by later to see how you linked it. I was offline for 8 hours, so I am a bit behind and want to get these comments answered.
      Good ol’ Rogers!
      Anyway, your comment is lovely. I am flattered! xoxo

  6. Joy, I finally found you in the reader. This is a gorgeous piece of magic. Jade is soooo Shey. It has her name all over it. You’re a genie dear Resa, so gifted. You’ve created a beautiful masterpiece with left over materials you’ve collected. ( suddenly I am thinking “Suzanne “! I dearly love this and of course Shey’s writing and amazing books are unsurpassed!
    Brava dear Meece, you’ve created something so very special…again

    1. Dear Holly,
      … A masterpiece …. xoxo
      I think you hit on it! The Art Gowns are Suzannes… made from rags and feathers. However, 50 years later Suzanne is made from a much larger selection of cast offs, including fast fashion garbage & other non recyclables.
      Now I am here making Beauty out of “Basuras”

      Shey is the AGM who writes books. Love them!
      4 AGMs have a dedicated Art Gown: Velvet Tango, Cecilia Lionheart, Mademoiselle Emily and Jade. Dale?

      1. Feathers and rags and the magic of our incredible fashionista who weaves starlight into whatever her fingers touch. This is one of your most beautiful creations and for such a lovely lady , Shehanne, it seems to call out her name.
        I can’t wait to see your next creation, Charlotte, Dale…. ❤️

      1. Beautiful Shey, you are a knock out and Resa’s incredible gift of art has created a gown that is so elegant it sings your name ( not like your hammies) . Somehow you are a Jade goddess and Resa as always has nailed it with this one if a kind fell from a magic forest gown. xxxxxx

    1. Thank you, Dear Frank!
      LOL! I’ll just pass that message onto Judy. I just know when she hears your compliment, she won’t have her head on, she’ll be out of her mind!

  7. This creation is a triumph of beauty, brawn, brains and books! My first glance got lost inside its creamy waves and from there, it was a dance. God this is beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much, Marc! I’m late replying…what else is new? Well, my internet was down for 8 hours. It’s been touch and go since the cross Canada down last week.
      Anyway, I’m back, and I thank you for coming to see, and enjoy Jade! xo

    1. Thank you, Trent! She is a beauty.
      Motor skills, eh… well, use ’em or lose ’em!
      See you on your blog soon(ish) Was offline again, for 8 hours. I want to catch up here a bit!

  8. What a gorgeous gown and wonderful blogger inspiration! In the third photo, it looks like the gown is topped by a bolero jacket of leaves. Did you do this on purpose? I love it. She’s a wood fairy princess!

    1. Cindy!
      Shey is a fab inspiration.
      In the photo you refer to, I have taken one of the back tails, and draped it over Jade’s shoulder.
      Yes… I can see the wood fairy princess. I adore that different people see different things. It’s what art does. ❦❦❦

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  10. Hyperion

    Just looking at The gown is a study in the poetry of cloth and color. But the true appreciation comes in watching the build and reading of the effort that went into it. When Ms. Jade goes out in her gown, she’ll be Sade’s smooth operator. Beautifully done, Resa.

    1. Ahhh thank you, dahling!
      I love the meditative state hand sewing my Art Gowns puts me into.
      I agree, she is a smooth operator! Takes one to know one! 😉 xo

      1. Hyperion

        Your Zen bucket runneth over, Resa. I enjoy how you bring your art gowns to life with the Art Gown Models and their adventures.

    1. Thank you, Alaedin! I adore that they are considered art. Hopefully I will show them at an event one day. I was thinking of doing that, then Covid hit.
      One day, when things are a bit more in control, I’ll show them.

  11. Goodness gracious… holly wondermoli (no, it does not exist!)… has wonder visited earth? Remember those tiny labyrinths in the eyes of cartoons? That’s me, speechless at the glowing beauty I’m seeing. Jade radiating love. Wow, my sweet friend. What a creation! I agree with Rebecca about Shey’s characters spirit captured in Jade. So proud of you! Sending huge hugs and love and more love and….. 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾❤❤❤❤ 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
    Ps yep, get the sponges out!

    1. First, I’ll just mop up!
      Okay, now, dahling, thank you so so much. I’m thrilled with Jade!. Shey seems to love it, which is the most important.
      Rebecca always has great things to say. That’s why she’s Art Director.
      So happy now that 4 of the AGMs have real Art Gowns.
      Well, perhaps wonder is here… or magic. The Art Gowns just keep getting better, in some ways!
      I’m proud of you, too!

      1. So you should be, thrilled! So am I and I can’t get enough of it! I love zooming in to see your [painstaking] work, details. It’s unbelievably beautiful, dahling.
        Word of advice, keep that mop out!!!!!!!

  12. Your talent continues to unfold Resa. This can be easily seen with a soft silky
    gown of gorgeous delights. The color, the folds, the choice of design all
    contribute to perfect piece or precious art!
    hugs, Eddie

    1. You are so sweet, Eddie! Your comment about Jade is perfect, because she is beautiful and is made out of potential landfill. As the stuff piles up in my home, I am determined not to throw anything away.
      I give where it is needed, or wanted.
      I sell when possible.
      Nonetheless, the stuff piles up.
      So, my only option is to use it all as medium to create….. my precious art, as you have said.
      You make me feel honoured.
      Thank you and a million hugs to you!
      That should keep you going for a bit! xoxo

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    1. Yay!
      Yeah, the bussel was a new design. I often do bows, but I found some Easter fake grass.. scriffles.. it came in a food gift a few years ago. It’s basically shredded plastic.
      Anyway, couldn’t bear to toss more garbage out into the world, so I saved it.
      I found it when I was cleaning up, and challenged myself to use it in Jade.

      Jade earrings would go great!

      Merril, thank you for saying I’m talented! There is so much talent out here on WordPress. I’m humbled.
      So I finished reading the book “Mayday”. I’ll start your poems in a few days.

      1. You’re welcome. I’m just stating the truth about your talent. I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it. It’s one thing to be able to sew–which I can’t do at all–but you also create beautiful designs.

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  15. Splendid work, Resa! Such an elegant creation.

    Enjoy your weekend 🤗


  16. Wonderful to see your creativity at work here, Resa, and to hear the story behind the acquisition of materials as well as the process. I caught my breath at “…I sewed (by hand) 420 inches of seams & 660 inches of hem…” Incredible!

    1. Thank you, Jet!
      Yeah, I love sewing by hand. I go into a meditative zen state.
      Also, I am using leftovers, potential landfill, etc… a statement of a creative, artful way to use up trash. It doesn’t seem to follow that I should use a sewing machine that uses electric energy. It adds to the sincerity of the Art Gowns….I think.
      So happy you popped by! xo

  17. The gown is exquisite, Resa! Aha, she has been keeping you busy, and I love the result. I would say “divine.” BTW we are channeling similar things as I was propagating my jade plant this week. Jade lovers unite xo

  18. Resa, this is one of your most beautiful gowns, and that’s saying a lot. I love green and I love jade… but even if it wasn’t my favorite color, it would be gorgeous.
    I used to make all my clothes (and many of my mother’s and grandmother’s) when I was young. I remember a very buttery kind of polyester that no matter what I did, I couldn’t get a sewing machine to accept or make a proper stitch. It was even hard to get a needle through it sewing by hand. So, my fingertips commiserate with you and all those hand stiches.
    Congrats to Shehanne. How lovely to have such a post dedicated to one.
    Hugs on the wing.

    1. I’m floored by how many people love the colour. I assumed it sat in storage for 25 -30 years because no one wanted anything made out of that colour. Yeah.. it’s a bit musty, but that is no reason to toss it. I put that in the skirt, not the bodice.
      I use a thimble when necessary, and this fabric certainly demanded it.
      I adore Shey’s novels, she’s one of the AGMs and so it was time I dedicated an Art Gown to her.
      Thank you so much for dropping by, Teagan! {{hugs}}

    1. Dear Socrates,
      Thank you!!
      My Art Gowns are alive, to me. They are my girls. You know one of the first Art Gowns I made when I had decided to use up-cycled and recycled fabrics, etc. (you’ll look like treasure, but you’ll be wearing trash) was Cecilia Lionheart dedicated to Marina. I am so inspired by Marina.
      You are a very appealing new world renaissance couple!

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  20. Dear Resa, wow – this is truly a dream of a dress!! I love it, truly. I especially love the back view – so elegant and dreamy. What a gift you have. I am mesmerized by this creation!!! And I really enjoyed learning that Jade symbolised “the condensed essence of love” for Chinese poets, how delicious. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world, lovely. Much love and big hugs 💚💚💚

  21. So beautiful and such an incredible effort. All those hand sewn stitches must have taken days to do. I love the material and the bodice is incredible. Your talent is something to admire for sure and using second hand pieces especially picked is so commendable. Gorgeous!

  22. Hi Resa, this is a stunning gown and I am amazed that you sewed so much of it by hand. When I was a school girl, I had to make a dress for a school project. My family didn’t own a sewing machine so mum and I sewed the whole dress by hand. My, what an undertaking that was. I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

    1. Lol… I did have a wonderful birthday – 4 months ago. It’s crazy how behind I can get, then find these comments!
      Thank you!! You are so lovely! I’m in the thick of Diana’s book right now. After I finish my turtle read, your books are next. Although, I’ve already read half of them!

      1. Hi Resa, it is lovely that you savour books. I have always been a very fast reader. Fortunately, I remember what I read despite my speed. I am glad you like Sir Choc and friends. I am going to be publishing some themed Sir Choc books on Amazon KDP to try and get greater coverage for the books with children. They will be cheap to buy and have links to my YT videos. I know you don’t like Amazon, but I am trying to use it as a platform to reach more children in an affordable way which was always my intention with these stories.

        1. Go for Amazon!
          Your books will get more notice there than anywhere else. When I do my review, I am happy to post your Amazon links so folks can buy the books.
          I might not like Amazon, but I adore helping promote my blog pals books, wherever they are being sold.
          No worries!

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