Tenesa – Honorary Art Gown

Were you ever challenged to model an Honorary Art Gown?

No, well then maybe you don’t know Georgian Carlson from Rethinking Life?

You see, I did a post on my Graffiti blog about how an artist named Tensoe spray painted a gown for me. Georgian said you should model it! I said I was too, old to do that.

I expressed how bad I felt about aging, and didn’t want my picture taken, anymore.

One thing lead to another, and now I am challenging my own perception. It is an idea that has been marketed to me my entire life, and brainwashed me to believe.

I didn’t think I could go through with it, but I’m glad I did. I thought about Photoshop airbrushing, but decided to be honest, and just pick the best photos.

⭐ ⭐ Presenting: Tenesa – Honorary Art Gown ⭐ ⭐

Although she’s my idea, I did not make Tenesa. I’ve made all of the other Art Gowns by hand, sewing, painting decorating, but not Tenesa. Yet, Tenesa is so marvelous, I say she’s an “Honorary Art Gown”.

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However, Tenesa wasn’t always this beautiful. She started out as an ordinary custom made De$igner wedding gown who found her way into the alley, one day.

Here she met Tensoe, an artist with many cans of spray paint. He fell in love with her, and spent all of his paint on her.

Artist: Tensoe

Go Tensoe! I love you forever for doing this!

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I was breath taken when I saw her. We named her Tenesa, and I took her home to live with the Art Gowns.

I figured, as she was an alley rescue, she wouldn’t be as spoiled as the other gowns and pull her weight around the apartment. Not… she’s already swooping around with the other gowns, planning her first dinner party, not cooking, not doing dishes nor vacuuming.

It’s amazing how fast Art Gowns catch on.

Anyway, I decked up in Tenesa, checked in the mirror and head out to the fire escape.

Resa Outtakes

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© Pics taken by Resa McConaghy – April 16, 21 & 27, 2017

© Pics of Resa taken by Norman Orenstein – June 1, 2017

Toronto, Canada

Gown Artist: Tensoe ⭐ ❤ ⭐

Want to see more of Tenesa in the alley with graffiti? Click on the pic below and fly to “Redemption Wall Fairy”

Thank you, Georgiann!

159 thoughts on “Tenesa – Honorary Art Gown

  1. You really rock that gown my friend, I am proud of you for facing your fears and giving us such awesome photos, as well as your always enchanting words. You look great my friend!

    1. Oh Ste J! It was an empowering thing to do! The thing is, here on WP there is so much support and many open minds. When I’m looking for my next job, I see how I am being judged for not being younger. Of course I work in an industry obsessed with youth and beauty, which doesn’t help.
      Thank you for coming to see & for your wonderful words. You make me feel like a queen!
      Much Love – Resa

      1. It is a great, supportive network on here, youth and beauty are overrated, give me experience and wisdom anytime! I’m always happy to make you feel regal, my friend!

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    1. Thank you! I think you should paint, dance, music, write or whatever else the on whole world.
      Art speaks, and oft lasts longer than we do. Therefore, we can be heard past our time.

      1. Yes, I know I should not complaining but I have quite a bit of work these weeks and I guess the ‘old man’ doesn’t have as much energy as I used to…it is probably more a matter of getting back to it…:)

  3. I didn’t leave a comment last time – I can’t believe it. This gown is fabulous, I could have rocked it on stage at Llangollen.

    What a fabulous artist you know, so free with his mind and his colours. For you to identify this as something to do shows just what a fabulous artist and visionary you are.

    1. Thank you so much for this lovely comment, Charlotte!
      I was thinking…. perhaps the post we do together should be an interview, with my best sketches of you in between questions and answers??????
      I’d say 3 questions… and of course a video or 2. ❦🎼❦🎭❦🎼❦🎭❦🎼❦🎭❦🎼❦🎭

        1. Okay… let me think of some Kooky Kwestions! This could be fun!
          I’ll put some in one of those password pages, and send you the code. I’ll number the questions. You can pick 3, and leave answers in the comments section. Give me a week, or so.
          Also, did you like the last gown drawing I sent you in a private message on Twitter? I quite like that one. It’s not the one with the pink gloves. I’ll resend it right now, just in case!

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