La Vie en Rosé

Were you ever inspired to embellish an Art Gown with 300  wine corks?

Shot in natural diffused daylight
Shot in natural diffused daylight

Tip #1 – Do not attempt to drink 300 bottles of wine all in one night. Spread them out over a few days.


Shot in Magic Hour with Incandescent lighting
Shot in late afternoon with Incandescent lighting

Tip #2 – Share them with friends.


Shot in Magic Hour with a Flash
Shot in Magic Hour with a Flash

Tip #3 – Read a romance novel by Imelda Evans while you sip luxuriously

La Vie en Rosé is inspired by and dedicated to Imelda and her latest novel “Playing By The Rules”


Imelda2- k

OF course I would have to attach all the corks somehow so I bought 110 meters of old gold soutache. It was easy getting else wise creative with that soutache.

Imelda2- fImelda2- gI wanted more creative fuel for  so I asked Imelda,

“If you could put 1 color to Kate & 1 color to Josh what are those 2 colors? Not that I will use them, but what would they be?”

Imelda’s answer:

“Okay, this was a mind-bender for me, as I don’t think this way normally (although I’m going to do it for all my characters now).

Imela2-?Imelda2-iKate is a rich, autumn brown. If it were shiny it would be burnished bronze. Josh is a bright, apple-y green. I have no idea why!”

I couldn’t resist buying some new yardage

I found this gorgeous tie-dyed (the pattern does not repeat)  stretch velvet.

In the warm lighting of the store the colors were a perfect  bronze/brown with a kind of apple green coming though.

As I was paying for it, my eyes caught the most enchanting brown/bronze organza ribbon so I grabbed 20 meters of that.

Imelda2- nImelda2-m

When I set up in the”Art Gown” room which is filled with natural light the colors appeared to be burgundy and teal. When shot with a flash the green magically appeared.

The gown is a chameleon!

This is why I opened with 3 similar shots of La Vie en Rosé I was completely at a loss for what was more beautiful.

Imelda2- o

destiny_playingbytherules_cvr-smallI loved Imelda’s first book, “Rules Are For Breaking” 

As “Playing By The Rules” is a prequel. I just had to ask,

“Was it easier to write the second book having already developed the
characters in the first book?”

Imelda’s answer:

“That’s a bit of a tricky one, as this book was actually written first!   I did rewrite a lot of it after I published the other one though, so I guess I can still answer that.

Yes, knowing the characters first makes it much easier to write their stories. But I get to know the characters by writing their stories, so it’s a bit of a catch 22! Not sure what comes first, sometimes, the story or the people!”

Imelda2- j

Both of Imelda’s books are available on Amazon.


Playing By The Rules


Rules Are For Breaking

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Oh! If you want to know how the French title and wine corks tie in, you’ll have to read the book. I hope you do!

La Fin

Imelda2- p

“Art Gown” La Vie en Rosé designed by Resa McConaghy _ January – 2014

All photos of La Vie en Rosé © Resa McConaghy – January – 2014

Imelda2- d

105 thoughts on “La Vie en Rosé

  1. Fascinating and beautiful. And those colors! Where is your collection of gowns being stored?
    And soutache is an interesting word sou(s)-under and tache- stain in French or handbag in German? But I don’t think there is any connection.
    Amazing creation Resa.
    Off to check out the books now.

    1. Thanks Wendy!
      The “Art Gowns” are being stored in pieces in the basement. Lucky they survived the flood past spring.
      I wish I was more business minded, but I’m already imaging another “Art Gown”

      1. Oh yes! I have a Page made for her, special, and she has written us all a message.
        At the top of my sidebar is a picture of Robyn. Click on it and it will take you to a special message she wrote for all of us who are in her corner.
        Take care!

  2. That fabric is too beautiful for words – and I LOVE those combinations of colours. I really will have to do that exercise again, because obviously, my subconcious knows more about the characters than I know. I can’t tell you how honoured I am by this, Resa. It’s gorgeous! To inspire anything is such a thrill. To inspire someone of your skill and magnificence leaves me quite lost for words. But as a small token of my admiration and gratitude, I’m naming my next heroine after you! Love, Imelda.

    1. My dearest Imelda,

      I have always loved your wit and charm.
      Your stories enchant me, and your heroines are second to none.
      To say “Resa” is the name of your next spins me right round.
      So I’m going to bed tonight to dream of the heroine I might/ could/ would love to be.-Resa xo

    1. My dear friend,
      I’m so honored you are out of words.
      This is my art, and to be recognized by someone of your talent means a lot to me.
      Yes, wine can be inspiring. However, for this “Art Gown” Imelda and her novel were driving forces.
      _Resa xoxo

    1. Dear Bill!,
      You are a true romantic! Well, “Playing By The Rules” is a romance novel and it is filled with laughter, dancing and sighs.
      Maybe I’m art imitating life imitating art…ad infinitum! _Resa xo

    1. “hahaha” I’m not running low on corks, I’m running low on wine! 🙂
      You know if you keep saving corks at this rate you should be able to build a new chair soon …. Or maybe a boat! I can send my gown fishing with you! _Resa xo (Thanks)

  3. I am swooning Resa. The dress is pure poetry – the poetry of fine wine. The dress conjures up the most incredible images of the finest French wine captured in fabric and embellished with the memories of imbibing in a glass or two – or more. Whatever it takes to adorn this gown. XX V.

      1. You’re welcome, I do not have a very large audience, but if it can bring a few peoples to visit you, that’s a good thing. I put it also on my ‘french’ site but I did not see it in my reader. I guess it is there too..:)

  4. Dearest FGS Resa,
    La Vie en Rosé is magnificent! A gown fit the most romantic or romantics ~ exquisite in every way, and your attention to the finest of details is so evident! I love that this masterpiece was inspired by Imelda’s novel… and now am anxious to order a copy and get lost in the story, and find out how the wine corks fit in! You have outdone yourself once again… A long blissful night of wine and music and lots of romance ~ that is how I envision this gorgeous gown embracing its essence!
    Much Love and Admiration Always,
    xo FGS ~ Robyn

    1. Dearest FGS Robyn,
      There is nothing like the fire of romance, and Imelda brings this out perfectly in her latest book.
      Robyn, thank you so much for seeing the details I attend to. The soutache cross hatching in the bodice was a Zen exercise in patience.
      My cats were an exercise in patience as well, the corks were under constant attack and they made off with ribbon yardage more than once. 🙂
      I’m so glad you stopped by. All my love to my FGS, Resa xoxoxo

      1. I just saw this comment, Resa. I can’t believe you made this with a cat in the house! That’s Zen taken to the max! But of course, I’m glad you persisted. That cross-hatching is exquisite.

        1. “lol” 3 cats actually! What a riot. One day when I couldn’t find them, I lifted the tail of the Gown. There they were all scrunched up under Judy!
          In my art expressive way…. the cross hatching is like the plot of your story.
          Thank you, Imelda, and have a great day! _Resa xo

  5. A magical net in which are trapped all of our fondest memories. Each cork still preserves the particular aroma of those magical moments, the floral fragrance of the words of love, the spicy scent of the friendship, the bittersweet perfume of the farewell words and many others that made our lives happier.

  6. Resa, that dress would look good on either one of my daughters…it is gorgeous, the youngest, my eighteen year old, had wonderful gowns all through her high school affairs, this gown is awesome! You get many hugs for your creativity, the gown is just so dreamy and enchanting. thanks for sharing your skills, hugs and blessings!

    1. Dear Wendell,
      So you have 2 beautiful daughters who look fabulous in gowns! Lucky you,and lucky them!
      Thank you for enjoying my creativity. It’s an odd evolution of my life… turning gowns into art!
      Hugs and Blessings to you, too! _Resa

  7. Hi Resa 😀 What a corker of a dress !! Beautifully crafted. Should go down well in Australia with the men in their hats with corks. Loved this post. Ralph xox 😀

  8. Simply Stunning, Resa. Imelda must be in creative heaven after seeing this gorgeous gown. I adore the corks; in fact anything ‘dangling’, or glowing, or ‘different’ makes me tingle… And I’m tingling with this one..!

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  10. Oh Resa!
    I was overwhelmed by the gown inspired by Rules are for Breaking, but La Vie en Rose has blown me away!
    Of course I too loved these stories but I am in awe of your talent in interpreting the stories in to such magestic creations. So proud to once again be the mother of inspiration.

    1. Dear Pat,
      You are an awesome mother to have raised such a talented daughter whose heart and mind is filled with these romantic ideas!
      I know there are many more stories inside Imelda, of all sorts, waiting to be written. I can hardly wait!
      Thank you for taking the time to write this note to me, and for your wonderful compliment on my creations.
      All the best!

  11. Hello, darling girl. I know you sent me an email, but my program is hiding it from me! So yes, thank you, Medecins Sans Frontiers again would be lovely for this wonderful gown. And thank you again. I’m putting a page together for my blog about the dresses and the charities – can’t believe I haven’t done that before! I can’t wait to see the new one, too! Thank you again and you’ll be pleased to know that I’m working on Resa’s (the fictional one) story!

  12. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    the colors here remind me of the in between time of Autumn and Winter
    where the vibrant colors are being muted by the winds of Winter, beautiful, even more in the subtle quiet as they rest for the season….and the wine corks go perfect with Winter, rest, reflection and rejuvenating the soul….
    exquisite Resa….I always enjoy the journey of your Art Gowns…
    Take Care…You Matter…

    1. Thank you! It was lots of fun making the gown. The wine corks really worked out nicely! If I don’t tell people they are wine corks, it doesn’t occur to them. 😀

    1. Who knew wine corks could be so adorning?
      Okay, I’ll leave a comment on one of your posts later about the cats, and this gown. IIEEE!!!

  13. Every one of your creations is so amazing. Maybe you have already done a dress like this (because I’m late to the game and I haven’t seen every dress), but I would love to see you create something based on the movie Somewhere in Time and the incredible dresses Jane Seymour wears. Most poignant love story ever. If you haven’t seen it, get a kleenex box. 🙂

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