Artemis by Moonlight

Were you ever inspired to make an Art Gown by moonlight?


Yes! Then you were enraptured by Artemis, Greek goddess of hunting and goddess of the moon.


Artemis, the Art Gown, is dedicated to Aquileana from La Audacia de Aquiles, and Oloriel Moonshadow from Colour Me in Cyanide and Cherry. The three of us have joined our mystic forces to create a fabulous three part post tribute to this prodigious goddess.


Oloriel has posted a most evocative poem with beautiful artwork, “Invoking the Huntress” It is a wonderful part 2 of our 3 part collaboration. Aquileana has posted a marvelous essay, “Artemis’ Dual Achetype”. In this article, Aquileana smartly brings all 3 posts together.


Months ago, when brainstorming ideas, Aquileana suggested animal prints. Artemis is, after all, goddess of hunting. The veggie-head in me decided I would create an abstract animal print of my own. This way no animal print fabrics would be harmed.

In the end, some people thought the fabric looked more like tree bark. Oloriel said she though it was  the moon dripping it’s light on the gown.

artm51artm50As I’d used up all of  my fabric stash, I hit the bargain bin fabric shop on Queen Street.

I got a deal on a stretch, crushed and burnt out velvet. It had a brown stain from the cardboard roll running through it.artm3

artm2 Not a problem, as I was painting the fabric with an iridescent metallic paint.

The paint was mixed with a fabric medium, and voila, after a month of painting, the goods were ready.

I chose a copper satin for the tails.

artm5artm4They almost paid me to take the satin off their hands. It is flawed with dark streaks woven in here and there.

I needed some type of rope to  adorn her. So, I made tubes from the satin, & braided them with tubes I made from the wrong side of a cheesy sparkly disco material.

It took 5 hours to make 2 yards of braid. In the end I made 10 yards.

The copper satin tail was made rounded, to mimic a copper moon. A moon shaped copper amulet was dressed around her neck.



 From above, the moon watches over Artemis.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Although she wanted to go hunting, Artemis was stuck in the Art Gown Room, in the city of Toronto. Also, she had only one virgin nymph with her.


I jokingly told her she could go hunting in my house plants, whereupon she fluffed her tail at me. As you can see from the slideshow, she has a lot of tail attitude.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Artemis waits, as the sun sets and the moon rises.


The end of “Magic Hour”


Once the moon had risen, Art Gown Artemis requested a ride in her chariot.


I told her there was no chariot, because parking was too, expensive in downtown Toronto. She just stood there staring at me until the next day.


Art Gown “Artemis by Moonlight” designed & made by Resa – November 2016 – February 2017


Photos © Resa McConaghy  2017


I keep thinking about how my Artemis collaboration partners, and myself make a magic triangle: Aquileana in Buenos Aires, Argentina.. Oloriel in Belgrade, Serbia ..Resa in Toronto, Canada.

amalia_aquileana01aquiAquileana is smart as a whip. I always have to read her posts 2 or 3 times.

This is because I want to completely absorb all she has taken much time to share with us. I have learned most about what I know of Greek Mythology from reading her blog.

Click on the girls’ faces, and go to their blogs’ Home Pages. Click on the sketch or book cover, and go to each of their Artemis posts.

07fb8ac9026557c4308de6d9d4ae2103cyanide-cherries-poetry-bookOloriel’s poetry runs the gamut from  sweetly intense to piquing, and her artwork is pleasing and intriguing.

She wrote a book, “Colour Me In Cyanide & Cherries. Go to her blog, and discover all she has to offer, and how you can buy a copy of her book!

Me, I’m busy pressing Artemis’ tail. The rest of the Art Gowns are lined up in the hallway, waiting to have their tails pressed. You haven’t lived until you get to press Art Gowns’ tales.


Artemis pines for the forest.


All writing © Resa McConaghy

143 thoughts on “Artemis by Moonlight

    1. Thank you, Timothy!
      The Art Gowns are my girls. They take 3-4 months each to make. I spend several weeks to photograph & express them in a post.
      The passion grows.
      Love & Peace,

  1. Dear Resa: The gown is impressive … I love to read along the descriptions you provide as I scroll down and look at the great photographs.
    I can see the dual archetype of Artemis here: a huntress goddess and the goddess of the Moon. We need to ask her to take us for a ride in her Moon Chariot! 😀
    The fabric was well chosen: I agree with Oloriel when she said that It might look like “the moon dripping it’s light on the gown”. The sparkly fabric is a great detail… I like to learn about the ongoing process and how you created those braids and satin tubes. The copper satin tail definitely stands out!: beautiful!.
    In short: I love, love, love your gown. It is a pleasure to be part of your team here and I can not thank you enough for that. Looking forward to the upcoming deliveries from dear Oloriel… and me! 😉
    Love and all my best wishes, 😀

    1. Dear Aquileana…..
      You, Oloriel and I are riding in Artemis’ Moon Chariot. 😀 ❤
      I am thrilled about our trilogy, and am anticipating Oloriel's and your posts with relish.
      This is a remarkable collaboration… just saying!
      I want to say more, but am a bit overwhelmed with his fantastic happening.

  2. Superb, Resa!! I love your collaborations – so much creative energy and beauty goes into these posts. I am looking forward to the upcoming posts. I am reminded by a Joseph Campbell quote: “Myth must be kept alive. The people who can keep it alive are the artists of one kind or another.”

    1. Hello Rebecca!!
      I love collaborating out here in blog world. What can I think of next? Well, I’ve got “Kids’ Month” coming up on GLaM. That should keep me busy for a bit.
      Rebecca, I love your energy. You are a gem! _Resa
      Oh…. & I guess according to Joseph Campbell, Aquileana, Oloriel & are are Mythtresses! LOL!!

  3. Would never write on WP how moonlight could inspire me.
    The very small risk, that my old mum would read it too ohh no. 😀 😀 😀

    Dear Resa, you are damn good – high class, every time.

    If I was a girl so you have to make my gowns, I would insist.The problem would be if I was a girl, I would be guaranteed a lesbian – because the alternative is terrible… 😀 😀 😀

    1. Your old mum sounds so sweet. Would she think you are turning into a Werewolf in the moonlight? Hahaha! I’d like to see that! 😀 😀 😀 Hahaha! A Werewolf Drake!!
      All kidding aside, TY, my darling LDN! Your praise means a lot to me!
      And hey… don’t worry! You guys are okay… sometimes! Lol! Just kidding.
      😀 😀 😀
      Much love to you dear friend! xoxo

  4. The dress is beyond gorgeous and inspirational, Resa! I also deeply appreciate that you so generously share the entire journey from market and fabric and paint drips to the breathtaking creation at end.
    You are truly wonderful, unique and defo someone I want to look up to! I am looking forward to our future projects together!

    1. Dear Oloriel,
      I’m so happy you like the dress. I had a great time over the last months, communicating and brainstorming with you and Aquileana.
      Now I get to enjoy a fabulous week of our posts, as our project goes live.
      It is a wonderful happening, and it means a lot to me that you, Aquileana and I got to share some time in life and creativity. xoxoxo

  5. The super moon filled your apartment with moonlight. The very best light to create Artemis by Moonlight. Impossible to believe a mortal responsible for this creation. Bravo Resa !!! XXX Virginia

    1. Dear Virginia!
      How lovely of you to leave such a beautiful comment! xoxo
      I am thrilled to design for the goddesses & other women of fairy tales, myth and my imagination.
      What would I do if the real world ever found me?
      Much love, many hugs & kisses to you!

  6. Resa, this is just fabulous (as always) and my favourite gown yet and I want to reach out and touch it! And thank you for introducing me to Olorfiel, I have a whole lot of browsing to do (I knew Aquileana’s blog from previous posts). By the way, small correction, Oloriel would be in Belgrade, Serbia. Love, Lia

    1. TY, Cindy… and Aspen Groves… OMG Where are there Aspen Groves?
      Do we have those in Canada?
      If we have them in Canada, I am embarrassed that I don’t know that.
      Much love to you!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous ! Now that I have got talking about you out of the way, on with the gown. It is wonderful and as I said before I am amazed at the amount of work that you put into your creations dear Resa.
    I really do hope that you show the owners of the fabric store what you have done with those scrappy pieces of fabric. I am sure that they will be amazed as I am.
    Well done dear friend.
    Big hug.. Love Ralph xoxox ❤ #~<

    1. Well, considering your choice of adjectives, you can talk about me anytime! 😀
      LOL! The Art Gown did come out beautifully, & she is the first one where I did some night shooting.
      We should think of how to collaborate on my next gown, the one that will be dedicated to you!
      I’ll mail you with some ideas, after the shoot with “Artemis by Moonlight” on a live model. Stephanie will be photographing her, of course. xoxo ❤ <#

      1. Okay, I’ll talk about you anytime, but not quite now, maybe later my friend 🙂
        That’s really great that you are going to show off this gown on a live model. Is there going to be a video ?
        I am so looking forward into our collaboration on your next gown. I am sure that you have some great ideas and I have a couple 😉 So I wait in anticipation for your email, but I am a bit worried about the shooting, do I have to wear a tin hat ?
        I have a lovely weekend dear Resa. xoxox ❤ #<

  8. Ah, Resa… this is BREATHTAKINGLY STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pure perfection – pure bliss ….under the moonlight… I’m speechless! SO beautiful my talented friend! You worked magic with this Art Gown! Bravo, my sweet friend. A big big kiss and love 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you so very much my dear Marina!
      Your art inspires me, so does this comment. 😀
      Art Gowns are all vegetarians who want peace and love for the world.
      Big hugs and kisses to you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. It’s beautiful, impressive, an ArtGown worthy of a goddess !!!
    I can not imagine the extraordinary task behind your creations, here is a lot of work, but above all, there is a lot of passion.
    Aquileana and Oloriel must be very happy to see this wonderful work of art.
    Congratulations Resa.

    1. Dearest Belén,
      Thank you for seeing the passion!
      I am happy you like my girl, and speaking of girls, I am creating a wedding gown for Sol that will make you proud. We will take many pictures. It will be the highlight of the wedding!
      Besos & Abrezos

    1. Aww, Shehanne! Three words for you! Thank you very much! Hmm, that seems to be 4 words. Let me try again! You are soo, beautiful! Hmm….. I love your hamsters!
      Okay, I’m in a 4 word rut here.
      Love to you! 😀

  10. The stunning copper satin caught my fancy. I love your descriptions of how you created every detail. Your conversations with Artemis are wonderful. You bring your gown to life. Art beyond words !

    1. Yay! Thank you! It’s true that I talk to my girls. I started conversing with them by the 3rd Art Gown. There are now 17 of them. It’s always nice to see you here. I’m very grateful!

    1. Thank you, Karen!
      Yes, it is true that I use seconds & flawed fabrics, leftover items around the house & other throw away items. My fave recycled girl is La Vie En Rose. I just wish that I could have used up more of the wine corks I’d collected.
      Always looking for new ideas. 😀

  11. Resa! You have truly outdone yourself this time, sweetie ❤ Stunning! And I loved reading about the process of creating the gown as that made me appreciate it even more (especially all of the braiding work you had to do). I love that the collaboration is being unveiled with Aquileana and Oloriel. Wishing you three all the best and may you keep designing such divine gowns!! Love you xx

    1. Dearest Christy! ❤
      Thank you for taking the time to read about the "making of".
      At first I bought some gorgeous old gold rope from the upholstery store. It was helpful to use it when I had just begun to play around on Judy. However, it did not seem "arty" enough, it was, too, store bought. Of course, I didn't waste it. I used it on my Christmas presents.
      Your support is a wonderful thing to me, and I look forward to our next collaboration, whatever and whenever it is.
      Love you, too! xoxo

    1. Inese!
      I’m so glad you came. I love it when you see my latest creation. There should be a green Art Gown. Her name would be Irish. She would have to be as marvelous as the pictures on your blog. So much inspiration comes from blog world! xo

        1. Ah, but you have! I wish I could make them faster, but it seems 3 or 4 a year is what I can manage.
          So, the next 2 are committed. If someone drops out, then you can take that place.
          So, let’s pencil you in for the next 3rd or 4th Art Gown.
          We will have plenty of time to discuss how we will dovetail our posts on ….? I don’t know her name yet, but she’s green, and something to do with Irish/Ireland. xoxo

  12. So beautiful!! Something you would imagine a greek goddesses to be in☺☺ And we love Aquileana and her beautifully informative posts!!☺☺ I absolutely love the color tone of the grown as with the fit, brown silk is a beautiful sight!!❤❤

    1. Hello Mithai!
      Artemis did come out spectacularly! I’m thrilled that you appreciate her! 😀 😀
      Aquileana is a very inspirational person. Her blog is brain food. I have learned a lot from reading her posts.
      Thank you for coming to see Artemis! ❤ ❤

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  14. Pingback: ►Greek Mythology: “Artemis´ Dual Archetype” / “Collaboration with Resa McConaghy and Mirjana M. Inalman”🌛🏹.- | La Audacia de Aquiles

    1. Dear Frank,
      I’m so glad you came over to see my Art Gown, “Artemis by Moonlight”.
      I adore street art. It is a joyous hobby. However, Art Gowns are my passion. I hope they will truly help charities in a bigger way, one day.
      “Artemis” was a fab project to work on! Aquieana & Oloriel are beautiful souls.
      Looking forward to a new Art Gown from me & a new Musical from you!

    1. LOL! The plants are taking over! I had to move most of them into the hallway to make space to shoot the gown. Also, there’s another room full. I might have to put the couch in the hallway!
      The gowns have been living in garment bags in the basement.
      At first they were just draped, and held with pins. Then I started sewing sections, so that they could be reconstructed easily if ever needed. Wild Rose is in 2 or 3 sections.
      Now, the last 2 have been made, completely.
      They are 100% hand sewn, can come off the Judy and go onto a model. These are living upstairs in garment bags.
      Between the plants and the gowns, I might have to buy a house trailer and live in the yard. Lol! xo Yes, HNY!

      1. I love the arc of dolls clothes through to sophisticated gowns fit for a Goddess. As Somebody who doesn’t know much about fashion, even I can appreciate the technical ability and vision that goes into your creations.

        1. Aww, TY Ste J! I’ve always wanted to make a gown out of the pages of books…. the right books. I hope this doesn’t terrify you.
          I’ve kept my eyes open in the dollar bins at the local bookshops, but it is a difficult choice. I need to find books that have already had pages ripped out, half books, esp picture half books.

  15. Absolutely adore this exquisite creation, Resa; it has to be, for me, the most beautiful combination of colours I’ve seen.
    The girls, Aquileana and Oloriel, must be ‘over the moon’ with your love and dedication to their Art Gown Tribute. ❤
    Simply Superb!

    1. Yay! I love that you love it.
      At first I thought the colours weren’t exciting enough for a gown. Seems I was wrong.
      Many love this colour combo!
      Creating with Aquileana and Oloriel was a treat!
      It’s hard to remember, but Ballroom Lux, dedicated to you, was my second or third Art Gown. You have inspired me for a long time. xoxoxo ❤

  16. Artemis will be proud to wear this gown hand sewn with golden tenderness and silver Moon beams. It will act like a protective cloak where creative minds could seek shelter from the toxic people who cannot see beyond what is placed before their very eyes.

    Thanks all of you for your fascinating work. It makes the world a better place.

    1. This is a very lovely comment, Marcelo!
      The gown is definitely all handmade. I made every stitch, one by one, by hand. I used no sewing machine.
      I made her strong, strong enough to be worn by a model.
      Aquileana and Oloeiel are so great to create with. I must admit I became overwhelmed by a good emotion when all was finished.
      Much love to you, Marcelo! _Resa xo

    1. Thank you, Jackie!
      I just realized your name is Jackie the other day.
      That was my sister’s name. She passed young(ish), & every time I meet someone with her name, I feel connected, again, in a good way! ❤

      1. awe Resa 😦 Sorry to hear about your sister ❤ Interesting though, since I can relate… My dad's name was Paul and I've noticed that my heart has a soft spot for anyone with that name 😦 😥 :-/ … sigh … Wishing you many happy memories of Jackie, your dear sister! 😘💕❤️🙏🤗💜 Jackie@KWH

    1. Hello Sheldon!
      I’m inspired that you are inspired!
      I love making these Art Gowns, but they take 3-4 months each to make.
      Work … as in the job to make money, tends to get in the way as well! 😀

  17. Resa, this is one stunning creation – every time I think that you have out done yourself the next goes right on to prove me wrong. You see beyond what is front of you, evident by painting your own pattern onto the gown – ingenious, with the design making a statement. The rope turned out perfect, love the variety of fabrics that you used – but wow the time it took to make 2 yards let alone 10! The copper satin tail was a perfect statement to the gorgeous piece of work – had to laugh thinking about pressing gown tails! Your gowns should be in an exhibition – have you ever considered doing a one-woman show?

    1. Mary!
      Thank you! I’d love to do a show, which is why I have changed my approach. I used to use lots of pins & then completely dismantle the gowns, so they would always be art. They would never be a garment.
      My hubby encouraged me to not totally dismantle them. So, I began using less pins, and more sewing. Then I would dismantle them into 2 or 3 sections, hang them in a garment and store them. This way they could be reassembled.
      The last 2 I have completely sewn by hand. They can go from the Judy right onto a model.
      I saw your comment on GLaM about my Graffiti Gown idea. I thank you for your support. If you see my next several Art Gowns are in pale colors, you will know what I am up to. I am in a ponder as to how to keep outdoing myself with this limitation. 😀 Working on it!!!
      Yes, I will put an Art Gowns link on my GLaM sidebar. 😀

  18. This is brilliant! As a former performer I found the word ‘organic’ almost passé and trite..everyone was using the word weather their work evolved organically or not.
    When I saw this dress I felt ‘moonlight in the woods’. Excellent, evocative work.

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