What Suits Art Gowns?

Darlings! Rene Rosso here, in a suit! Can you believe it?

However, it’s an Art Gowns suit. So when Holly and Resa asked me to host this post, I said “okay!” Still, how did this happen? Well, there was no multi-medium paper at the art store. Resa had to buy a sketch pad.

 It’s been awhile since Resa just pencil sketched. She was excited to rise to the occasion, & started with Shehanne Moore in a Town Suit, very 1980’s come 1930’s.

Then it was GiGi’s turn to model this ultra-uber, never seen before style. No one can wear an imaginary time unknown suit like Gi! (Above)

Craving some colour, Resa added ballpoint pen and turquoise ink pen bows. There was no way I was going to wear a suit with bows! Holly had no choice but to model it.

The musicians were going wild downstairs when Resa came up with a Crazy Free Style Art tulle skirted suit for Marina Kanavaki. Having a colour meltdown, Resa went nuts with felt pens. They soaked through 3 pages of paper, and she had to iron the sketch.

Resa should have drawn me in the above suit. DARN!

This Art Gowns Suit is more like it. Now, I can work on the next song being added to my repertoire “Sweet Love”. I’ve been very inspired listening to Anita Baker sing it.

Their names are hot in the descriptions under the suits they have modelled. They all have fab blogs to visit.

Rene Rosso Character © Resa McConaghy & Holly Rene Hunter

Mermaid Holly will be hosting the next Art Gowns post. It’s a feature on Art Gowns Mermaids with surprise guest Mermaids. Don’t miss out!

Eye’ll see you there!

130 thoughts on “What Suits Art Gowns?

  1. Timothy Price

    The suits are fabulous. All of you look so lovely in your drawings. Have you made any suit gowns? I love the one eyed beauty, of course.

    1. Thank you Timothy! I wanted to shake things up here a bit. Suit gowns seemed like a good start.
      I have made suits, women’s suits. It is a soft form of tailoring. Some had long skirts and my styles were quite Avant Garde, but I wouldn’t go as far as calling them suit gowns.
      I learned tailoring for men, which is a very precise craft, called hard tailoring. I would have needed to apprentice for a real tailor to get good at it. Everything has changed. Most fabrics have a degree of stretch (hence not recyclable) and rather than the craft of patterning & tailoring, the stretch is used for fit. Machines do the work, and the craft of tailoring has become somewhat obscure.

      1. Timothy Price

        Interesting. We had a tailor next door to the office for years. The tailor was a super grumpy guy, not sure how he stayed in business for so many years. Maybe he was really good. I only had him hem some pants once. After the Tailor died, his son ran the shop for awhile, but his son was very strange. He was doing more costuming than tailoring. He finally closed down. Now there is a Smoke and Vape shop in that space.

        1. Hems is about all the tailors do anymore.
          Clothing builders can’t compete with off shore labour. Fast fashion is a plague. It’s right next to plastic. I’m lucky I can sew and iron, etc. My clothes are mostly pure cotton, rayon , etc and I don’t need a new style or outfit every week. I use my pieces in a mix’n’match way, and create my own looks.
          Old fashioned!

          1. Timothy Price

            I wear mostly cotton, but I have some shirts that are mixed materials. My clothes are simple — all black, all the time. Every two years or so we buy Laurie new clothes. She ends up with a lot of cotton, rayon and other natural fabrics, but most everything has a bit of synthetic in them. Laurie likes lots of different colors and does the mix and match with a lot of mixes being a bit avant-garde.

              1. Timothy Price

                Laurie has degrees in fine art, painting, writing, mathematics and linguistics. She teaches math and is looking at starting on a PhD in Linguistics.

  2. Every gown, ever lady looking spectacular enough to make a Beach Boy’s heart skip a beat. Loved the post. Host was amazing, too.
    When I get back to Florida, I hope I will be allowed to join the party.

    Have a gorgeous evening ladies.

    1. Lonely!
      So happy you enjoyed the fashion show. I adore the models, and you’re right, RR did a fab job hosting the show.
      Perhaps when you get back to Florida, I can do a series of Love Art Gowns. Not sure what those are yet, but I will!
      Thank you for addressing all the ladies, and have the best week!

    1. Yay! Clare, I’m so glad you made it to the Fashion Show. The girls really burned up the runway.
      Took us an hour to put out the fire! 😀 😀 Just kidding!
      Thank you so very much for your lovely words!

  3. Rene Rosso, may I say you are not only a treat to behold, you are the most gracious host. Stunned to find myself here with yourself, Resa, Marina, Gigi and Holly, without tripping on that cat walk either. Do please thank Resa and also make sure she has plenty of paper and pencils. She is the most amazing lady, her designs are always a feast for the eyes. \I dream in them. xxxxxx

    1. Loving the catwalk over here on Art Gowns. So fab to see you all in my creations.
      Shey….. that makes 2 of us dreaming in gowns. Some dream in English, French, Spanish, etc.
      Some dream in colour, or black and white. We dream in gowns. xoxoxo 😀

  4. Oh, Resa, what a treat! The Suit Art Gowns are fabulous and your drawings are wonderful. I’ so honored to be included in this outstanding post. Thank you so much. I love my Suit Gown. It’s stunning. I must admit I cracked up when I read that you had to iron the sketch because it was so wet. Been there, done that…LOLOLOLOL Great post. Beautiful.

    1. I’m so happy you like the post and your Art Gown Suit!
      Wait until you see yourself as a Mermaid!
      IKR!!! The ironing of art. There’s a lot of technique involved in that! 😀 😀 😀

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  6. Omigosh! I absolutely love the suit!
    Wait! They are all gorgeous and of course your models are beyond divine.
    You are such a talent, Sorceress!
    We need the special effects here.

    1. Yay!!! Thank you dear Thunder!
      I’m trying to get better at drawing, and the only way is to do some every day.
      Wish I felt that way about exercising!

  7. Oh, Resa [or should I say Rene Rosso!] Suits Art Gowns!!!!!!!!! How beautiful and how fortunate [and grateful] am I to be among those gorgeous models!!! [Shehanne Moore , GiGi’s , Holly]. Sorry for repeating myself but I just LOOOOOOOOOVE your drawings!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A huge huge kiss and hug – love and wait, Hera wants to send her love too!!!!!!!! Mouah!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. I went to thank you on your blog, but comments were already closed.
      I truly appreciate it. Drawing is more and more fun the more I do it! xoxoxoxo

  8. As a personal friend of RR (I hate name droppers but I think I can speak for her), this is utterly fabulous! These gowns are gorgeous…no one does Runway like you! Thank you for including me among these amazing models, Gigi, Marina, and Shehanne! BTW, Veronica has nothing on you!

    Sending love and hugs!

    1. Holly, it’s been a great fashion show. You and all the gals are splendid.
      I knew it was going to be a wonderful show from all the fun we had during rehearsals.
      RR is a fab hostess. I’ve already drawn her in Mermaid form. Now, for a Mermaid Torch song!
      Embarrassed! (who is Veronica?)

            1. Ahh, Yes, but my one eye is unusually large, and there is no other eye underneath!
              Can’t believe I missed that one, dear Holly. You clever girl. I’m pleading wine!
              When I do RR… her one eye will be in proportion, and the other eye will peek out a tad. RR can credit me for the idea for her 1 time hair do. ❤ ❤

  9. Love Mermaid Holly with her fab, swirly hair! The upcoming ‘Mermaids’ post sounds like a lot of fun, what a good idea!
    Super drawings once again Resa, and good to know the band is still playing downstairs
    (alas no drum emojis in my palette, so here is my bird’s eye view of a drum kit… ¤oO°°¤

    1. TVTA!
      Thank you!
      You’re right! The Mermaids post will be a lot of fun, and more.
      The band will be back tomorrow, & I love your drum kit. It’s very right on!
      😀 X

  10. Well I’m glad you got that sketch book as these are all faaabulous! I adore the pantsuit – Did you know my mom got married in a white one? It’s super chic and all ladies – Shey included! – look amazing in them. Lovin’ how you include those high cheekbones for the ladies too 🙂

    1. Yay!! Yes, practice does make perfect! The sketches of you get better and better, too!
      Hahaha!I’m into the mermaid thing right now, and it’s a lot of fun! Cheers!

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